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The “GOVERNMENTS” account of the story of Gordon Khal, Yorie Khal, Scott Faul.

On February 13, 1983, the US Marshal for North Dakota, Ken Muir, and Deputy US Marshal Robert Cheshire were killed while attempting to serve an arrest warrant near Medina, North Dakota. Four other law enforcement officers were wounded in the gunbattle. Their opponents were members of a local Posse Comitatus group, one of whom was also gravely wounded in the encounter.

Gordon Kahl was a tax protestor and member of a local Posse Comitatus group in North Dakota. A decorated veteran of WWII, Kahl was no stranger to combat. He had flown over 50 missions as a turret gunner on a B-25 and shot down 10 enemy planes. Having been radicalized concerning Federal tax policy, he had previously been convicted of tax evasion in Texas and was on parole. As a result of a parole violation, a Federal arrest warrant had been issued for him. Marshal Muir planned to take Kahl into custody after a tax protester meeting in Medina. The Medina Police Chief mandated that the arrest take place outside of town.

A roadblock was set up about half a mile outside of town, manned by Marshal Muir, Deputy Marshal Carl Wigglesworth, and Medina Police Officer Steve Schnabel. Deputy Marshals Cheshire and James Hopson, along with Stutsman County Deputy Bradley Kapp maintained position in town to follow Kahl when he left the meeting.

Kahl left the meeting accompanied by his wife Joan, his son Yorie, and several other tax protestors. They were in two vehicles. Immediately after leaving Medina, Gordon Kahl spotted the roadblock. Both vehicles pulled into the driveway of a home and started to turn around. Before they could head back to Medina, a Dodge Ramcharger pulled into position on the road to cut them off. In it were Deputies Cheshire, Hopson, and Kapp. The Deputies dismounted from their vehicle. Cheshire was armed with an AR-15, while Hopson and Kapp had shotguns. Following that, Gordon Kahl, Yorie Kahl, and Scott Faul dismounted from their vehicles. All were armed with Mini-14 rifles. A standoff began.

The Kahls and Faul maneuvered into positions of cover around the vehicles. In response, Cheshire had Muir, Wigglesworth, and Officer Schnabel move up close to the standoff. Faul began backing toward the house and Wigglesworth moved to intercept him. All parties in the encounter except Muir were armed with rifles or shotguns. Most of the confrontation takes place at a range of only a few yards. The stage is set for a close range gunbattle with long guns. The results would be devastating.

After approximately 10 minutes of maneuvering and back and forth shouting, a shot is fired. Deputy Cheshire is hit in the chest and badly wounded. Deputy Kapp shoots Yorie Kahl several times with his shotgun. Marshal Muir, an accomplished marksman with a revolver, also shoots Yorie but the .38 round is stopped by the .45 autoloader that Yorie carries in a shoulder holster. Gordon Kahl then shoots and kills Marshal Muir. Immediately afterward, Kahl shoots and wounds both Schnabel and Kapp. Hopson is felled when a piece of asphalt is kicked up by a ricochet and enters his ear and then brain.

Deputy US Marshal Robert Cheshire, Source: US Marshals Service
The injured Kapp is forced to retreat when Kahl advances on his position. Kahl then shoots the already mortally wounded Cheshire twice in the head with his Mini-14. After executing Cheshire, Kahl takes Schnabel’s revolver and police car. The Medina Police Chief brings the local fire and rescue crew to treat the wounded.

After the shootout, Kahl then drove the seriously injured Yorie to the local clinic where he was stabilized and evacuated to a hospital in a nearby city. Faul and Gordon Kahl used Officer Schnabel’s stolen police vehicle to flee the area. Kahl left North Dakota and went to Arkansas. He was on the run for several months and the subject of a nationwide manhunt, wanted by both the US Marshals and the FBI.

Kahl was involved in another shootout with Federal and local law enforcement officers in Arkansas the following June. It resulted in Kahl’s death along with Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Matthews. Yorie Kahl recovered from his wounds and was tried, along with Scott Faul, for the murder of Deputy Cheshire. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. Their appeals have been exhausted. Both are scheduled to be released in 2023.
“PART 2”

Tax Protestor Gordon Kahl stopped filing Income Taxes in 1968. For 9 years thereafter, the IRS ignored him, but in 1977 after Gordon Kahl spoke on a radio talk show regarding the illicitness of the income tax, some 250 phone calls would come into the radio station over the next two days; either supporting Kahl in some aspect, or pledging never to file another tax return.And with that, the IRS came down on Kahl like a ton of bricks. They quickly assembled a case against him and two weeks later threw a criminal prosecution against him for violating Title 26, Section 7203 [“Willful Failure to File”].

Gordon Kahl was a low-income farmer with 6 children not even meeting minimal statutory standards for threshold income levels achieved before being required to file taxes, but that was not about to stop the IRS, who is good at changing the facts by creating facts.

He was convicted and incarcerated.
When out of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary on parole, Kahl left the Texas where in he was paroled by claiming that some aspect of the Restriction Orders was defective. He soon moved to North Dakota — and there, he met his fate.

A criminal Summons issued from a Federal Court in Midland, Texas was served on Gordon Kahl on August 8, 1980, charging him with a misdemeansor. Gordon Kahl responded by informing the Court that he would not be appearing, and the matter was allowed to be deferred until March 31, 1982, when the Justice Department obtained a Federal Arrest Warrant citing his parole violation.
Then, that Warrant was held up again until July 26, 1982, some 16 months later, when it was sent to the U.S. Marshals Office in Fargo, North Dakota on February 13, 1983.

The United States Marshals and the Federal Court in Texas knew of his whereabouts in North Dakota at all times.

Ronald Reagan as President, and with William French Smith sitting as Attorney General, the word came down the pipeline to GET RID OF GORDON KAHL, and the stage was set for the kind of confrontation the Feds wanted.
A violent attack was planned against Gordon Kahl at his farmhouse, and it was going to be well publicized. The attack would be in the form of a roadblock, it would be in the evening hours, and it would occur in a remote rural area. The timing of the attack in February of 1983 was selected to coincide with the trials of other related criminal prosecutions then going on that would be favorably tipped towards the Government, as the Juries were exposed to what would be surfacing visibly on the news as the Gordon Kahl “incident.”

From his farm in Heaton, North Dakota, both Gordon Kahl, along with his neighbors, and the Chief of Police of Medina, North Dakota, Darrell Graff, all had received several advanced notices that the United States Marshals were planning a very unpleasant reception for Gordon Kahl, and in the case of Darrell Graff, he would have no part of it in his town and told the U.S. Marshals to take it outside of his town.


On the 14th of February, 1983, Gordon Kahl, accompanied by his wife and son Yori, left a meeting in a Medina, North Dakota commercial district and headed home.
Gordon Kahl was under surveillance and he knew it. He could have been picked up at the meeting, but the Feds had a surprise for him and wanted the remoteness of a rural environment.
His son Yori detected something adverse and dangerous in the air, and so he took his father’s jacket and cap and wore those on himself on the ride home that afternoon.

Not far from his farmhouse a roadblock had been set up by U.S. Marshal Kenneth Muir. It was a very unusual roadblock in that it had an ambulance and firetruck waiting there. Yes, there was going to be some trouble. The Marshal had not come to arrest, but to murder. Bringing neither the Arrest Warrant, nor any identification, Deputy Muir brought his gun and orders to terminate Gordon Kahl.

Arriving at the roadblock, Gordon’s son, Yori Kahl, fled the pickup truck and ran to a nearby telephone pole for cover. Thinking that Yori was his dad Gordon, Marshal Muir first to open the shooting by firing several shots at Yori.
Yori did not fall to the ground quick enough to satisfy the killer Marshal, so Marshal Muir kept on shooting until Yori fell.
After seeing his own son cut down by Marshal Muir, Gordon Kahl grabbed a gun and let Marshal Muir have it, killing him and Deputy Marshal Robert Chesire. and Injuring Deputy Marshal James Hopson.

Staying in the background, looking at all of this shooting and profanity being thrown about, was Chief Darrell Graff of the Medina Police Department, who was told in advance that Kahl was going to buy the farm, and that he was to stay out of it.

Gordon went over to the telephone pole, dragged his son Yori, white with blood loss and bleeding profusely, over to an unmarked police car, drove him to a hospital back in Medina, and then as a thick fog quickly settled in on the Fargo countryside, Gordon Kahl sped away into the night.

Soon, a swarm of military stormtroopers descended on Fargo, in military clothing and using military trucks [see Time Magazine [“Dakota Dragnet”], page 25 (February 28, 1983)]. They were on search and destroy orders. Gordon Kahl was immediately placed on the FBI’s ten most wanted list, and was the subject of the most intensive fugitive search in the history of the FBI.
thousands of armed forces were called into search the surrounding North Dakota countryside. Every available private bounty hunter known to the FBI was hired and put on the case, but Gordon Kahl slipped through it all.

Comparison to what they can do when they feel like it, it is worthwhile noting how J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI never showed any such interest in capturing unknown fleeing killers when President Kennedy was shot in Dallas. No roadblocks, no dragnets, no manhunts, no searching — nothing but CIA agents carrying Secret Service credentials restraining people from approaching the grassy knoll for about 10 minutes.

For the next three months, Gordon Kahl had found a home with some friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ginter, and a Mr. Russell, who kept moving him quietly from house to house. It was rather obvious to anyone that if he was ever found, he would be killed immediately. In time, Mr. Russell’s daughter, Karen Russell Robertson, noticed that her father was hiding Gordon Kahl. Possessed with First Person evidence [“I saw…,” “I heard…”], she in turn went to the FBI and spilled the beans. She was given $25,000 and the promise of immunity from prosecution.

The rural house where Gordon Kahl was staying was placed under FBI surveillance.

On the morning of June 4th, a special FBI team of animals and savage killers [which is no exaggeration], known as the FBI SWAT TEAM, left their home base in Washington, D.C. and flew into Lawrence County, Arkansas on a private FBI jet. There, they were met by local FBI agents, other FBI agents, the Arkansas State Police, the Sheriff of Lawrence County, Arkansas, his deputies, and a confluence of United States Marshals assembled from across the country. Several Marshals invited to the Kahl execution operation arrived too late and missed it.


Later in the afternoon, it all began. The quiet, isolated and remote house was cordoned off, roadblocks were set up, and all without Gordon Kahl detecting anything amiss. Soon that afternoon, Mr. Ginter left the house alone and he was stopped down the road.
He claimed his wife, Norma Ginter, was in the house alone. Sheriff Gene Matthews went to the front door to remove Mrs. Ginter from the scene.
With her out of the way, the FBI started open shooting, and saturated the house with bullets; but the earth shelter house was made with concrete walls and Gordon Kahl survived through it all without a scratch.

The 36 year old local Sheriff, Gene Matthews, was killed incidental in the FBI siege on the Gordon Kahl hideout.

After a while, as the firing stopped, the FBI cordoned off the house for themselves while the Delta Force animals converged on the house like starved panthers going for a piece of meat. They found Gordon Kahl alive and well inside the home, hiding behind the refrigerator. He was taken to the living room, thrown on the floor, and was worked over with the butt end of their rifles. While numerous bones were being fractured and his teeth were being smashed in, other members of Delta Force went on a rampage in the house, smashing pictures and the television set, over-turning furniture, a copier, and taking a fireman’s axe and chopping up a bookshelf.

While Gordon Kahl was pinned to the floor by the 6 to 8 Delta Force panthers, still under attack from the gun butts, the FBI agent with the fireman’s axe turned to Gordon Kahl himself and chopped off his hand. Then he went around and chopped off Gordon Kahl’s other hand, and then both of his feet were severed. While screaming with pain and with blood gushing out profusely over the floor where his hands and feet used to be, Gordon Kahl was shot in the head at close range, killing him.

A local Deputy Sheriff was given the honor of removing the bullet from Gordon Kahl’s head at the murder scene. [later that week, the deputy would tell a neighbor that he had not eaten in three days].

When local people viewed Gordon Kahl’s dismembered body, they became nauseous and sick.

The body of Sheriff Matthews was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, while later in the evening after the fire the Feds had set had died down, the charred body of Gordon Kahl was taken to the local coroner. The dismembered body was later identified as being that of Gordon Kahl.
The corpse identified as being Gordon Kahl’s was missing teeth, hands, and feet, had a bullet hole in the head (without a bullet), and was extensively covered with tissue bruises and fractured bones.

Gordon Kahl was later buried with military honors — whatever that meant. His wife back in North Dakota received several mean and ugly death threats from the Feds to keep quite or be murdered herself.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country went on like Alice strolling through Wonderland; believing that all was well and that the Federal Government is your trusted friend, and that some little Tax Protestor over there got what he deserved.Back in Arkansas,


While shifting through the smoldering ruins in the kitchen, a reporter for the New York Times accompanied by Ray Wade, the land owner’s son, found Gordon Kahl’s left foot that had been severed off by the axe left behind in the house. It was taken to the local coroner Dr. Fahmy Malak in Little Rock, confirmed as being Gordon Kahl’s sliced off foot. However, this was news not fit to emphasize, and the reporter’s story was blurred over when printed.

Mr. and Mrs. Ginter, who had been harboring Gordon Kahl, were charged not only with aiding and abetting a fugitive, but also were fraudulently charged with the murder of Sheriff Matthews. At trial, the only evidence introduced against them, outside of the background story, was the $25.000 informant Art Russell’s daughter, Karen Russell Robertson, who reported to the Jury what she had seen her father do. And with that eyewitness evidence, the Ginters and Art Russell were convicted and sentenced to a Federal Penitentiary.

After spending a while at the hospital, Yori Kahl would actually survive to be charged with murder along with a friend Scott Faul and be convicted by a jury to 30 year in prison.
They are both still in prison to this day.
Excepted release date of 2023.

Now you know the rest of the story of the murder of Gordon Kahl.

JUDGMENT on We The People


For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

“Off the couch, Standing Up and Trying to Do the Right Thing” said Bruce Doucette. The “People’s Grand Jury” is now on trial charged in the Denver District Court.  



Common Law Grand Jury Explained



Tom Lacovara-Stewart – RTR Truth Media


According to a 40-page indictment issued in March, the eight defendants are accused of being “part of a long-term scheme and endeavor(ing) to initially attempt to influence various Colorado-based public servants … who in their legal capacities had responsibilities related to a legal matter which involved a member of this enterprise.” source

More recently, Steven Byfield and Stephen Nalty received hefty prison sentences…

David Coffelt and Janis Blease took plea deals have had to testify against their co-defendants to avoid prison.  Harlan Smith also plead out.  pending information on Laurence Goodman  and  Brian Baylog …

Continue reading JUDGMENT on We The People


I received the following email from someone I know personally. I am redacting certain things at the moment pending contact with a reporter that I met who works at the Media Outlet in the following opinion letter to the editorial dept. of a Main Stream Media outlet but was not published. I am going to try these so-called rules of Journalism and see how it works out before I proceed.
This and More Coming Up tonight Live on the Freaker’s Ball on RLM RADIO where @Grimnir is Jamming so Grooves right now. Boogie on Over 🙂

Unpublished Letter to the Editor – FAKE NEWS; NOW FAKE LAWS by <<Redacted>>
Riding my bicycle to work on <<Redacted>> was an interesting experience with the <<Redacted>> PD. Riding on the sidewalk to avoid dangerous traffic, I had to pass through a group of men and officers who were detaining a suspect. Wearing my scrubs and my flight jacket from the Navy, plus having a clean conscious, I confidently passed through the group first announcing, “Coming through. Make a hole, please.” The reaction I get is from a uniformed officer rudely stating how I was in violation of the law by riding on the sidewalk. He placed doubt in my mind so I complied to his demand to ride in the street. However, when I arrived at my <<Redacted>> job, I promptly <<Redacted>> [Search Engine] the subject and spoke with the traffic division at Metro. I learned that <<Redacted>> Municipal Code <<Redacted>> allows an individual to ride on sidewalks with only certain areas specified as off limits like downtown <<Redacted>> , <<Redacted>> , highways or areas specifically designated as no bicycle zones.
I am a <<Redacted>> year old man who rides his bicycle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have no desire to be plummeted by a moving vehicle. This would be counterproductive to my goals. As a medical professional with 25 years experience in <<Redacted>> , I believe in the colloquialism, “Physician, heal thyself.” Yet, my well being was jeopardized by the arrogance of a local Police Officer who, I discovered, was spouting off fake laws trying to control my behavior. I’ve always been a law-abiding citizen but I have developed an extreme distrust of law enforcement, even after having worked closely with them in hospitals throughout my career. Remember the incident a few months ago in Utah where officers detained a nurse for doing her job and protecting her patient from an abusive police department? She was in the right. The police were not.
What explains this nearly universal hostility of the police force towards her citizens which they have sworn to protect and serve? It must be inherent in their training. Having traversed the country for 8 years as a traveling tech, I noticed a trend that nearly all Registered Nurses are plagued with a condition known as “nursitis” which manifests itself with a low-level of arrogance and an unwillingness to learn beyond their profession. There are exceptions, of course, with many magnificent nursing professionals who amaze me with their confidence, professionalism, demeanor and attention to details. The same goes with Police Officers. However both professions, I believe, are conditioned in their training to believe in their superiority over their fellow man. This interferes with their primary mission statements: to protect and serve. This applies to the medical profession as well as to law enforcement. I hold no hope that this affliction which I dub “copitis” will ever be cured but recognition is always the first step.

Pork Barrel Politics

I’d call it greasy gravy lip smacking special interests biscuit sopping greedy government SOP (standard operating procedure)
Pork barrel –

According to the Dictionary of American Politics, there was a time on Southern plantations, back before the Civil War, when the opening of a barrel of pork caused a rush to be made by the slaves. Even if that were true, it has nothing to do with our modern day usage of this term in politics. Pork is a reference to fat, and fat has long been associated with abundance. “Fat of the land’, etc. Thus the acquiring of abundance for ones district was referred to as the collection of pork.

After the Civil War, the collection of governmental favors for your district became known as pork barrel.

Thanks to my old schoolmate, 🏈 teammate and now whom I consider to be my Pastor at large, Clayton Griggs

Moment of Truth – Justice for the Bundy Ranch

· · 

“This is a great day for the Bundy family,” said supporter Vincent Easley II, as he live-streamed Bundy’s reunion with his wife and children. “And I think it won’t be long before everybody’s out of there.”

Here’s my next prediction to quote  I’ll see you all there tomorrow when Cliven and Carol Bundy are reunited  

I love this picture, Look at each Face in there, a moment in time. Mine represents my #StandIngInTheGap right in the middle behind the Bundy Ranch as Witness for Truth #WhateverItTakes against #CrimesOfTheState  

#ItMattersHowYouStand #RemoveNavarro #FullDismissal #ProsecuteMyhre  

Vincent Easley II is with Ammon Bundy at Las Vegas Federal Courthouse.
The sealed ruling is another blow to the government’s case against the Nevada family.

Sessions Appoints New FEDERAL PROSECUTORS. Bundy Ranch Trial: What to Expect.

Rumor has it US Attorney Steven Myhre has been demoted and possibly even removed from the Bundy case. This is not accurate and we will talk about why this matter and what it means for our view point of the Trump administration.

Is Trump a friend or foe? – Did Steve Myhre really get demoted?

Kelli Stewart was live.
 · What does this mean for the case and for the Hammonds? Lets talk about it.

Live Video with Ammon Bundy

· +


Myhre Gets Demoted in US Attorneys Office


by Shari Dovale

During a trip to Las Vegas this past summer, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a remark that seemed to pat Acting US attorney Steven Myhre on the back for his prosecution of Cliven Bundy and his supporters from the Bunkerville Standoff.

However, Sessions did not come off looking too good after the high profile case was declared a mistrial due to prosecutorial misconduct.

· +
Whos Next was live. 
Steven Myhre is out as Acting U.S. Attorney In Nevada.
"Steven Myhre is out as Acting U.S. Attorney In Nevada. What’s going on here? #BundyRanch #BundyTrial"
Bryan Hyde · What’s going on here?
· DOJ prosecutorial misconduct by AUSA Steven Myhre. · Myhre has yet to file withdrawal from the case · A new interim U.S. attorney · The State gets a new member on prosecution team · + More Inside #BundyRanch#BundyTrial 
· Will Judge Gloria Navarro issue a dismissal w prejudice on Monday or will she kick it down the road continuing with a new trial in February?
· Joe says the government can’t afford to lose this precedent setting case and is willing to do #WhateverItTakes at all costs to maintain federal control of public domain throughout the Western States. [*]
Extra Judiciary Powers with the M.O. of Shoot to Kill and Cover Up Is What The Bundy Ranch Was Up Against.
“I’m from the Government and I’m here to Kill You and Prosecute the Survivors.” 
…informed that all the cameras had malfunctioned and the audio tapes had disappeared along with other physical evidence… relying on testimony… demonstrated to be perjured… hoping the whole incident would be forgotten…
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday the appointment of Dayle Elieson as interim U.S. attorney for Nevada. Elieson, a Texas prosecutor, is one of 17 appointments, some of which fill the vacancies for acting U.S. attorneys that will leave when their term ends Thursday. [1]
Steven Myhre First Assistant U.S. Attorney served as interim head (AUSA) of the office the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Nevada.
Myhre replaced Daniel G. Bogden who resigned the day Sessions sought resignations from the 46 remaining U.S. attorneys from President Barack Obama’s administration. [2]
· +
The Center for bio diversity is pure evil.*

· Confronting the Center for Biological Diversity Founder, Kieran Suckling and tactics that include staging Counter-Protests and suing the Federal Government to pressure the government to remove people and property from their vested rights. [*]

Thomas Lacovara-Stewart  RTR Truth Media
Vincent Easley II – RLM Radio RealLibertyMedia 
The Tortoise Two-Step Stalking-Horse Hustle
The Turtleman Troubadours Perform the Same O’ Song and Dance Routine
No More Moo in 92 – Cattle Free in 93
A Suckling Pig Dog and Pony Show False-Front Production
*Nancy Henderson

 History and Current Events, Live Stream, Video and Radio Broadcasts of the Stand-Off led by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) against the “Peaceful Push-Back” Protest, “Standing in the Gap” at the Bundy Ranch​ the Spring of 2014.
If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
Standing in the Gap continuing as Witness
Vincent Easley II reporting [*] adapted
Connecting Voices, Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.

Cut-Loose and Run or Cover-Up the Crimes – What’s Next in the Bundy Ranch Trial?

Bundy Ranch Mistrial – Misfire,: A 3rd Shot Pull of the Trigger leaves the prosecution Shooting Blanks · · Judge Gloria Navarro’s decision may have her head on the block.
· · Roger Roots explains the possible outcome from the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse Dec. 20, 2017 Ruling in a Mistrial of the Bundy Ranch Case where Motions of Dismissal will be met Jan 8th 2017
Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in this latest round, the 3rd attempt at a conviction, failing again in the Nevada Federal Courthouse. Wednesday Dec. 20, 2017

Ryan Bundy, arguably a leading force in this cohesive determination for Justice, along with the unrivalled efforts from lawyers, legal aids and the great many hands of diligence lending in behind the scenes.

Shackled, contempt and cover-up, lies and suppression of evidence hidden in sealed documents and behind closed doors, secreted court proceedings have bound the Truth from being presented these past 2 years. Misconduct by the prosecution, FBI, BLM and Brady/Giglio violations in discovery obligations may only pale in comparison to the misconduct, civil and criminal acts and vicious prosecution by the State.

January the 8th will hear motions from the Defence Team to dismiss charges with prejudice. If not resolved at that time, February the 26th has been set on the Docket to reconvene once again.
The Defendants > Cliven Bundy Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne
…………………………………. + the ALL other #PoliticalPrisoners

The LAWyers > Bob Whipple, Brenda Weksley, Dan Hill, Roger Roots, Larry Klayman, Maysour Fletcher, Morgan Philpot, Rick Koerber and Ryan Norwood

Bundy et, al vs US District Court Las Vegas Judge Gloria Navarro et al

The State > Stephen Myhre, Nadia Ahmed and Daniel Scheiss (maybe)
Watch it again with notes from MrsB Stacy

Roger Roots explains the possible outcome from the Las Vegas…
the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) special agent in charge [SAC] Danial P Love standard operating procedure [SOP] Gold Butte Cattle Gather Opperation
What might be best described as a “Shoot to Kill and Cover-Up”  Raid on the Bundy Ranch
(BLM)’s Agent Love led a Campaign of Hate and Deadly Cruelty 
(BLM) Agent Love’s Campaign of Hate and Deadly Cruelty
led a Roughshod Roundup and Raid on the Bundy Ranch. 
that may be better described as a, “Shoot to Kill and Cover-Up”, 
grab the bull by the horn and let the devil take the hindmost.
 [SAC] Dirty Dan playing his hand ran with the plan 
stacking the deck and a backdoor deal


|USAO|Myhre’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Mistrial Declared in Bunkerville Standoff Trial
“The court does find prejudice toward the defendants”, criticizing the prosecution for several Brady violations. A Hearing is scheduled for January 8th to determine further actions.,
>> Read the Rest at RedoubtNews with Shari Duvale

A Message to those in the Seats of Decision……*
Stand for Truth and Justice. Uphold the Rule of LAW
“The American People Will Stand Beside You”
History will be Written…be the Victor
God and Country
Cpt O

 ****adapted by****
  ~ PonderGander ~

As Man is haunted by the vastness of Eternity, we ask ourselves; will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we’re gone, wonder who we were, how bravely we fought and how fiercely we loved?
Standing in Witness – Vincent Easley II









from April 11th to the midpart of May of 2014 – 1st hand in Bunkerville, NV to present,