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Pork Barrel Politics

I’d call it greasy gravy lip smacking special interests biscuit sopping greedy government SOP (standard operating procedure)
Pork barrel –

According to the Dictionary of American Politics, there was a time on Southern plantations, back before the Civil War, when the opening of a barrel of pork caused a rush to be made by the slaves. Even if that were true, it has nothing to do with our modern day usage of this term in politics. Pork is a reference to fat, and fat has long been associated with abundance. “Fat of the land’, etc. Thus the acquiring of abundance for ones district was referred to as the collection of pork.

After the Civil War, the collection of governmental favors for your district became known as pork barrel.

Thanks to my old schoolmate, 🏈 teammate and now whom I consider to be my Pastor at large, Clayton Griggs

the funny the thing is [*]

from the tip of my tongue
finger or pen bares mark
in a typo/talko that says
,,,,,,,,,,,,,edit again. [*]
,,,I seem to miss so
many of mine in the
,revise, revise revise,
re-righting of things,,,
what that might have to
say about me I’m not
sure I could reply
in the write way,
~ PonderGander ~