The Adirondacks Conspiracy … a Royal Hustle … THE DUKES OF ALBANY / Pukes of YORK / …. A Royal MAFIA

The Adirondacks Conspiracy

Note To Glens Falls Post Star ..... Nobody loved Lake George More than Mr.Clifford and Anita Witham and the Witham Family. 
The Swamp and East Shores Harbour  being the proof.  This is My Story for  Mother and  Dad  ( all rights  reserved JW )


Lake George The MILL POND

8  Feet   Deeper Than  Normal

Dam ” A ” Fluctuates & Manipulates / Flushes the Lake

Mother and Dad

The  Destruction was  INTENTIONAL

Stealing and Grabbing Land

The  Royal  Swindles …… The Albany  Corporation and the Great Gold Digger /  the  Great  Prospector     Ver Plank  Colvin  SWINDLE

The Good Old Albany Corporation, imported from Great Britain mostly ( Son of Swamp Fox Knows ) , This is where the Plans and Foundations of the General Land Office and the Department of the Treasury ( Revenue Collection Service ) were spawn. The many functions of the Revenue Collection of the Newly Formed Confederation…

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