Tests of Loyalty – the psychopath’s chisel

Psychopaths In Charge

If there is one constant we notice about psychopaths, besides their enjoyment of torturing people mentally, physically and emotionally, it is that psychopaths must test their targets’ loyalty: as friends, lovers, co-workers and family members. Other people will test our loyalties as well. Yet there is a distinct difference between those who test loyalty based on trust issues and those testing loyalty for the express purpose of grooming, molding and shaping a target’s perceptions and sense of self (i.e gaslighting). The psychopath’s tests of loyalty will put the target in the position to have to ignore their own moral compass in order to remain loyal to the psychopath. Gradually, each test becomes more and more extreme and the target becomes lost, ignoring his or her moral compass. Eventually, the psychopath will sense that the target has reached his or her limit and begin devaluing the target as a means to…

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