Fuck Tolerance


Acceptance is the difficult path to peace

Non-acceptance is the difficult path to integrity

Tolerance is the easy path to self struggle

Tolerance: to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.

We are taught to tolerate. Tolerate other people, tolerate dishonesty, tolerate murder, tolerate pointlessness, tolerate poor quality and bad leadership.

We are taught that tolerance is a virtue, a sign of an open mind, a patient soul and a strong heart. That tolerance is the key to peace within society and peace within ourselves.

On the other side of tolerance, there are acceptance and non-acceptance. Tolerance is an act of the mind, acceptance and non-acceptance are acts of the spirit and body. Tolerance happens and stays in the mind, acceptance lives in your spirit, non-acceptance takes action in your body.

To tolerate means to allow for something, you can or will not accept…

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