Vincent Easley II – Online

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Bundy Ranch Videos from 2014 (link below)






  • Table Setting Saddles Blazing
  • #303 on the witness list in USA vs Bundy et al, Vincent Easley returns with updates from the current Bundy Ranch Trial, first hand accounts to the original 2014 Stand-off in Bunkerville, Nevada and Racism by Cliven Bundy are addressed.

Table Setting Saddles Blazing

The Ochelli Effect 11-6-2017 Meria Heller & Vince Easley Second hour


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About the Author: Ochelli

Born in 1972 , With one of the Loudest or most Muted Voices in Political , and Social Circles. The Alternative’s Alternative. Radio Host , Researcher , and A Walking Talking Anti-Myth.

Vincent Easley has hosted several talk shows through UCY.TV and Real Liberty Media. Easley travels from his mountain base in Clinton, Arkansas to the far reaches of the United States talking to people about, “What Matters World Wide.”

Internet Radio Journalist Investigates Cliven Bundy Ranch Case

In April of 2014, social media was alive with buzz about a growing protest in Bunkerville Nevada. A cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy, was in a heated battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) about the grazing fees for Bundy’s cattle in Gold Butte an area of federally owned land in Clark County.

Easley believes his role in bringing information about controversial topics to the public’s attention is important and wouldn’t hesitate (to do it again).

Voice of Rebellion Radio with Chris Jay, guest Vince Easley   


Post-Production Edit Behind The Woodshed


Some of the Places I’ve Hosted and/or Produced Broadcasts

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