Religion? Racism? Hate? Politics? What’s Really Going On In Syria and Environs?

The Road Less Traveled

political-map-of-syriaThe Main-Stream (Corporate) Media displays issues of religious “factionalism,” hate, and “racism” as the causative factors of conflict in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, et al and directly or indirectly endorses the involvement of the United States Government. Is this an accurate portrayal? Probably not. More likely is the “usual suspect” called “economic realities.”

A recent report from the AlertsUSA Threat Journal in part states,

As previously reported by AlertsUSA, major new oil and gas pipelines being constructed in Syria, the resulting trillions of dollars in energy revenues and the pockets into which those revenues flow, will be decided by the outcome of the Syrian conflict. It will either be the U.S. and it’s allies, or Russia, their state run gas company Gazprom and their allies. In this light, it should be no surprise why the Arab Gulf states have offered to fund a U.S. military campaign in Syria.


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