Burns Chronicles – Informant Articles

U.S. District Judge Anna Brown Censor of the Press, orders removal of names of informants from

Outpost of Freedom

Within is the list of those that were in hire of the Federal Government to participate with Protesters.



Informant Articles as of January 23, 2017
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Burns Chronicles No 32
Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 12, 2016
{October 6, 2015}
On Friday, September 30, 2016, I received a phone call from someone I had spoken with before. This
call, however, brought to light the extent of the government’s efforts, often misguided, to do what the
country used only to do to foreign nations and enemies. Now, it has become a modern practice of
government to pay people to infiltrate and inform. It works even better when infiltration is not
necessary, as that person is already considered a member of the community that is the target of the
spying. Now, that is a rather harsh word, but the tactics of government can be considered nothing
less than any other form of spying, throughout the ages.
Nowadays, they have access to almost all electronic media, where the can grab phone conversations,
emails, Facebook pages, and any other internet communications. They have parabolic microphones
that can listen to conversations from over 100 yards away. They have bugs, electronic listening
devices that require no wiring and have a battery life of days, weeks, or even months.
They still, however, want someone who can testify, when necessary, and gather information that is
not random, as with other methods, but can be directed, by asking questions. And, this is about one
of those human resources, aka “CI” or confidential informant.
That phone call and some email correspondence eventually resulted in a quasi-affidavit as to the
role that this person played in the recent events of Burns, Oregon.
Now, don’t jump to conclusions. It is rather ironic that the government subsidized a patriot’s trip to
Burns to cook for the very people that were to be spied upon. All expenses were paid, and at the
conclusion; a cash windfall was also provided.
But, let’s hear the story from the other party in that phone call. This is her story:
* * * * * * * * * * * *
To Whom It May Concern:
I, Terri R. Linnell, aka Momma Bear, swear and affirm everything here is the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth. Now many of you think I’m a fed, or informant, or whatever because of
rumors created by Jaime M. Hawley, aka Jaime Spears Aldazabal in 2014. That’s simply not true,
but those rumors later did give me the ability to take advantage of a unique opportunity, which I did
In March of 2015, a year later, I had 2 officers, stating they were US Marshalls, come to my house to
ask me questions about Jack Farrell of one of the Carolina’s, whom I had met at a protest in DC in
May of 2014. He was a young man who was very impulsive. In December of 2014 he had shot two
people in the back of the head and stolen their car to see his girlfriend in another state. I know of
nobody who felt his actions were in anyway acceptable, so I sat down with these officers. Eventually
the topic led to the real reason they were there… the militia. Specifically, the militia he belonged to.
They read me a list of names, of which I knew none, except one. I suspected the one was a test
question for honesty, so I admitted to knowing Manny Vega and explained everyone knows him. If
you’ve been to DC to protest, he’s there. I later called Manny and told him. The one US Marshal told
me he was a local Detective, and double badged.
Later in the summer of 2015 I started meeting with the Detective, and one woman of the FBI, I will
call ‘Martha’, who turned out to actually be the local Domestic Terrorism Team in San Diego. I saw
both their badges on that first meeting and both worked on the team as a Joint Task Force. Since
then I’ve met several times with the woman and she always brings a second person, but that person
differs from meeting to meeting. The Detective is no longer at any meetings. Only the first few he
was there. We have a regular meeting spot in a shopping center.
They track local groups, such as Militia, Oathkeepers, III%, Sovereign Citizens, Black Lives Matter,
Occupy, KKK, as part of their jobs. I was asked to go to OathKeeper meetings and report back my
thoughts on their leader. I did so. I reported he was very nice. A leader who clearly did not have any
nefarious intentions. I never once saw him break the law, or attempt to do so. It wasn’t his style. The
group was quite small, and nobody was what is called a sovereign citizen.
A III% group opened up in our area and I joined. I worked my way up to potentially the leader. When
I told the DT Team I was up for nomination, they told me I couldn’t lead it and still work with them.
It would create a conflict of interest if anything were to go to court, or if anything went wrong with
any of the members they would be held responsible with me as a leader. At that point my decision
was to lead if I was asked, and break it off with the DT Team. I was not nominated, so I continued
working with the DT team. Why do you ask would I have taken the position? To get a good group of
people started in the right direction and find a leader once the group was established to take over.
On January 2, 2016, Ammon Bundy had moved his protest to the Refuge. I notified ‘Martha’, but
that’s all. She asked me to follow it. I sent her public articles.
I wanted to go so bad. I was very sick and had barely not been hospitalized. My doctor said on Friday
if I hadn’t seen him when I did, it would have been full pneumonia by the end of the weekend. Then
my son had totaled my car. My husband was putting in a new tranny in a car we had just bought.
Between Christmas, the doctor bills, and the car, we were flat broke. God just was stopping me dead
in my tracks. Ugh.
Later ‘Martha’ told me they were considering sending me to the compound, which is what she called
the Refuge in Oregon. By then I had a running car and I was well. I jumped at the chance. Finally,
God was letting me go! By this time, I was hearing reports from the movement that it was a no fly
zone, and that all 911 services were removed from the area, including to the neighboring ranchers. I
did not get this verified with ‘Martha’. I can’t recall if I even asked her.
On the day before I left, a Monday, January 11, 2016, I met with ‘Martha’ for a situation type update
and a briefing on the rules, etc. She gave me $1000 cash for the trip. I was to keep receipts. I was
allowed up to $80 a day for a hotel. Food expenses were so lavish, I don’t even remember the amount
it was so ridiculous.
The situation on the ground according to ‘Martha’ was they were very concerned there was a bad
influence on Ammon Bundy. Their attempts to get any informants into the compound failed. She was
very concerned if I stayed at the compound I’d be found out. She was also concerned for my safety. I
assured her I would have no problem. She eventually was ok with me going to the refuge, but I know
she was very worried for me. ‘Martha’ also told me not to carry a gun there. Absolutely not. Although
I always carry at a protest, I conceded and went along with it, but we did compromise to let me
travel with my gun, since I was a woman driving there alone. I should point out, I drive, not fly. I
travel alone most of the time and I am not comfortable without my car. I prefer to arrive and leave
when I choose, and not be reliant on others.
I woke up in the dark the next morning on the 12th and started my drive. When I stopped for a rest I
would call ‘Martha’ and tell her where I was. Many of the miles I couldn’t even get my Pandora to
work the cell reception was so horrible. I remember seeing a sign saying not to use cellular devices in
such a remote location I could see no houses and had no reception. What a waste of a sign. I went
through California, then Nevada, and dropped into Oregon.
Once I hit Oregon on the 78 West, I was pulled over by a State Trooper. The first thing she told me
was everything was being recorded and pointed to her body cam. I was going 75. She told me the
speed limit was 55. I was honestly surprised, because I try my best to read all the signs, especially
those when I enter a new state. That’s often times when speed limits change. Somehow I had missed
it, I guess. She let me off with a warning and told me basically the whole state was 55. I immediately
set my cruise control for 55 when I returned to speed. (Pls note the speed limit said 65 on the photo
of Devine Pass) I then hit my next turn, the 205. Google maps told me to take a right. I did, even
though I saw a previous sign saying the refuge was to make a left. The 205 ended up turning into the
395, called the Devine Pass. It was drop dead beautiful there. Well named, because it did look like
God had truly touched the earth. Windy roads, tall pine trees, and beautiful rock formations jutting
out on the steep cliffs. I never knew those type of formations were in any other state besides Utah.
As the sun set it started to snow. This was only my second time ever driving in the snow. My first
time was many years ago in Pennsylvania when I was 16 and my dad was sitting next to me,
teaching me what to look for in snowy conditions. As the snow got thicker on the road I kept going
slower and slower. It was pitch dark. I was down to about 20 mph, white knuckling it, almost
sweating, when a car zoomed past me. The snow blew away! Well, I then realized it was what they
call powder and increased my speed.
This is about the time I realized I was lost. I was supposed to have been there by now. Once I got out
of the pass and saw signs of life, I found a man driving a snow plow. He told me he didn’t know
where the refuge was, but thought it was maybe the back in which I had come. Ugh. I called into the
refuge for directions, because I did know the phone number of one person there. Reception was still
very spotty. As I was driving back down through Devine Pass, I asked the woman to text me the
directions, because I would receive the texts when I got reception. This helped a lot and I finally
made it there. I had been about 50 or so miles in the other direction. I was on empty, but knew if I
needed gas, there would be some at the protest site and wasn’t worried. Large protests like these get
plenty of supplies with each person bringing extra of what they have for others. I met those in the
chow hall and was assigned a bunk. There was one other man in my room, and a couple. I was
almost immediately told there was a real Judge and two US Marshals also staying at the protest. I
was curious about that, but would figure it all out later.
The next day, the 13th, I found out there was a gas station only 6 miles away. I got a list of what was
needed for the Chow Hall and left. I stopped for gas and then went into the town of Burns. For a
town with only a few thousand people, it was much larger than I expected. I live in a town 5 times
that size and still only have one main street for all the shopping. I suspect I was followed there by
the ‘Judge’. Once his truck left, I called ‘Martha’ to tell her I arrived safely. Then I got the groceries
and supplies needed. I spent about $150.
On one of these beginning days, one of the local ranchers did a big barbeque for us with all the
fixings. I talked with him, thanking him. He had butchered a pig for us, and smoked it at home. We
had a large spread of delicious cole slaw (which is the first time I ever liked cole slaw), smoked pig,
and numerous other delicious foods. Everyone was there along with some other ranchers. We
probably had a good 80 people come and go.
The 14th I went to town again, with Deb and Corey. Deb and I picked up a tail at the grocery store.
There was only one in town. Corey was in the store with us and told us to hurry up, that we were
being watched. I looked around and did see a man in a suit watching us. By the time we got out to
the parking lot, a police car drove by while we were unloading groceries. We got in the car to go to
Deb’s bank. The police car must have doubled back on us, because he was behind us before we got to
the bank. He turned on his lights. I pulled over in the bank parking lot. Deb went to the bank, while
I got out of my car and dealt with the police. Corey stayed in the car. The officer said my tail light
was out. I was again surprised. He didn’t write me a ticket, he just asked me what I was in town for,
where I was staying, etc. I was surprised at the question, so he said they were trying to pay attention
to who was where because of all the hubbub. I told him I was staying with friends in town, that I
came because of all the news, but I didn’t know what the address was I was staying at. By then Deb
was out of the bank, talking with the other officer. I walked up to Deb and asked her if we had our
friends address in town. She said she didn’t know either. Then I walked back to the officer who I was
talking to and we struck up small talk. He said he had come from nine hours away, and pointed
towards his truck. I said wow, that must be hard on your department to handle things at home with
so many officers away. We all wrapped up the convos and I drove back to the protest. I do not know
what would have happened if we had said we were part of the protest, but I do think at a minimum
we would have been brought in for questioning, so did Corey and Deb.
That night Melissa told me Jaime Hawley was coming the next day. I was furious. She’s a gossip
queen and has no business at a protest like this. Please realize, gossip is a sin worthy enough for the
Bible, and I’ve come to find out personally from Jaime how sinister it is when she accused me of
being a fed two years previous. Jaime is the type of person who thrives on discord, and if a situation
were ever to occur, she’d be standing in the middle of it, crying like a toddler, lost and frozen, only
thinking of herself, not able to take a direction from anyone… and I bet my bottom dollar she’d be at
the bottom of the gossip, covered in a nest of lies and half truths. She always has food for everyone,
pays for campsites, her own cabin, etc. Jaime also keeps in constant contact with the protester she’s
going to meet up with during her drive. In this case, it was Melissa Cooper.
On Friday the 15th , (I thought it was Saturday, but arrest records say it was Friday) Melissa
Cooper and a couple others went into town. She kept telling me how great it was because they sent
the stickers for the trucks to the refuge, so they could drive them on the road. I was in the chow hall
when the call came in that Ken had been arrested for driving the truck. The other man was safe, but
needed picked up. It got real hectic quick. I said I would go get him, and grabbed my stuff. The guys
didn’t want me taking anyone with them, because they worried their militia gear would not look
good. I grabbed a media person, Jon, and left. He thought for sure he’d be arrested. I said no, it’s just
a retrieval, we’ll be fine. Please note, I was not immune from the law. If I did something wrong, I
would have been arrested, ticketed, etc. I was required to follow the law. If I did get picked up for
any reason, I was to just give them my name and keep my mouth shut. The FBI would at some point
see my name, and take care of it. I’m still scratching my head over the fact that I could have been
picked up merely for going to a protest, but that was the atmosphere.
Jaime arrived late that afternoon. Kricket had driven Jaime from Vegas, and apparently Jaime flew
from FL to Vegas to meet up with Kricket. Everyone knew how I felt, so when I confronted Jaime on
the lies and gossip she’s said against me, and told her to leave, she was ushered into the Coopers
room. She did not come out until Blaine came out, yelling, obviously upset, and told us that his kids
were taken by CPS. They were supposed to be coming for a visit to see their parents that weekend.
Jaime was standing behind Blaine, sniffling, with tears in her eyes.
When I went out by the fire after dinner, several of the guys said to me I was right… the drama came
with Jaime, just as I’d predicted. The next day Jaime came out to fill her plate with breakfast, and
she and Kricket left at around 11 am. I heard they stayed in a hotel in Burns and did not return to
Vegas, where Kricket lived.
Pretty quick I figured out the ‘Judge’ knew the Bible better than the law and that it was the judge
causing the commotion ‘Martha’ was concerned about. I did not believe he was a real judge. He had
two men with him, the ‘US Marshals’. One seemed very well trained. I attempted small talk with
him. His name was Marshall Smitty I think. I asked him where he got his training and he said no
place. I told him I was surprised, because he reminded me of how the Navy Seals at the Amphib base
acted with how he carried himself. The other guy with him laughed and said to him I called it well.
Smitty said thank you to me. I walked away. Another time in the kitchen I heard the ‘Judge’ say he
wasn’t a US citizen. I was about 10 feet away, and replied loudly, “I’m a proud United States citizen
and I feel that only a United States citizen should be able to take the Oath to uphold and defend the
Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” After that, the crowd
around ‘Judge Bruce’ was a lot smaller. That night he offered to swear in anyone who wanted to be a
US Marshal the next day. As far as I know, not one person did.
To give an idea of what it was like, we had many people coming and going, bringing food and
supplies, wood, clothing, boots, mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags, and anything else we needed.
Often times they travelled a long way to see us. Sometimes they arranged to stay in town, other
times they would bunk with us. Local ranchers, business and home owners would come from
neighboring counties, some to bring us stuff, others begging for our help where they are, too. This
put a lot of pressure on Ammon to help them. We also had a plane that looked like a little Cessna,
always flying during the day. I think the guys tracked it at four loops, then refuel.
The weekends were typically very busy. Many people would come in support when they weren’t at
work. At this time we had plenty of help in the kitchen, unloading and organizing supplies, taking
watches, etc. Please realize, I’ve been to a lot of protests over the years. Typically, the police protect
the protesters and anti-protesters. It’s very normal to see guns at protests, or where the protesters
stay. The police have them. The protesters travel with them. Normally, the police are very careful to
keep the two groups separate, protesters and anti-protesters. In the protests where we’ve had our
own ‘security’, their job is to alleviate the police’s duties, such as helping stop traffic during marches,
providing medical aid, etc, so the police don’t need so many officers and can continue their regular
duties. This is especially important in larger protests. This is the first protest where there was no
police protection. This naturally added to the duties of our ‘security’.
About every other day two men would come to the chow hall as anti-protesters. The first time I
talked with the tall one, and he seemed in agreement about federal land needing to be more locally
run. I was surprised when he returned the second time. That time the other guy, an older man, held
a sign saying “Keep our land public”. I said to the older man, in front of the press, “It’s not a King’s
forest.” He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, like he agreed. I went in and got some peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches and offered it around to everyone. When I offered it to the guy holding
the sign, he again looked at me with surprise and had a twinkle in his eye. It was like we had a
secret game, move and counter move. When I offered it to the tall guy, he took one. (The tall guy
later ended up being called out by Santilli for being at the airport where the feds were set up)
I called in to ‘Martha’ almost every day. Usually I just stood outside the chow hall and chatted with
her. Every time I was asked about 5 or so individuals. Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer,
Blaine Cooper, Ryan Payne and Pete Santilli. I was asked about Joe O’Shaughnessy, but I explained
he wasn’t there, that I heard he was staying in town. I was also asked about where the weapons
were kept. I explained there was no stash, no warehouse, it was just people’s personal weapons. I
also said all weapons were legal that I saw.
Now realize, ‘Martha’ told me things, too. The weekend before I left she told me the FBI knew
Ammon was not at the refuge. She told me they had someone closer than me there, too. (This was
before I saw McConnell there. I’m positive there’s another informant.) She asked me if Ammon was
going to return. I said I’d heard Ammon’s family was coming, and that I’m sure he’d be back.
Well, back to the subject. On Thursday, January 21st , Melissa Cooper asked me if I knew where the
sign in book was. I said I hadn’t seen it. She said she noticed it missing the day before, on the 20th .
On Friday at dinner I asked Melissa about the book, and she said it never turned up. I then told
Ammon the sign in book was missing. I know this sounds like something mute, but wait for it…
Freaky Friday. Yes, I’ve got to talk about freaky Friday. First, let me tell you about an incident that
happened either Thursday morning or Friday morning. The press was there. We were opening mail
to put in the burn barrel. One box was a box of shit with maggots crawling around. We threw it in
the barrel, but unlike the norm, we did not stand around the barrel for warmth. Who wanted to
stand around burning shit? I went inside. Then I heard a shot fired, very loud. I went back outside.
It turned out to be someone had shit on ammo and mailed it. One of the members of the press really
was very interested in the negative mail. Ryan Bundy asked him to specifically not print it, because
it would cause more mail like that. The guy seemed undeterred. I walked up to him a few minutes
later, and told him if he printed that story about the box of shit with ammo, that yes, he had freedom
of press, but not to the point to make a situation dangerous. I told him flat out, looked him straight
in the eye, if I found he printed that he would have to deal with me. (I found out later he heeded my
warning. It was not printed.)
I called ‘Martha’ about this. I was very upset anyone was put in danger. She seemed uninterested,
even after I pointed out mailing ammo in the US mail was a felony. She didn’t know it was a felony.
That day on the whole was eerily quiet. There was no plane flying. Things seemed ‘off’. After dark,
then we heard it. I was in the kitchen doing dishes when it flew by so low, so loud, I ducked. I ran
outside, wondering if it had landed or something. The guys were all animated too, saying they
thought it was a drone, because it had a big light on the bottom of it, pointing straight down. After
that we did hear the Cessna… without running lights. The moon was almost full, I could see the
plane, but no lights. It did the typical laps, just like it was daytime.
The next day was awesome. We had a huge Harney County Resource Center grand day opening. A
lot more protesters showed up, and we escorted them to the opening ceremony.
I left that night. I told everyone I would be back in a week, that my daughter was flying into town
from Utah. The guard at the gate said I will be missed. I didn’t know who he was because he had a
ski mask on, it was so cold out there. I stopped somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, because
there was a sign that said next gas station was 82 miles. Whatever gas station was nearby, I couldn’t
find. It opened the next morning at 9 am. Town with a population of 14. I arrived home that night.
Sunday the 24th .
Tuesday the 26th of January is a day I will never forget. I was sitting on my mom’s blue couch
visiting with them. My daughter was in the chair across from me. My cell phone rang and I
answered it. It was about 4:30 pm. My friend said twitter was blowing up, Ammon was arrested,
someone was shot or dead. That was the initial story. I immediately called Deb at the refuge. I later
texted her Lavoy was dead. I called again around 7 pm. She said it was calm there. They’re serving
dinner. I called some friends in San Diego, to see if they were going to help get the people at the
refuge out. They said there was a conference call in the morning to determine what to do. There was
a primary contact in Burns who would be on the call. The next day I found out everyone was told to
‘stand by’. Nothing would be done.
I met with ‘Martha’ a few days later and gave her the change from the money for expenses, plus the
receipts. I was still livid. Emotional. Torn up. Downright hostile. Those feelings didn’t go away
easily. I don’t think they ever will go all the way away, they’re just not as raw as they were. We met
the following week, where she gave me $3000 for my ‘pay’. I really don’t know what I did to deserve
any pay. Lavoy was dead, and the FBI did as they pleased, not listening to anything I said. But I
guess the goal was achieved, all the people they kept asking about were arrested. Who cares if those
men broke the law or not, right? That’s not how I feel at all. I care deeply our laws are upheld. I care
deeply our police remain neutral and protect citizens equally. I did ask what was the reason for the
‘routine traffic stop’. Martha’s answer is that they have a right to pull over someone when a phone
call is received. I didn’t push the point, but knew instantly that was a typical response when an
officer does not have cause to get access. The officer must still see something illegal. Most people
thinks this response means they must give access and concede.
Between the phone calls and meetings I was told two important things: One, that the person who
signed the doc to send the FBI to Oregon came from the ‘highest command possible’. ‘Martha’
explained further and said it was the President. This is further evidenced when the Oregon
governor appealed to the President to end the occupation of the refuge sooner. Second, ‘Martha’ said
the FBI had the sign in book.
Lavoy’s funeral was February 5th , 2016. It was open casket. There were several local police outside.
Everyone was cordial. Over 2500 showed up from all over the country. Jaime Hawley showed up,
driving a vehicle with Florida plates. Blaine Cooper was there. This is when I found out about John
Day. PPN was supposed to provide a convoy type escort for the two vehicles. They never showed.
When I returned home from the funeral I called my San Diego friends and informed them PPN had
dropped the ball. They said that was crucial information regarding the ‘stand by’ that was done. I
would say more about the funeral, but I’m still too emotional.
On February 10th I received a call to pick some guys up in Mesquite, since Joker J had just been
arrested. I did. They stayed with me for 2 weeks. No, I did not harbor any fugitives. There were no
public arrest warrants or indictments released. I was called by ‘Martha’ to go to the local Lavoy
Rally. I did so in order to not call attention to anyone staying with me.
Since then, I have not given ‘Martha’ any information besides public information of news articles. In
the last meeting, on September 21, a Sunday, I was asked what the movement’s support was in the
Presidential race. I said it was more split before the primaries, but not that Bernie is out, many are
supporting Gary Johnson. Most are supporting Trump.
Let me tell you about these men being targeted.
Ammon Bundy: Very well spoken. Strong moral fiber. He’s the type of man who is free, unlike most.
Most people think ‘what if’. Ammon is a free man and walks this earth as a free man. He doesn’t
recognize fear. Anyone can disagree with Ammon, yet he’ll still give them the shirt off his back if
they need it, disagreeing or not. Never carried a weapon.
Ryan Bundy: Not quite as well spoken as Ammon, but his strong point is law and legal terms. Strong
moral fiber is woven within him and how he sees the law. He is also a free man. Obviously these men
were raised together. Carried a pistol, nothing more.
Shawna Cox: She seemed to me to be an administrative assistant or secretary type. She was always
seen carrying paperwork and folders in her arms. Never carried a weapon.
David Fry: Young, he had an interest in philosophy, religion. Loved to learn. What I remember best
about him is his sleeping on the couch. He would be sitting straight up, then hunch over, practically
folding himself in half and he was out. For hours he’d sleep in that position, with his head resting on
his legs. Never carried a weapon.
Ken: I only briefly saw walking from a vehicle into a room. Later that day he was arrested.
I don’t believe I knew the other men at all.
Concerns after the fact and reviewing evidence. Who stole the sign in book and why was it placed
into evidence 4 days before it was stolen.
The ‘routine traffic stop’ was not in any way, shape or form a traffic stop. There must be a reason to
pull someone over. None given. Why did that public FBI statement on their website get rewritten,
and all articles in all media was edited. This is pretty clear evidence that the media is required to
put out stories according to political whim. Why was there no warrant. The search warrant was done
after the fact. One would think the govt had figured out if there was a crime before the arrest. It’s
not like anything these people did was hidden.
The 65 mph sign, looks new to me in the video ‘McConnell Secret Recording’ search. Did they lower
the speed limits in the area? There is a woman that swears McConnell was in her old classroom at
the school and that the video was NOT taken with PPN as McConnell said.
Ammon Bundy, Joe O’Shaughnessy, Jon Ritzheimer, and Blaine Cooper were all targeted, all from
Arizona. Did McConnell tell lies to the FBI because of his dislike of these people? Three of the four
all were part of some sort of militia. Is that why ‘Martha’ swore up and down if I saw the evidence, I
would agree with her? McConnell is arrogant and derogatory. Very demeaning. To him, he’s the real
thing, and all others are wanna-be’s.
As far as doing this all again. I’m undecided if I even helped any of these men by doing what I did.
I’ll know more once the trial is over.
More importantly, would I do another operation in this manner? No. I found the FBI all knowing,
distrustful, political pawns. As ‘Martha’ said, the FBI does everything ‘big’. Big is not better, sorry to
say. The sheriff failed to do his job. The FBI should have then asked why he refused to protect the
protesters. Instead, they encouraged him. When they were told that a man from Grant County said
the Grant County Sheriff told him the Harney County Sheriff asked for his help, that he wanted the
protesters all dead. ‘Kill them all’. Yes, the FBI was told, and now the Grant County Sheriff is being
investigated. Go figure. Was it something I said? Probably. By telling the FBI evidence that all did
not seem as it appears, and to look deeper, they instead used that to destroy good people. Political?
Absolutely. The movement was growing. Across the nation people were standing up, shaking off their
fears… if the FBI hadn’t broke the law and killed someone, this would still be happening. People
would still be standing up. If they had simply walked up to Ammon with an arrest warrant, people
would still be standing up. Their goal was to strike fear in regular people, continue the oppression
that was so clear in Oregon, and everywhere else I’ve traveled.
Therefore, please realize not only is this important to know, but know all is not as it appears. We
have a very powerful enemy and our names are on his desk. He hates we woke up the nation. He
hates he can’t control us. We represent the one thing he hates most. American Pride. American
Independence. I’m currently being tested. I was given a name of a local to check out. How do I know
this is a test? I’m not stupid. They’ve never given me a name before. I’ve had to figure things out
myself. Why the change, when they should be trusting me less?
/s/ Terri R. Linnell
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Terri testified at the trial, Tuesday, October 11th. She was not called by her benefactors, the
government. Instead, she was a witness for the defense, specifically, David Fry, though all of the
other Defendants, as well as the government, had an opportunity to examine her.
According to reports from the courthouse, her testimony was very contrary to what the government
wanted from someone that they paid over $3000 to. But, they knew her testimony would not serve
them very well. However, they could not, under any conceivable argument, argue that their paid
informant could not take the stand for the Defense.
Terri’s testimony refutes many of the government’s claims, including display of weapons, leadership,
and any danger posed by the occupation. She had nothing but praise for the Patriots. She also
refused to let the Prosecution put words in her mouth. Though they didn’t proffer the FBI reports as
evidence, they appeared to read from them. However, when they stated something contrary to fact,
Terri would say that she didn’t say that.
We must wonder how the jury perceived testimony from someone the government “planted” into the
group, and then supports the Defendants position with her truthful statements. It has to be very
embarrassing to realize that she got no dirt, when that was her task. What more can be said of the
fallacy of the entire government line.
I trust that this will put to rest the accusations that have been made against Terri over the past
week. And, I pose this question to you; who else has managed to get the government to pay expenses
and $3,000 for to go to Burns and cook for the Patriots?
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 32 – Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)
Burns Chronicles #39
Informants – What to do About Them
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 6, 2016
Recently, I watched a video of an interview with Terri Linnell that was couched into an in-studio,
live “exposé”, purporting to prove that what Linnell had said was an “obvious lie”. This whole
program was based primarily on my article, “Burns Chronicles No 32 – Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)”,
and the host’s subsequent interview with Terri.
In the comment section of that video, I disputed a couple of items that were alleged to be truthful,
one, in particular, dealing with the time element, and when people might have known when LaVoy
had been murdered. After all, this set everything into motion, this past January 26.
However, their estimate of when people outside could have known what had happened came out to
10:00 PM. Heck, I knew by 7:00 PM, and as I recall, it was one of my team members that had called
me (in Burns) from another state to tell me what had happened. Subsequently, one of the guests has
admitted that they had no idea of what time the information would have gotten out — they were just
guessing based upon when they found out about the murder.
I had intended to go back to YouTube and review/comment on the remainder of the 2 hour 25 minute
video, since I had commented on perhaps only the first twenty minutes that I have watched. Since I
had been working on another article, I postponed that subsequent review.
Then I found myself tagged in a subsequent discussion on Facebook, I was invited to be interviewed
because of my disagreement with the host. I accepted, however. I included the provision that my
interview had to be done that day. First, the video was damaging by its untruthfulness, and such
lies should be outed in a timely manner. Second, I didn’t want to wait the “3 or 4 days” for the host
to conduct the interview. I have better things to do than wait around for someone to try to figure
what questions he needs to ask to try to cover his blatant misrepresentations. Heck, the interview
would have been about the video he had created, so if anyone needed to prepare, it would have been
me. However, he turned it back on me for not being willing to abide by his schedule. So be it. I have
broad shoulders and take full responsibility for not doing the interview.
Now, why do I bring this up? Well, since I posted the article, which I had agreed not to post until
Terri testified in the Portland trial, many alleged patriots have attacked her, verbally. Some
understood and appreciate what she had done, but when she left the courtroom, she was stunned
and could find no one who would talk with her, nor could she find a place to stay. It was that
treatment of Terri that caused me to put pen to paper, in hopes of providing another perspective on
how we should treat informants.
So, let’s look at the three informants that testified during the trial. First, we have Mark
McConnell, though he still denies, or at least sidesteps, his role. He was outed, intentionally, and
quite surprisingly, by the government in their direct examination of an Oregon State Police officer.
It was later reconfirmed by the Court that he was, in fact, an informant. Mark professes to be a
patriot, and he probably is –along the lines of OathKeepers, where the Constitution is what they are
told by their superiors, and is patriotism to the government, not to the country or the Constitution.
Mark is one informant that all true patriots should, at least, distance themselves from.
I’ll skip to the third informant in the trial, since the nature of all three types is what this is about.
That informant is John Killman. John’s real name is Fabio Minoggio. According to his
testimony, he was born in Switzerland and served 20 years in the Swiss Army. He took donuts to
the Refuge to ingratiate himself, and then provided training in military, self-defense, and even how
to remove someone from a car.
He is single and has a 5-year-old son. Minoggio is now an officer with the Hualapai Tribal Police, in
Arizona. Little more is known about him, except that he received “expenses”, but claims he was not
paid by the FBI.
Now, let’s go to the one that has gained the most notoriety, Terri Linnell. To do so, we must start
at the beginning of her decision to testify, as what preceded this event is simply history, and of no
consequence at this time. What follows is from an interview I did with Terri. If anyone chooses to
dispute this, I would suggest that they come up with more than their personal opinion, or else keep
their mouth shut.
Terri had tried to contact Mike Arnold, then Ammon’s attorney, during the summer. Arnold’s office
kept trying to get her to speak to one of the investigators. She did not want to speak to the
investigator; she would only speak with an attorney. She was concerned if word got out that she was
going to testify, the government might do something to stop her.
As the trial approached, Per Olsen’s activity caught her attention, so she called his office, and Per
spoke with her. She explained what her testimony would be, and, she advised him that she had been
a paid informant for the FBI. Her subpoena was delayed to give the government as little notice as
When she arrived in Portland, she had meetings in the Witness Room, mostly with Amanda, a
member of Marcus Mumford’s team. They had no problem with what her testimony would be. The
fact that she was an FBI informant led to Amanda beginning to open the door and pursue
investigating the informant matter. Amanda began scrutinizing the 1203 forms and realized that
there were many informants. This resulting in the admission of the number of informants involved
and the eventual identification and calling of Killman (Minoggio) to the stand. and he had no
problem with what her testimony would be. Neither had identifiable 1023 reports (FBI – CHS
Reporting Document), since the documents in discovery had been heavily redacted.
Her testimony, among other things, cleared David Fry, Neil Wampler, and Shawna Cox, of ever
having firearms in the “mess hall”. It also provided testimony that that she heard of no suggestions
of any violent activity.
The only downside was when, in cross-examination, she was asked, as the prosecuting attorney
purportedly read from a 1023, whether the people had discussed going to other locations to occupy
them. She stated that she never said that. So, to clarify the situation, as I know it, many residents
in the surrounding area had come to the Refuge and asked for help in their communities. This led to
teams going out and explaining Committees of Safety, the Constitution, and land rights matters.
The idea was to get others thinking, not to provide an armed force to go to those communities.
Since that time, people have, without a real consideration of both the facts and the consequences of
their actions in attacking Terri, have continued to attempt to discredit her, and possibly cause some
misguided patriot to cause her physical harm.
Many have suggested that Terri’s testimony led to the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Nothing she
testified to could, in any way, shape, or form, led one to such a conclusion. Then those naysayers
say, well, she was working with the FBI. However, as I have pointed out in a previous articles,
Brandon Curtiss had agreed to help the Sheriff, whatever decision he made — with regard to the
Hammonds. It also appears that other alleged patriots passed on much intelligence information to
the FBI or Sheriff. We know that there were 15 informants involved. Each of those since found out
have, at least, claimed to be on the patriot’s side, such as McConnell and Killman. Both their known
and unknown activities had far more to do with raising tensions, especially within the minds of the
government people, and would more likely be activities that help shape the situation that resulted in
LaVoy’s death.
Mark was outed, Minoggio was tracked down, and Terri came forth voluntarily to try to help the
defendants. Mark actually played a hand in the activity that led to LaVoy’s death. Minoggio’s role
was simply to gather intelligence and create some “evidence”. Terri’s role was simply to watch six
people. LaVoy wasn’t even on her list.
So, the most important questing is:
How Should the Patriot Community Deal with Informants?
Mark McConnell is a marked man. Any patriot that thinks that Mark has sympathy for the
patriot community deserves what may come to him by associating with Mark. Simple ostracization
is about the extent of what can, legally, be done to address the problem of this type of informant.
Ban him from any events, meetings, even discussions on Facebook and other social media cites.
Pretend as if he does not exist. Then, he can return to the hole that he has dug for himself.
Fabio Minoggio aka John Killman is a foreigner. Why he decided to go to Burns and become an
informant for the government is unknown. He chose not to use his own name, opting to use an
American or Indian sounding name, John Killman. He, like McConnell, should never be accepted
into any patriot group, and should be treated just like the scourge that comes to this country, and
then works against its people.
Terri Linnell is the one informant that we need to consider, very carefully, as to how we should look
at her. It is not really her that is to be considered, rather, it is this type of informant. She had
previously informed for the government, however, that back was broken when she chose to testify for
the Defendants, even at the risk of exposing her role and relationship with the FBI. When I asked
her why she chose to testify, she said, “It was the right thing to do.” So, what we have is an
informant that has chosen to change sides. She has chosen to give up the means to make a few extra
dollars. She has changed sides!
Now, let’s look at the ramifications of what she has done. She has become an outcast, to some. She
is the subject of derision, and is constantly attacked on Facebook and Twitter. We need not go into
the character of those that lead, or participate, is such attacks, because that, in the end is
We need to look well beyond this recent event. We know that there were 15 informants involved.
Three have been outed, and we have good leads on three more. However, of all of them, only one has
stepped back across the line — to the right side. So, what becomes extremely important is what
example we leave for the next informant that has questioned their participation in informing against
patriots. Do we offer them a comforting welcome? “Hi! Welcome. We are pleased that you have
decided that you were on the wrong side and come to join us.”
Or, do we discourage them from coming to our side — which leaves them on the wrong side —
because, by example, we have said, “So, you decided to help us by admitting you were an informant.
But, since you are an informant, we will never accept you into our community.” If we do this, we can
rest assured that we have precluded having some that may help us; may, if they don’t come out in
the open, even serve as a double agent; and, deny adding someone to our ranks, when we need
every body that we can get. We have forced them to remain our enemy, as there is no refuge, if they
did want to leave the bad side.
We can spend hours trying to convince others that our cause is just, hoping to get them to
understand the Constitution and the intent of the Founders. Yet, unless we change our ways, we
will reject those who, by their own participation, have seen what is right, and what is wrong. We
discourage them from making a decision that we spend hours trying to get another to make.
If we do not see the benefit of open arms, though that may never really include trust, we have, in a
sense, become our own worst enemy.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 39 – Informants – What to do About Them
The entire Burns Chronicles series of articles is listed and linked at Burns Chronicles
Burns Chronicles No 40
Allen Varner (Wolf)
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 15, 2016
When I wrote “What is Brandon Curtiss?”, I had nothing but gratitude for Wolf. He had stepped up
when I was faced with Brandon Curtiss and his goons. His involvement allowed me to continue
packing in order to leave Burns. The above picture was taken during this event.
There were some unanswered questions from an earlier incident. When the shootout occurred at
Camp Lone Star, back on August 29, 2014, Varner was with Kevin “KC” Massey and John Foerster,
on the Texas Border near Brownsville, when a Border Patrol (BP) Agent fired in the direction of
Foerster. (See “The Arrest of K. C. Massey”.) Now questions arose as to Foerster’s role, but Varner
appeared to be without sin. Varner, however, was the first to offer his pistol, in his belt under his
shirt, to the BP agent, which led to Massey then turning his pistol over to BP. In hindsight, there
were other questionable actions by Varner, though unrelated to the topic at hand.
Varner was quite cooperative in my interview with him and provided some information that only he
had, which indicated that much of what BP did, out of sight of Massey, was not consistent with the
testimony they offered in court. This could be interpreted as an attempt to ingratiate himself to
Massey and myself.
According to Massey, Varner left Camp Lone Star within a couple of days of the shooting. He did not
return until two days before Massey’s arrest. Was he there to report when Massey was going to
spend the night in the motel room? Only someone at Camp Lone Star would have that information.
At that critical time, Varner was at Camp Lone Star.
Now, often people have suspicion that someone could be an informant. I may have reason to believe
someone is an informant. However, I will not write that someone is an informant unless I can prove
that someone is an informant. So, ironically, the person that helped me while I was in Burns is,
well, an informant.
Let’s get to the heart of the matter. To do so, I will be referring to FBI documents that I have
obtained. They are marked, at the bottom left corner, “Dissemination Limited by Court Order”. So,
let me make this perfectly clear — I have no intention of “disseminating” the documents, nor am I
bound by any “Court Order”. I am writing about a Public Trial, which was held in September and
October 2016. Had I access to these documents during that trial, I would have written the same
article that I am writing now.
A Public Trial, as intended by the Founders, was guaranteed so that we could judge both the alleged
crimes of the accused and the role of the government. This article, and subsequent articles on the
subject of informants, is about the role of the government.
Informants are nothing less than spies, albeit, they are not spies set against foreign enemies or other
countries. No, they are spies sent by the agents of the government to act against their own people.
Whether they are paid, as was the case explained in my article “Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)”, to avoid
prosecution for a crime they may have committed, or simply because they disagree with the politics
of whomever they are informing against, they are nothing less than those contemptible creatures
who, in most situations, face death if caught practicing their trade. The only exception would be
when they realize that they are on the wrong side, and willingly change to the right side. This is
addressed in another article, “Informants – What to do About Them”.
Using form “FD-1023”, also known as “CHS Reporting Document”, agents assigned to an informant
provides information, based upon their communication, face to face, via text or email, by phone, or
even secret messages, to place this information into the record.
Unfortunately, some of the records I have obtained are so severely redacted that nothing but the preprinted
form information is visible. However, often what the informant reported can be compared to
information obtained in speaking with victims of the informant, or the information reported may
become available in other public forums. Often, such information is “exculpatory” in nature,
meaning that it tends to provide evidence that the accused may not be guilty of the crime with which
he has been charged. So, I will provide some of the text from the reports and offer a perspective
regarding both aspects. The entire body of information will not be provided in this article. A
sampling should be sufficient to provide the reader with understanding of just how these spies
operate, and how they may set their own trap. The spies will identify themselves as “CHS”
(Confidential Human Source).
We will begin with January 4, 2016, two days after the occupation of the Refuge and the first
identifiable report from Varner.
There are 25-30 people on the property to include 5 women who are assisting in cooking, etc. Most individuals are
carrying side arms and CHS has not seen any Iongrifles, but knows they are there. CHS has not yet seen any explosives
and one militia member is in the watch tower approximately 100 feet in the air. The militia will be conducting patrols
at night. CHS will obtain license plates later this evening and saw one militia member driving a white 4X4 truck
bearing US Government plate number I487752 presumed to belong to the refuge. The militia is expecting the FBI to
arrive and know that they are being called trespassers and not domestic terrorists.
CHS observed the following vehicles:
[Note: first two vehicle descriptions and plate #s not included for the privacy of the owners]:
3) Jason Patrick, White Male, mid 40’s, 5’10″, 230 lbs, beard, mustache, seen driving the white 4X4 truck bearing US
Government plate I487752.
So, we can see that this informant, along with others, provided a snapshot, updated frequently, of
what was going on and who was present at the Refuge.
The next day, January 5:
Ammon Bundy, Brian Cavalier (Booda), Jason Patrick, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper and Jon Ritzheimer are
all staying in the main building up front. Pecking order CHS based on behavior observed is 1. Ammon Bundy 2. Ryan
Payne and Jason Patrick 3. Brian Cavalier (Booda) and 4. Jon Ritzheimer. Booda is in charge of security. Ammon Bundy
will more than likely speak with negotiators. CHS is in not staying in the front building and has not yet observed any
formal plans. However, CHS is told the plan is to stay and wait for the FBI to make contact. They know the FBI will say
they are trespassing, but believe it is B.S. as they do not recognize the land belonging to the federal government. They
do not know what the FBI is thinking. By the FBI not taking any action, it has made militia members nervous/scared
about the unknown. The militia does not know who will be arrested or exactly what plan of action will be taken when
the FBI does make contact. CHS described the atmosphere as nervous, filled with anticipation and confusion if
something were to happen. Some people are sleeping and they sleep in shifts.
No alcohol has been observed and approximately six people have been seen carrying side arms and long guns being
.308 or 5.56 calibers on an AR platform. CH$ has been looking for explosives and has not observed any. The militia
does have access to propane and fuel from the refuge itself. Patrols are being conducted and there is a person in the
watch tower 24/7 with a long rifle and radio. There is a shift change in the watch tower at 3 a.m. CHS has not yet seen
other set schedules at this time. CHS has asked about night vision equipment and the response received is that no
night vision equipment is on site.
The following vehicle was observed on the property.
1999 Black GMC Truck bearing [state] plate # nnnnnn
The militia’s main objective is to have the property administered by the federal government returned to the people
(States/counties). The second objective is to win the support of the American public to create the power needed to
accomplish the first objective. At this point, everyone is united with these objectives. The militia believe they are
currently winning by gaining support of the American public as well as the locals. They feel more empowered since
the local are coming by and delivering supplies and the FBI has not yet reached out to the militia.
If the public demands they leave, CHS doesn’t think the militia will leave until additional pressure is placed upon
them. CHS did not know what that pressure would be, but just asking the militia to leave will not work. If the FBI
continues to do nothing, the militia will just gain more people on site and more power until the FBI is forced to react.
None of the core leaders have made life ending preparations at this point, but Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne have
stated they would take a bullet if needed. Jon Ritzheimer stated he would go to jail, but appears very nervous and
really does not want to serve any jail time. Militia members for the most part are just wondering around waiting for
something to happen.
So, you can see that the FBI had a fairly decent picture of what was going on in the Refuge. You can
also see what the intended (perhaps exculpatory) purpose of the occupation was, as well as the “state
of mind” of the principal players. This was of importance during the trial, so we can understand why
the government did not want the Defense to be able to identity and therefore call these people as
CHS attended an administrative meeting today at 1:00 p.m. It was decided that three separate militia units will be
created and led by Ryan Payne, Jon Ritzheimer and CHS. There are five people assigned to each militia unit leader and
they are to conduct security patrols and other missions as requested by the “administration” .The three militia units
will grow in size as more people arrive in support of the overall mission. All current fifteen members of the militia
units intend to stay for the completion of the occupation…
Now, here is one of the little pieces used to deduce who the informant is. He is one of three militia
group leaders. However, if we know (and we do) that Ryan Payne, Jon Ritzheimer, and Allen Varner
were those three militia leaders, then we also know who “CHS” is.
CHS goes on to rank the principal players:
A ranking by the CHS of the most dangerous members on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most dangerous, included
the following: Booda 9, Ritzheimer 8, Payne, Ammon Bundy 8 or 9, Ryan Bundy 8 or 9, Robert Finicum would most
likely back down.
Rather interesting that he identified Robert (LaVoy) Finicum as most likely to back down.
In the January 6 report, we find more information, some tending to be exculpatory.
At least seven different vehicles driven by locals dropped by today to show support and deliver supplies to include, elk
meat, steaks, hamburger meat, blankets, hand warmers, etc. The front porch of the bunkhouse used for cooking is
now filled with food and supplies. One local stated he would be back again next week to drop off more supplies.CHS
and others have been told to use the refuge’s fuel stored in large tanks for their personal use.
A… “Committee of Safety” held a long meeting with the Bundy’s today. [They were] to show their support for the
refuge takeover. They were also going to explain at the meeting that the militia at the refuge were not “crazy gun
toting people” as portrayed by some of the media.
An individual named McConnell claiming to be the leader of the Three Percenters Militia in Arizona showed up at the
refuge last night or early this morning. The individual is physically fit, mid 40’s, 6’ in height, blonde hair, blonde
mustache, driving a brown colored jeep. McConnell also claims to be a Marine and/or Navy Seal. CHS considered
McConnell as strength for the militia at the refuge. CHS could not describe any weaknesses the militia has at this time.
If anything, the militia continues to gain strength in morale because the locals continue to come by to show support
and deliver supplies.
CHS described the atmosphere as calm and relaxed but still expecting something to happen. Patrols were done every
four hours, people have been sleeping and milling around like a normal day.
In the January 7 report, we have another clue that helps to identify the CHS, along with other
As of this morning, there were approximately 35-40 people at the refuge. So many people have arrived that the new
arrivals are sleeping on the floor and not in bunks. They are expecting a lot more people to show up today. “Will” is
from the Seattle area and driving a Nissan X-Terra bearing Washington Marine Corps plate number nnnnnn. Will is the
one who brought in the night vision equipment and it appears to be a night vision spotting scope. Will also brought
with him a 300 Win Mag rifle. CHS also observed the following license plates: Nevada tag nnnnnn on a Ford F-150,
Arizona tag nnnnnn on McConnell’s vehicle.
Last night at approximately 8:30 p.m., Louie Prepper at two others came over from their camp across the street and
requested entry into the refuge and to speak with Robert LaVoy Finicum. CHS refused to allow them in resulting in a
physical altercation. CHS was struck in the face and cut by Prepper and “Fat boy” (CHS’ description) from Colorado
broke the mirror on CHS’ vehicle. CHS got up and kicked Fatboy in the groin causing severe pain to Fatboy. Pete
Santilli told CHS to stand down and Prepper and the two others entered to refuge to encounter Blaine Cooper.
Cooper got into a physical altercation with Prepper and the two others. Fatboy claimed Cooper broke his nose and
was going to file a complaint and they left the refuge.
The ATV was used this morning to take supplies to the watchtower allowing for guards to stay in the tower for long
periods of time. Two guys mainly occupy the watch tower which CHS has not yet met.
CHS has observed one 300 WIN Mag rifle, two SKS rifles, three AK-47’s, one 12 GA pump action riot shotgun and quite
a few AR-15’s (5.56). Most are mainly carrying side arms and one female is carrying a sidearm.
Patrols continue every four hours and are conducted by 4-5 people in vehicles. Patrol routes around the refuge are
not set, more like people driving around in vehicles. People do remain at the front and back gates. Patrols are not
done on foot because of the snow. Most active use of communication is via supplied radios, but cellular telephones
are also being used.
CHS has not heard any rumors about kidnapping a federal agent. Atmosphere remains relaxed.
A Washington Three Percenter Militia member named Darrel is currently assigned in the watch tower. There is now a
flare gun in the tower that will be discharged to warn everyone within the refuge of incoming law enforcement raids.
CHS observed the night vision equipment brought in last night and it appears to be mountable on a rifle. The militia
still fails to have any grasp on organization. Currently, Patrick is attempting to create a list of shifts and assignments
for members within the refuge. The three militia units previously created and led by Payne, Ritzheimer and CHS are
still in play, but have not yet been assigned to complete any tasks.
CHS observed California license plate number nnnnnn on a dark blue Chevy Blazer. There are roughly 40-45 people
within the refuge. The atmosphere remains relaxed and still waiting for something to happen.
You can see that the FBI had status reports that gave them a day-to-day update on the situation at
the Refuge. We also see that Varner was still in charge of one of the militia groups. However,
another confirmation of his identity is found when he described the broken mirror incident. In an
interview with Varner, he said that he swung his fist to hit Louie (Lewis Arthur), hit the mirror
instead, and hurt his hand.
We will skip the January 8 report, and since there were are no identifiable reports for January 9 and
10, go to January 11.
CHS provided two inert grenades taken from the refuge, a notebook recovered from the ground and showed case
agent the hand held radio taken from Ritzheimer. People using cell phones are using the Zello walkie-talkie App to
communicate. The notebook had several pages removed and contains limited to no useful information (see attached
The extra support has again made the administration and supporters feel as if they are winning.
The leadership was 1. Ammon and Ryan Bundy, 2. Jason Patrick, 3. Ryan Payne, 4. Ritzhiemer. Ammon and Ryan
Bundy, LaVoy Finicum, and Payne remain as the administration of the refuge. Finicum was the self proclaimed media
They group is calling themselves the “Citizens of Constitutional America” and not a militia. The administration is
adamant that they do not call themselves a militia.
They have not constructed any defensive structures or positions such as rifle pits, sand bag cover, etc. The militia will
more than likely use the heavy machinery on site for cover and have positioned some of this equipment at the
entrances to the refuge. The patrol routes remain random around the perimeter and consist of individuals driving
around in vehicles.
The interviewing agents showed the CHS an aerial photograph of the refuge complex with the buildings numbered.
CHS described the use of the buildings as follows:
Building 19 – Fire Bunkhouse – CHS described this building as having 8 bedrooms, one bedroom has 4 bunks, the
remaining rooms have two bunks each¯ All bunks were full.
Building 15 – Payne and Riztheimer were staying in the two small houses across the street from the firehouse
(building 19) . These houses have an exterior bathroom nearby¯
Building 18 – Warehouse
Building 11 – Warehouse/garage with lots of equipment
Building 17 or 16 -Generator building
Building 1 – Admin buildings were meetings are conducted
Building 6 – The two Bundy brothers and Finicum’s sleeping quarters
The third clue as to the identity of the source of these reports is related to the “hand-held radio”.
Ritzheimer said that he gave it to Varner. In an interview with Varner, when asked directly about
the radio, he said that Jon was in his truck with Blaine Cooper and he saw the radio sitting on the
seat between them, but it was never given to him. However, at shift change the next morning, the
new guard contacted Jon to say that he had no radio with which to communicate. It appears that
Varner simply showed the radio to his handler, and then kept it for himself.
Two more identifiable reports were filed on January 15 and 16. They continued updating with
regard to the status, positions, state of mind, etc., of those inside the Refuge. So, we can see that
from this one source, a lot of information, some accurate, some not so accurate, was made available
to the FBI. On top of this, understand that there were eight other informants reporting from inside
the Refuge. There were also six additional informants in communication with the occupiers via
telephone. Those occupiers inside believed that they were talking to outside “friendlies”, and
managed to provide quite a bit of useful information to those informants. This topic will be
addressed in a subsequent article.
In all fairness to Varner, I called him after I had finished the article. I read him the statements
about the three militia groups, the encounter with Lewis Arthur, and the report where he showed
the radio he got from Ritzheimer to the case agent. He stated that somebody lied — that it was
bullshit. He concluded with, “I ain’t no informant or agent”.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 40 – Allen Varner (Wolf)
Burns Chronicles No 41
Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones)
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 16, 2016
On October 11, 2015, the initial Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) Advisory Board (AB) held their
first meeting. Each meeting had an agenda and the AB members agreed to record the telephonic
meetings, for the record. The recordings were then place in a Dropbox folder, accessible only to the
AB members. There was also a private mail-list group set up, again restricted only to AB members.
The AB was comprised of five members. The only member that was known only by one other
member, Ryan Payne, was a retired military officer named Dennis Roy Dickenson. Dickenson had
endeared himself to Ryan when he was going to fly up to Montana on April 10, 2014. The meeting
never occurred, as Ryan had left for the Bundy Ranch on April 7.
Mr. Dickenson had provided his DD-214, as was required of all members of the AB who claimed prior
military service. Of his 21 years of service he was in “intelligence” for over 19 years, and left the
service, honorably, as a Marine Lt. Colonel.
Under the agreement of all of the SB members, I had set up the Dropbox account and the mail-list
group. The Dropbox is rather simple where only designated people have access and large files can be
transferred up and down in the background. The mail-list group access panel is limited to designated
Dickenson volunteered to be secretary to the AB, and was designated, just in case I was inaccessible,
to have access to the webpage and the mail list group. He was given the access passwords.
We held weekly meetings and special meetings, when necessary. In every case, agendas and
recordings were made available to all members of the AB. In the first recorded meeting, on October
11, 2015, Dickenson, when asked about minutes of meetings, stated that since we had the
recordings, he saw that there was no need for written minutes. However, as we shall see, Dickenson
did make minutes of the meetings, and promptly turned them over to FBI Special Agent Mark D.
Seyler, as well as recordings, emails, and other information regarding Dickenson’s vocation as a spy.
Drafted By: Mark D. Seyler
Case ID: xxxx
Collected From: xxxx
Receipt Given?: No
Holding Office: SALT LAKE CITY
As noted in several FD-1023 CHS reports, since October 1, 2015, xxxx has provided the case Agent with several files
associated with the Operation Mutual Defense(OMD) Advisory Board. These files have been transferred between
OMD Advisory Board members via email as well as a shared Dropbox.com account. On November 7, 2015, the case
Agent saved several of these documents to a single DVD for storage as evidence in the captioned case file. Included
on this DVD are recordings of OMD Advisory Board meetings from October 11 to November 5, 2015, meeting
agendas, task lists, and other documents.
Item Type Description
18 Digital DVD Containing OMD Advisory Board files provided by CHS
Collected On: 11/07/2015
Seizing Individual: Mark D. Seyler
Located By: Mark D. Seyler
Location Area: Shared E-Mail Acct
Specific Location: Shared E-Mail Acct
Device Type: Compact Disc/Digital Video
Number of Devices Collected: 1
In hindsight, reviewing the recordings from that first meeting, Dickenson, when someone mentioned
“we”, or any indication that something someone was talking about implied other participants, he
always asked who the other participants were. He also sought detail on every subject, in every
meeting. Now, this could be attributed to a desire to fully participate, and it could be a desire to gain
The FBI uses form “FD-1023”, also known as “CHS Reporting Document”, for agents assigned to an
informant to provide information, based upon their communication, face to face, via text or email, by
phone, or even secret messages, to be placed into the record. “CHS”, of course, refers to “Confidential
Human Source”. The following information is from those 1023 forms. They are marked, at the bottom
left corner, “Dissemination Limited by Court Order”. So, let me make this perfectly clear — I have no
intention of “disseminating” the documents, nor am I bound by any “Court Order”. I am writing
about a Public Trial, which was held in September and October 2016. Had I access to these
documents during that trial, I would have written the same article that I am writing now.
A Public Trial, as intended by the Founders, was guaranteed so that we could judge both the alleged
crimes of the accused and the role of the government. This article, and subsequent articles on the
subject of informants, is about the role of the government.
Given the background, above, we can clearly see that the government has no intention of spying on
the people that created that government. This reeks of George Orwell’s “1984”, to the greatest degree
possible. The government had no reason to believe that OMD or the AB had any intention of doing
anything illegal. The purpose of OMD was to evaluate situations, and if the situation had merit, as
determined by the AB, then a call out would be made to the followers of OMD. If any illegal activity
was discussed, it was discussed only to the extent of whether something would be illegal, or not.
However a call out would be consistent with the rights preserved by the First Amendment; Speech,
Assembly, and Redress of Grievances. In some of the matters brought before the AB it was
determined that there was no lawful standing to pursue a situation, ending discussion on that
Recorded meetings were held on October 11, 18, 25, and November 1, 2015. With the exception of the
above, we find the first written 1023 report dated November 3, 2015. It deals with separate phone
calls with AB members. The first mention in the 1023s of the Hammonds was based upon a call with
Ryan Payne:
CHS has been communicating regularly with Ryan Payne. Payne submitted background checks for he and Hunt, and is
awaiting the results.
Payne is very upset by the plight of Steve and Dwight Hammond in Oregon. They have apparently decided to accept
the 5-year sentence imposed by the government and go to prison peacefully. Payne has contemplated interfering
with their going to prison even though the Hammonds have not requested OMD’s assistance. Ammon Bundy recently
forwarded Payne a press release from the Bundy Family in support of the Hammonds, warning of repercussions to the
federal government if the Hammonds are imprisoned.
The background checks were approved by the AB as a requisite prior to acceptance on the board.
Dickenson’s background check was also provided to the AB.
Later, that same day, another 1023 is filed regarding a subsequent conversation with Ryan Payne:
Ryan Payne is traveling to Oregon on the morning of November 4, 2015, with Ammon Bundy to meet with the
Hammond family regarding the father and son’s intent to surrender themselves to federal authorities and prison.
Payne said the driving force behind this trip is Cliven Bundy, who has been asking Payne for months when he intends
to start another militia action to confront the government. Earlier in the day, Ammon Bundy sent Payne an email with
a press release from the Bundy Family in support of the Hammonds. Payne believes Cliven told Ammon to go along
with Payne to see if they can convince the Hammonds to take a stand.
On November 5, 2015, we get to the reports of the meetings, the “minutes” that Dickenson did not
want to write for the OMD-AB, but was more than willing to write for the FBI, It begins with:
A Confidential Human Source (CHS), much of whose reporting has been corroborated, provided the following
At approximately 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, on Thursday, November 5, 2015, the Advisory board for
Operation Mutual Defense held a meeting via conference call. Initially participating in this meeting were Tim “Nailer”
Foley, Dennis Jones, Gary Hunt, and Jon Ritzheimer.
Note that “Dennis Jones” is participating in the meeting. However, there was no Dennis Jones, only
Dennis Dickenson. This is a lie to the FBI, and is consistent throughout the reports.
In other 1023 reports, if the CHS is involved, they would report that “Initially participating in this
meeting were Tim “Nailer” Foley, CHS, Gary Hunt, and Jon Ritzheimer.” So, apparently, and
informants can lie, so long as he is working for the FBI. And, in reviewing the recordings with the
1023 reports, there are many instances of Dickenson either lying outright, or twisting the truth to a
point that is appears to be opposite of what really transpired.
Regarding the Hammonds, in that same meeting:
Payne described how he and Ammon met with Steve Hammond and Susan Hammond (Steve’s mother), but did not
talk to Dwight Hammond (Steve’s father). [Steve] believes the government wants to take the Hammond’s land, and
will do what it takes to get it. Steve Hammond doesn’t appear to talk with anyone about the matter, and appeared
perturbed when Ammon showed up on Steve’s doorstep. Ammon helped around the ranch while talking with Steve,
and it is Ammon’s opinion is that Steve is broken down to point where he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He and his
father appear to be at peace with submitting themselves to imprisonment.
At this point, it looks like there is not going to be a request from the Hammonds for OMD support. Susan Hammond is
very familiar with the issues and injustices her family is facing and if anyone could convince her husband and son to
take a stand, it would be her. The Hammonds are going to discuss Payne and Ammon’s offer of help, and Susan will
contact Payne to let him know. According to Payne, Ammon is very clear that for the Bundy family, it doesn’t matter
whether the Hammonds request or desire assistance, they have a responsibility to stand up for them.
After much discussion, the OMD board voted that OMD should act if the Hammonds give any kind of approval for
militia-related assistance or at least agree to not turn themselves in. If the Hammonds decline any offer of support,
the majority of the board voted not to stage an action. Hunt expressed concern that OMD could suffer great
embarrassment if they were asked to leave by the Hammonds.
Payne claims the Bundy family intends to act regardless of the Hammond’s decision, but he doesn’t know what they
will do. He discussed the plan where the Bundy’s could purchase the Hammond’s grazing allotments, and light fire to
them. Ammon said he would be willing to do this if he had protection (presumably from a militia group like OMD).
So, peaceful plans are still being considered. There was the possibility of something that might force
a confrontation, if the Hammonds agreed to ask for help. However, Dickenson, in his parenthetical,
make OMD a “militia group”. It had been made clear from the beginning that OMD was like a
Committee of Correspondence. That is was NOT a “militia group”. However, he wants to suggest a
different purpose – a form of demonization of the organization that he is a part of.
Interestingly, in this meeting, a discussion of what AB would do, under three different situations,
ensued. It was broken down to “three doors”. Door #1 is would AB act if the Hammonds agreed to
allow OMD to be called out in support of them. The votes was unanimous, “yes”.
Door #2 was would the AB consider a call out of the Hammonds would not express support, but
would not come out in disagreement with a call out. Again, it was a unanimous vote of “yes”.
Door #3 was whether the AB would call out through OMD if the Hammonds were opposed to any
action in support of keeping them from going to prison. The vote was three for not becoming involved
and two were for involvement. Those two were Ryan Payne and Dennis Dickenson. Was Dickenson’s
vote an effort to encourage such activity? It was not addressed, at all, in the written report.
Another matter that he did not mention though the AB found it both interesting and disconcerting,
was the fact that Ryan reported that Brandon Curtiss had agreed to work with the Sheriff, to help
the Hammonds or support the federal government, whatever the Sheriff decided to do. I had
previously link that report on the Brandon Curtiss article, though it can be listened to HERE
As we continue through the documents, Dickenson reports every detail of any possible action.
Basically, he provided the minutes that he declined to prepare for the OMD-AB. He has 20 known
and more possible reports. Those 20 constitute 41 pages of the 230 pages of 1023 reports. He is,
perhaps, the most prolific writer of the informants.
Many of his reports are outside of the meetings and are based upon phone calls with members of the
AB. Many of those calls were to or from AB members at the Refuge.
On two occasions, once before the occupation of the Refuge and once during the occupation,
Dickenson says that he will travel from Florida to meet AB members, though when the time gets
near for his trip, his wife has some medical procedures that forestall the trip.
It seems rather strange that someone who took an oath to the Constitution, and served over twenty
years under that oath, would turn against the Constitution and spy, for his government, on its own
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 41 – Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones)
Burns Chronicles No 42
Fabio Minoggio (John Killman)
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 20, 2016
“John Killman”
For the sake of this article, I will use the name that those at the Malheur National Wildlife
Refuge (MNWR) knew him by, John Killman. However, his real name is Fabio Minoggio,
from Switzerland, and currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, or northwestern Arizona.
There is little information in his Fabio Minoggio Facebook page, though it appears that he
was born in Pallanza, Italy. He claims to still live in Locarno, Switzerland. He may have
been born January 1, 1971, as implied by a date shown on the John Killman Facebook page.
At this point, we only have what he said to the defense attorneys, when asked why he went
to the refuge. He told them, “I am in this because of my love of gun safety,” according to the
lawyers’ notes. He also said he didn’t want to miss a “moment in history.*” This claim
doesn’t bear fruit, since, while on the witness stand, in response to a question about
expenses, he said “I was going into harm’s way, so I had to buy ballistic vests”. From whom
did he sense a threat?
The Prosecution has refused to identify him as an informant. The judge then told the FBI
that if he lied on the stand, they had an obligation to point out any such lies.
Whether he contacted the FBI and volunteered, or was contacted by the FBI, we may never
know. I have tried calling Minoggio, but he “is not accepting calls at this time”, in a
recorded message at the number that was initially used to contact him to testify.
How he was found and subpoenaed to testify is another interesting aspect of this story.
After Jeff Banta testified about a guy with a French accent had come to the Refuge and
started training people in various military activity, such as team combat, team movements
as a group, evacuating friendlies from a car, hand-to-hand combat, and firearms safety. He
had that French accent and was sort of an anomaly, compared to the others who had come
to the Refuge.
This began raising questions. The government, in discovery, had provided 129 “CHS
Reporting Document” reports, constituting 230 pages, though they were so heavily redacted
that there was no way to identify, without a bit of sleuthing, just who the informant making
the reports were. However, among those who had met “Killman”, someone had obtained his
phone number.
At this point, Neil Wampler’s attorney, Lisa Maxfield and Shawna Cox’s standby attorney,
Tiffany Harris, began pursuing an intensive search for the illusive John Killman. A reverse
look-up of the phone number showed the phone registered to Fabio Minoggio. Once others
confirmed that Minoggio’s Facebook picture (above) was Killman, it was a matter of finding
him and getting him on the stand, having no idea what his testimony might be. It was a
long shot, but having ferreted out an informant just might be sufficient to persuade the jury
that things were not just as the Prosecution had claimed.
What made the effort worthwhile is the fact that the Prosecution had already shown a short
video Burns-Pieter_video_2016-01-24–16-31-39.mp4 at least four times, during their
presentation to the jury. That video, though only 29 seconds long, was, in the eyes of the
jury, suggestive of the violent intent of the occupiers. If the video could be considered in the
proper light, perhaps that would be a major point of consideration by the jury.
According to the date/time stamp on the copy that I have obtained, the video was shot on
January 24, 2016, at 4:31 pm, though that may be Central Time.
A subpoena was issued and served. Minoggio contacted the attorney identified on the
subpoena and stated that he didn’t know anything about why they wanted to have him
On Friday, Oct. 14, Maxfield received a voice mail.
“I don’t know who this Mr. Wampler is,” the caller with the foreign accent told her, elongating the name
so it sounded like “Woompler.” He also mentioned getting a subpoena “about some kind of Burns thing.”
The caller identified himself as “Samuel” and said he was in Arizona. He couldn’t just leave his life and
drive to Portland, he said. “I don’t even know what this is all about,” he added. *
The Defense’s case was to close on the 17th, so a scramble began to arrange to get Minoggio
to Portland in time to testify.
* – Maxine Bernstein’s article, “Who was John Killman”, published on November 5, 2016 at
The Court had provided an attorney on Minoggio’s behalf, and he was advised of his rights.
He chose not to stand on the Fifth Amendment, so he took the stand. Some portions of that
testimony follow.
Tiffany Harris examining:
Q. Mr. Minoggio, did you go to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on January 23rd, 2016?
A. Yes, ma’am.
Q. Were you present at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge each day between January 23rd and January
26th of 2016?
A. That’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; right.
Q. Well, it’s three consecutive days?
A. Yes, ma’am.
Q. And was January 26th the last day that you were at the refuge?
A. I left when LaVoy Finicum was killed.
Q. When you were at the refuge, did you use the name John Killman?
A. Yes, ma’am.
Q. Did anyone at the refuge refer to you as Mr. Minoggio or Fabio or anything like that?
A. Negative.
Q. Between January 23rd and January 26th did you communicate with the government about events at
the refuge
A. yes, ma’am.
Q. Were you paid for?
A. That I don’t want come across as splitting hairs, but paid is not the answer. Reimbursed to do that.
Q. You were reimbursed to do that?
A. Expenses to get there.
Q. Over and above your operating costs, did you receive any other form of compensation?
A. No. It happened that my truck broke down and I was going into harm’s way, so I had to buy ballistic
vests, which increased the — the reimbursement substantially.
Q. Okay. But so your testimony today is that aside from expenses and costs that you incurred, you did not
receive any other form of payment or income or remuneration from the government for your
A. No. It was freely given and — and I wasn’t enticed or anything.
Then, AUSA Barrow, in cross-examination:
Q. Sir, you testified you were reimburse forward expenses did what were those expenses?
A. It was gas money for my old truck. I — I broke down with my — mudrock truck. I bought a ballistic vest
because I was fully aware of what I’m doing, but it was a substantial risk to get harmed, so I invested into
that, but also invested into food to stay there and so on and so on.
So, we really do not know if he received any additional payment, or not. We do know that
he was there and reporting, and, that he had done some training. However, the
Prosecution chose not to revisit that 29 seconds that they had relied so heavily on, earlier.
What is interesting about the testimony is that Judge Brown sustained most of the Defense
objection while overruling some objections made by the Prosecution. Perhaps Judge Brown
has finally recognized the deceitful nature of the government’s case.
CHS (1023) Reports
Now, let’s look at what information he did give to the government. Minoggio’s first report
as a Confidential Human Source (CHS) was made on January 23, 2016. “XXXX” indicates
pertinent redactions.
CHS arrived in Burns this evening. CHS observed a white pickup truck bearing a big III% sticker and an
Arizona license plate. The truck traveled on A Street before stopping at a road block. The two occupants
of the truck, one appearing to be John Ritzheimer, appeared to have a conversation with two Police
Officers positioned in front of the courthouse.
At a gas station, the CHS had a conversation the attendant. The attendant stated many people in the town
are happy, as this time a year most of the people in the town are without work. According to the
attendant, there is plenty of work due in the town due to the occupation of the refuge. The attendant
feels that as long as everyone is happy and no one gets killed, he is not opposed to the situation at the
The CHS had a difficult time finding a hotel room. It seems that the towns people know that most of the
hotel rooms are occupied by FBI agents and Police Officers. When the CHS found a hotel room, the hotel
took cash payment for the room and did not ask for ID or the CHS’s license plate number.
After entering a local bar, the CHS struck up a conversation with four individuals who were wearing 5.11s,
tactical wear, one point slings, and their shirts which bore US flags and molon labe stickers. One of the
individuals stated his name is Joe. Joe is from Arizona and is involved in the patriot movement. The CHS
asked Joe if he has gone to the refuge, but Joe said no. Joe said he and the other individuals have set up a
medical station three miles away from the refuge, to be used in the case there is a shooting. XXXX Joe
advised the CHS that Curtis is the commander of the Oregon III%ers.
At a local restaurant, the CHS spoke to two law enforcement officers. The officers said that they are from
out of town and are just passing through. The CHS said the same.
So, we can see that he wanted to paint as complete a picture as possible, on all aspects, to
the FBI.
His next report was on January 24, 2016.
Reporting from Oregon (First day at MNWR). First set of photographs from first day at MNWR attached.
This morning, while at the Safeway in Burns, a Safeway employee told the CHS that the town is full of
Police and FBI. The Safeway employee pointed to two male individuals in the Safeway and identified them
as law enforcement. The employee advised the CHS to stay away from the Horseshoe Inn because it is
filled with law enforcement.
Each day when the women who are staying at the refuge go into town, they drive by the Horseshoe Inn
and take pictures of the vehicles believed to be law enforcement, in order to track the law enforcement
presence in Burns.
Payne is telling everyone that there are two FBI HRT teams at the location where they had confronted
three FBI SWAT members days ago.
While at the medical tent area inside the Narrows RV park near the refuge, the CHS met up with one of
the individuals the CHS conversed with in Burns last night. This individual stated that he is part of “Trinity
At the refuge, CHS was able to climb up into the watchtower. CHS had a conversation with a young male
individual who was on watch duty in the tower. This individual stated that he calls out over the radio
every vehicle that enters the refuge, including the license plate number. The individual then told the CHS
that Joe O’Shaughnessy and the others at the medical tent area are there as a “surprise attack team.”
While in the tower, the CHS observed an SKS rifle and an old AR-15 rifle.
After arriving at the refuge, CHS was quickly accepted and was put on guard duty. CHS believes the easy
acceptance was partly due to the CHS bring food to the refuge. The people at the refuge claim they have
250 to 600 supporters on the ground, but the CHS only counted a total of 50 at the refuge. According to
the CHS, everyone at the refuge has a side arm. CHS observed several handguns including ten 1911s,
GIocks, a Springfield, and a Taurus. CHS believes there are forty to fifty long guns at the refuge. However,
people at the refuge are told to not carry them around, but to keep the rifles close. No large caliber long
range rifles were observed by the CHS.
There is a shooting range located in an area northwest of the refuge. Payne is in charge of the range.
Payne wants people at the refuge to shoot and conduct live-fire training at the range, so he can judge
their shooting and tactical abilities. Payne had intended to conduct a tactical training session in the
morning, but soon after people started shooting at the range, the shooting had to be stopped after
environmentalist protesters arrived at the main gate check point.
XXXX The background check was conducted by “Dwayne”, and mostly entailed name dropping of people
in the patriot community and knowing someone who is already at the refuge, which the CHS does.
XXXX O’Shaughnessy advised that he is staying at the medical tent area near the refuge.
CHS did go to the shooting range area in the afternoon. Prior to the CHS arrive at the range, live fire
training was taking place. During CHS’s time at the range, only dry fire tactical drills were conducted.
Later, after leaving the range, CHS knows that more live fire drills took place because the gun shots could
be heard. CHS estimates that 500 rounds of ammunition were shot at the range after CHS left. Seventeen
to eighteen people were at the range while CHS was there. The vast majority of the people on the range
were between 20 and 30 years of age.
Four AR-15s were seen by the CHS at the secondary gate checkpoint for the refuge. CHS has not spent
time at the primary gate checkpoint.
CHS met Blaine and Melissa Cooper at the refuge, as well as their two children, who stay in the kitchen
area of the refuge at all times. CHS also met “Wakkeem” who identified himself as the individual who
liberated Blaine’s and Melissa’s children. CHS stated there are a total of six to ten children currently at the
The people at the refuge claim they have 250 to 600 supporters on the ground, but the CHS only counted
a total of 50 at the refuge.
People at the refuge are discussing taking over two more ranches, which include two million acres of land.
The goal is to eventually have 500 ranchers sign a new Declaration of Independence.
There is an overall feeling of paranoia and nervousness at the refuge. There is purported reliable
intelligence that leads the refuge occupants to believe that at any time, two hundred law enforcement
officers will “attack” the refuge from the north, from over the lake.
Five four man tactical teams have been established, named alpha through echo. Each team has a leader
and there is also an overseeing individual for all five teams. There is a media group and then the Bundy’s
have a headquarters area in one of the buildings at the refuge.
Dwayne LNU, the individual who conducted CHS’s background check is tell people that he spotted a sniper
team, dressed in military-style clothing, between the refuge and the lake located to the north of the
refuge. Moreover, Dwayne LNU stated that his horse is trained to detect sniper teams.
Ritzheimer left the refuge today at 3:00 pm and will be traveling to Arizona to spend a week and a half
with his family.
The refuge occupants have taken flares that they found at the refuge and have attached them to propane
tanks. The plan is to shoot these devices with tracer rounds to set them off. NFI
You can see that he has done an excellent job of providing information regarding defenses,
anticipated attacks against the occupants, and other information that would give an
assaulting force a tactical advantage.
Minoggio filed two more reports on the 24th that contained only the two additional sets of
photographs from first day at MNWR.
Then, on January 25, 2016, he reported:
An individual driving a vehicle bearing license plate number [omitted] (NV) has a PS90 rifle, a 308 sniper
rifle and an AK-47 at the refuge. This individual is bragging that he has 5.7 caliber armor piercing rounds
that he purchased from his cousin who is in law enforcement.
CHS observed two large pairs of night vision binoculars at the refuge.
Refuge occupants are again shooting at the range today. A few individuals brought body armor carriers
with them to the range.
Tonight, individuals from the refuge will go to restaurants in Burns, sit next to law enforcement officers,
and take pictures of the law enforcement officers’ faces.
Payne is meeting with refuge occupants to discuss ways to make law enforcement look like idiots.
CHS also reported observing a vehicle bearing license plate number [omitted] (Wisconsin) at the refuge.
His final report was on January 26, 2016.
XXXX Melissa Cooper and the children are leaving the refuge. The people at the refuge are very nervous
and panicked.
XXXX people at the refuge state panicking and rumors of Ammon Bundy’s arrest and hospitalization
started to spread. CHS tried to calm everyone down, as people starting talking about defending the
The people at the refuge are on high alert and ready to use force to defend the refuge. Everyone is geared
up and all the armor piercing rounds at the refuge have been handed out and are loaded into the weapon
at the refuge.
Jeff LNU “aka Doc” (25 years old), Carl LNU, and Dwain LNU make up the current leadership at the refuge.
Blaine and Melissa Cooper left the refuge immediately afterword of Ammon’s arrest started to spread.
Karl LNU, one of the current leaders on the refuge along with Dwaine LNU, advised they are planning a
defensive strategy on the refuge.
Karl LNU’s phone number is [omitted]
Dwaine LNU’s phone number is [omitted]
Minoggio’s final report assured the FBI that they would be able to contact those who he
believed to be in charge, for the negotiation teams.
The Jury
Finally, we get to the diligence, or perhaps Divine Intervention, that played a role in the
not guilty” verdicts in all but one of the charges against the Defendants then on trial.
Juror #4, the same one that called out another juror for bias, in an exchange of emails,
including a statement and then some answers to questions. This exchange was reported in
Maxine Bernstein’s article, “Transcript of Juror 4’s emails”, published November 3, 2016, at
Q. Wondered if there were turning points or particular moments in the trial that stuck out for jurors in
helping the jury reach the not guilty pleas.
A. Turning points? Let me begin by speaking for myself before I attempt to recall those of others. I
expected there to be a witness to the January 2nd meeting at Ye Olde Castle before the protest/rally that
would confirm the prosecution’s assertion of intent to impede, and the absence of such evidence became
a seed of doubt that grew. I expected that there must be proof of conspiracy between Ammon and Ryan
Payne (most logical link, owing to their initial visit to the Hammond’s place in early November) but he
wasn’t even called for either side, nor were there any phone calls, emails, etc. that would demonstrate
agreement here. These two major holes in the evidence record proved to cause insurmountable doubt
for me.
Others said that, while the evidence record was not adequate, certain moments turned them. One said
they did a full 180-degree turn when they realized there were six informants that went unnamed on the
refuge during the occupation, and the choice of the prosecution to allow that much room for mysterious
influence there (remember Fabio?) was decisive. One said that the doctrine of adverse possession
seemed to govern every thought, word, and deed of the ‘leadership’ such that it could not be deemed
intent to impede federal workers. Another said that the repeated objections to the reading of the
constitution became a wedge issue for them. Those turning points are the most distinct ones I can
remember, and so I’ll leave it there.
So, now we have a picture of a foreigner who, for some unknown reason, decided to catch “a
moment in history”. Is it possible that he was an agent for, and paid by, a foreign
government? That is well within reason, as we have agreements with a number of
countries where they can spy on our people, though we cannot; and we can spy on their
people, though they cannot. However, the information can be given freely to the country
that has its people spied upon. Perhaps that would explain that he received only expenses,
and probably was not bound to obeying our laws, as the other informers were bound not to
violate. Therefore, I will close with Mr. Minoggio’s final words, “I’ll leave it there.”
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 42 – Fabio Minoggio (John Killman)
Burns Chronicles No 43
Terri Linnell (Mama Bear) #2
These are side-by-side thumbnails of the un-redacted and redacted versions of the same report.
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 22, 2016
My initial article on informants was “Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)”. That article was written
because Terri had contacted me prior to testifying in the Portland trial of the first seven
defendants. The article was based solely on information provided to me, not what was
reported to the government. In my subsequent articles, I have since obtained redacted
versions of the “CHS Reporting Documents”, and am now able to provide insight into what
Terri reported.
What Terri reported during her role as an informant has not been made public, though
some have expressed a concern as to what she said and what might be damaging to the
defendants. As Terri claimed in her statement in the above linked article, her job was,
primarily, to keep and eye on six people — Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer,
Blaine Cooper, Ryan Payne, Pete Santilli, and Joe O’Shaughnessy. So, from those reports
that have exemplified the role of informants, following is the role that Terri played.
It must be understood that all of these reports were based upon telephone conversations, as
described by the case agent. They are not necessarily the words spoken by the informant,
rather the interpretation by the case agent.
The first report is dated January 14, 2016. “(omitted)” indicates omitted by me for privacy of
individual. “XXXX” indicates redacted portion.
XXXX CHS advised TIM DAVIS’ phone, bearing telephone number (541) (omitted), is being used by
multiple people at MNWR due to the poor cell phone reception in the area.
CHS stated that everyone at MNWR has a job to do and supplies including gas, food, and water are
unlimited. CHS advised that even if the electricity was shut off, everyone would be fine.
CHS has seen at least 30 individuals at MNWR and approximately six are women. XXXX An embedded
media representative from Direct TV is also present at MNWR.
An individual known as “JUDGE,” who is sovereign in nature, has two people with him: FNU LNU, and
MARSHALL LNU. CHS believes JUDGE is the major influence behind BUNDY’s continued occupation on
MNWR. JUDGE stayed the night on the refuge for the first time on January 13, 2016.
CHS stated that there is a rumor going around that the Fire Marshal in Burns, Oregon, resigned because
he caught two FBI agents, who were posing as militia members, breaking into the National Guard Armory
CHS advised there is a BBQ dinner on January 14, 2016, in the kitchen area at MNWR.
Her next report was on January 19, 2016. In the file I obtained, there is only one unredacted
report. However, there is also a redacted version of that report. The following is
the un-redacted report, with all of the pertinent information in place.
Source ID: S-00070856
Date: 01/22/2016
Case Agent Name: SMALDINO, CARLY J.
Field Office/ Division: San Diego
Squad: CT1
Date of Contact: 01/19/2016
List all present including yourself (do not include the CHS): SA Carly J. Smaldino
Type of Contact: Telephonic
Date of Report: 01/19/2016
Substantive Case File Number
Substantive Case File Number
Check here if additional reporting is in Echo
Source Reporting:
On January 19, 2016, a Confidential Human Source, (CHS),who is in a position to testify, provided the
following information:
CHS stated that the occupation on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge(MNWR) will continue and there is
still no talk of leaving. CHS reported that the majority of individuals staying on the refuge are veterans or
disabled veterans. CHS has access to “leadership” on a daily basis including AMMON BUNDY, RYAN
COOPER. CHS advised BLAINE COOPER left the refuge with AMMON BUNDY on January 18, 2016, for a
meeting outside of MNWR (NFI).
CHS stated MELISSA COOPER brought her kids to the refuge on January 19, 2016, and the kids have been
staying in the kitchen area. The individuals staying at MNWR do not want the kids to be there and believe
the environment is not suitable for children.
CHS stated FNU O’SHAUGHNESSY has never been on the refuge. O’SHAUGHNESSY has reportedly been in
the town of Burns, Oregon, getting drunk and collecting donations on behalf of the occupation (NFI).
Submitted By cjsmaldino (Carly Smaldino) Fri, 22 Jan 2016 14:16:49 -0800
First Level Approved By ABEDELL (Andrew Bedell) Fri, 22 Jan 2016 15:05:49 -0800
The redacted report is only lightly redacted, though many other reports are heavily
redacted. The above report is provided simply to show what a complete form 1023 looks
like. The redacted version follows:
On January 19, 2016, a Confidential Human Source, (CHS),who is in a position to testify, provided the
following information:
CHS stated that the occupation on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge(MNWR) will continue and there is
still no talk of leaving. CHS reported that the majority of individuals staying on the refuge are veterans or
disabled veterans. CHS has access to “leadership” on a daily basis including AMMON BUNDY, RYAN
COOPER. CHS advised BLAINE COOPER left the refuge with AMMON BUNDY on January 18, 2016, for a
meeting outside of MNWR (NFI).
CHS stated MELISSA COOPER brought her kids to the refuge on January 19, 2016, and the kids have been
staying in the kitchen area. The individuals staying at MNWR do not want the kids to be there and believe
the environment is not suitable for children.
CHS stated FNU O’SHAUGHNESSY has never been on the refuge. O’SHAUGHNESSY has reportedly been in
the town of Burns, Oregon, getting drunk and collecting donations on behalf of the occupation (NFI).
Her next report was on January 21, 2016.
XXXX a meeting was held by leadership for those occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
(MNWR). Approximately 50 individuals were in attendance at the meeting, which occurred in a large
garage, located a building or two down the road from the kitchen. AMMON BUNDY and RYAN PAYNE ran
the meeting and spoke about natural law saying landowners must claim rights, use rights, and defend
rights to own land. Based on the meeting, CHS believes that the occupation is going to last a while longer
and there is no immediate end in sight.
CHS advised no drinking and no drugs are allowed on the refuge. Individuals are not allowed to leave
weapons unattended. Everyone has personally owned weapons for self-defense purposes and each
person is responsible for his or her own weapon. Individuals doing watches are the only ones who carry
rifles. CHS stated that individuals at MNWR use first names only.
CHS advised that there is a general unhappiness with sovereigns in the group on the refuge. One “local,”
individual with known sovereign views has been occupying the refuge and was in attendance at the
meeting held on January 20 2016. FNU LNU, known only as the local, is leaving on January 21, 2016. The
referenced individual was recently in local Sheriff’s custody and accused the Sheriff’s Department and/or
Sheriff of beating him while in custody (NFI).
CHS reported FNU (possibly CHRIS) ANN HALL is a constitutional lawyer who has been holding speaking
engagements regarding the occupation in Burns, Oregon. HALL is not considered part of the group
occupying the refuge.
Her final report, which was the only face-to-face meeting, was on January 26, 2016.
CHS stated it is very peaceful inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) but not in the town of
Burns, Oregon. CHS did not like traveling into town because CHS felt as though s/he was being watched
and/or followed. CHS stated a “mole” accessed the refuge as a protester, and PETE SANTILLI reported the
“mole” was seen in FBI space (NFI). By way of background, SANTILLI is a news broadcaster with a radio
show from Ohio, who also participated in the Bundy Ranch Standoff.
CHS advised approximately six women are staying at the refuge. XXXX married couple DEB LNU and
COREY LNU remain at the refuge. XXXX
The individuals occupying MNWR eat three meals a day in the Chow Hall. CHS stated that there was a
“sign-in” sheet for all individuals who passed through the Chow Hall at MNWR. CHS reported the sign-in
sheet was “missing”. XXXX CHS stated the MNWR Headquarters Building is used as AMMON BUNDY’s
office. CHS reported the Chow Hall and Bunk House are co-located on the refuge. CHS advised of a Fire
Building on the refuge, which houses Fire Trucks.
CHS reported documentation was found showing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) planned for a 20
percent increase in land ownership on MNWR in 2016.CHS reported the Sheriff of Burns, Oregon, is
involved in corruption and may have made a deal with BLM (NFI).
CHS stated that AMMON BUNDY announced via BUNDY’s http://www.facebook.com public page, he would hold
meetings in two surrounding counties on January 26, 2016, to garner support for his beliefs. BUNDY
believes he has a “duty” to do right by the people of Burns, Oregon. The ranchers asked BUNDY to help
protect their land.
CHS reported three sovereign citizens were occupying MNWR: WAYNE LNU, a tall black male (FNU LNU),
and a Spanish male (FNU LNU), who claims to be a lawyer from Spain (NFI). CHS stated the Spanish male
accompanied MELISSA COOPER when she retrieved her children from her brother, who was granted
custody of the children from Child Protective Services (CPS). XXXX
BLAINE and MELISSA COOPER are from Arizona. CHS positively identified referenced black male and
referenced Spanish male in the photograph uploaded herein. The photograph was taken inside the Chow
Hall at MNWR.
XXXX CHS reported occupants did not have night vision goggles on the refuge.CHS stated someone was
bringing them in order for individuals on patrol to use as appropriate. CHS stated a patrol shift is
scheduled for four hours, but individuals assigned to patrol duty often take a double shift if needed.
CHS stated that everyone on the refuge is prepared for armed conflict with law enforcement; however, as
a rule, the occupants will NOT fire first.
Note that the “sign in sheet” may be the one that Allen Varner (Wolf) reported having turned
over to the FBI. There is no indication that Terri handed anything over to the FBI, as all of
her communications appear to be telephonic.
Regarding the question posed to her during her testimony at the trial, the government
purported to read from a document suggesting that she had said that Ammon wanted to
take over other federal facilities. What we see is that she reported that Ammon “would
hold meetings in two surrounding counties on January 26, 2016.” Apparently, they
knowingly tried to trick Terri into a false testimony. However, Terri refused to support
their effort, which is now on the record.
Nothing has been left out. I have included everything so that those who had questions
about what was included in the first article can now make their judgment as to just how
much help her informing at the Refuge was to the government, and how much damage it
might do to the occupiers.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 43 – Terri Linnell (Mama Bear) #2
Burns Chronicles No 44
Mark McConnell
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 25, 2016
I first interviewed Mark McConnell back in August 2015 That interview was in regard to Parris
Frazier and his effort to steal cartel drugs and sell them (Arizona Misfits – A Bad Operation Gone
Worse). McConnell seemed to have an extraordinary knowledge of some of the facts surrounding
that incident, which was quite useful in researching for that story. It never occurred to me, at the
time, that this knowledge would have been extremely beneficial to law enforcement, leading up to
the bust.
The Criminal Complaint that lead to the arrest of Frazier and his cohorts began with the
government putting an undercover employee (UCE) in a position provide access to Frazier to make
the government’s plans to set Frazier up for the bust. This scenario omits what led up to the
bringing in the UCE, so there was a substantial part of the story that was missing. It is quite
possible that they chose not to mention a confidential human source (CHS) that provided the
background that led to the setup of Frazier. Or, possibly, any such report was filed on form 302, an
“Investigation Report”.
Let’s move forward to the events that occurred in Burns, Oregon, this past January. During the
trial, the government, for whatever reason, outed McConnell as a CHS. In every other instance of a
CHS being involved in spying on the occupiers, this would include nine who were at the Refuge and
six who were not, the government has taken pains to conceal their identity.
This would lead one to conclude that they just wanted to wipe their hands clean of any association
with Mark McConnell — to make him an outcast in both the government and patriot sides. What
other reason could exist for intentionally expose just this single informant? Could it be his arrogance
and air of superiority in dealing with his handler?
Many had determined that McConnell was an informant, early on. However, in an effort to find
verification, I have interviewed McConnell 3 more times since LaVoy Finicum was murdered on
January 26. The first was on January 30, as he was driving back to Arizona after having his vehicle
returned to him. My purpose was simply to find out what happened from the first stop to his release,
that evening.
That interview was much different from the video that was posted on YouTube where he talked
about LaVoy rushing the Oregon State Police (OSP) officers. He had learned his lesson and wouldn’t
claim that he saw Ryan get out of the LaVoy’s truck, only what Ryan told him, when they were
placed on the ground together. And, he made clear that all he would say was what he saw, or heard.
This interview was straightforward. The details he gave were consistent with what has
subsequently been confirmed by others.
My next interview, on May 16, was an effort to find something that would support the accusations
that he was an informant. Now, obviously, getting such a “confession” is nearly impossible.
However, often clues come out that would support such a conclusion. McConnell said that there was
a meeting on the Saturday, before the shooting, Brandon Curtiss, McConnell, Booda (Brian Cavalier)
and Ammon had a meeting and Curtiss and McConnell explained that was over three hundred FBI
agents in the area. Then, the night before the shooting, he had tried to talk the people out of going
to the meeting at John Day. However, he was willing to drive to John Day and make sure that
Ammon was in his Jeep.
On October 10, after McConnell was outed as an informant, I spoke with him, again. The only
interesting point in this interview was the McConnell said that the occupation was a “criminal
enterprise”. A rather interesting statement from one who participated to the extent that he did.
This would raise a question of motivation as to why he participated in such an enterprise, at least as
an accessory, unless he had a reason, and immunity, to do so. Here is what he told me (from my
notes of the conversation):
He spent three nights at the Refuge, the second trip. He could not find a motel room. He did
not agree with the occupation. He called it lies and bullshit. He also claimed that Payne and
Joker J (Jason Blomgren) had given me [Hunt] money to secure supplies, listing pipes and
pipe caps, stating, “That’s not what the statements I have found said.”
Heck, I was not there until January 24, late in the afternoon. I am somewhat surprised that he tried
to implicate me in something that, as best I know, never occurred — with anybody having been asked
you procure such “supplies”.
He met Melvin Lee about a year ago on an Arizona Border Recon operation. McConnell was
going up to the Refuge to get Kristen and her baby out of the Refuge. Taking over a Bird
Refuge is the dumbest thing he had ever seen.
Clearly his arrogance and his attitude toward the occupation of the Refuge, is clear. So, why did he
go there, and then return towards the end of the initial occupation? It appears that there is a motive
— to do what he can to stoop to the “dumbest thing he had ever seen”.
In response to my query as to whether he was an informant:
He stated that he was waiting for the OSP and FBI to tell him what his involvement was. He
has seen no statements, no affidavits and has yet to see where he was paid.
When asked, directly, if he received any payment or expenses for going to the Refuge, he said
“No” and claimed that everything that he spent was on his Cabellas credit card.
Well, that Cabellas credit card would be the receipts that were necessary for reimbursement of his
I asked him if he would sign an affidavit stating that he received no money and had no
communication with the FBI or any government agency. He stated that he was taking legal
action and could not provide an affidavit.
I couldn’t even get him to swear, in an affidavit, that he was not an informant. So, we had no
positive proof that he was an informant, except the testimony by an OSP officer that did not even
know what agency McConnell was working for. In addition, he would provide no positive proof
(affidavit) that he was not an informant. However, it would seem that if he were contemplating a
lawsuit, the affidavit would be a part of the complaint.
When I obtained access to the “CHS Reporting Documents” (form 1023), it was simply a matter of
matching dates, statement, etc., to determine which of those reports were from McConnell. This
required communication with those who were at the Refuge, though not still in custody, to verify
certain things that became key to unlocking the necessary proof of McConnell’s role as an informant.
Let’s look at what was reported by McConnell, even well before the occupation on January 2, 2016.
In the reports, “(omitted)” indicates that I have removed personal information. “XXXX” indicates
redacted portions.
His first report was on December 18, 2015, when Ryan Payne apprised him that there was a still
hope of preventing the imprisonment of Dwight and Steven Hammond.
Ryan Payne is trying to get ten “skilled or military trained” militia members to join him at the Hammond ranch in
Oregon. Three of these individuals are reportedly coming from Arizona. Based upon a conversations with Payne and
others, the CHS believes these three individuals are Blaine Cooper, Jon Ritzheimer, and Mike Bailey. It was unclear
what Payne wanted to accomplish once he had these individuals with him in Oregon.
Shortly after the occupation of the Refuge, on January 4, 2016, he gave his first report of the goings
on outside of the Refuge. The report deals with the situation up in Burns, probably staying at the
Silver Spur Motel.
Some of the command personal at the refuge (Joseph O’Shaughnessy and Pete Santilli) are staying at the Silver Spur
Motel in Burns, OR at night and staying at the compound during the day. O’Shaughnessy is currently using telephone
number (928) (omitted).
All of the motels in Burns, OR are currently booked
We know that he arrived at the gate the next afternoon, as a text message was received from the
front gate at the Refuge, which reads, “Tue, Jan 5, 6:23 PM – This is (omitted) from AZ. Mark McConnell is at
the gate he needs someone to let him in, tell Ryan”. He was relying on Ryan Payne to grant him access.
This is his first report from inside of the Refuge:
Due to Michael Meyers (aka Lewis Arthur from Veterans on Patrol) stating that he is going to physically remove
Ritzheimer from the refuge (to save him from himself and possible PTSD induced violence), security at the refuge has
been tightened and they are no longer allowing people to come and go freely. Individuals wanting to enter are met at
the vehicle barrier and vetted before they can come in. Supplies being dropped off at the refuge have to be dropped
off at the barrier and then transported inside by the militia members.
Everyone is very amped up right now putting on their plate carriers and grabbing rifles. They say they just got credible
Intel that a law enforcement raid was coming. Another reason they are on high alert is because Ryan Payne and Joe
O’Shaughnessy did a recon and followed law enforcement from the airport to the school.
There is a large grader blocking the road and they moved a front end loader up to support the grader. There is a fire
tower directly behind they entrance that is manned by two individuals.
The Oath Keepers put out a message saying that a National Guard Special Forces unit had been tasked for the
standoff. They also said they should expect Delta and FBI HRT to be involved also. This further escalated the tension
at the refuge.
There is only one woman left on the compound (a girlfriend of one of the guys) and all of the kids are gone or staying
in town.
LaVoy Finicum is setting up a makeshift tent to stay in near the entrance.
Some of the militia members have .308s but the majority have .223 ARs.
Payne’s plan in the event of an LE assault is to bog down the assault at the entrance and then flank LE from the rear.
He is very cold and calloused when discussing possible militia casualties. He said he knows the two guys in the tower
will be shot right off the bat so he isn’t getting after them about noise and light discipline. The CHS believes Payne
wants to goad LE into action, get his followers to fight and die in the fighting, and then have the leadership go out
toward the end as martyrs.
The above report was made the same evening of McConnell’s arrival. Rather quick work on his part.
The deceptive role of OathKeepers is explained in OathKeepers vs. Militia – Part III. This explains
the heightened alert status on that day. Thus, McConnell, who had been invited up to the Refuge by
Payne still had to get approval to enter. According to McConnell, he never did enter the Refuge that
evening, that Ryan Payne came out to the gate and then went to McConnell’s Jeep where they
carried out their conversation.
The following day, January 6, 2016, after McConnell had a little time to see, or hear, what was going
on at the Refuge, he provided the following report:
Ammon Bundy’s HQ is set up in the building labeled Recreation/Maintainable in an upstairs office that appears to be
the facility supervisor’s office. Several individuals are using this office to store their long guns, vests, and ammunition
when not being utilized. Everyone else sleeps in the bunk houses east of there.
Shawna Cox (from UT, author of a book about Cliven Bundy) is at the refuge.
The following vehicles are on site being used by militia members:
– Washington tag (omitted) (Registered to (omitted) Kelso, WA)
– Texas tag (omitted) (Registered to (omitted) N Richland Hills, TX)
– California tag (omitted) (Registered to (omitted) Yuba City, CA)
The militia is removing gasoline and diesel fuel from the storage tanks on site in order to refuel their personal
The local ranchers that are part of the Committee of Safety (about 6 of them) told Ammon Bundy that it was time for
the militia to leave and they would carry on the fight for the land on their own.
On January 6, 2016, most of the individuals on the refuge were walking around unarmed (or concealed). Ryan Payne
is open carrying an FN .40 Cal pistol (CHS believes it is an FNX) and Ritzheimer has a Sig Sauer .380 pocket pistol
(unknown model, single stack magazine).
Michael Meyers (aka Lewis Arthur) has arrived at the refuge with two other members of his group Veterans On Patrol.
He has set up a GP medium tent across from the refuge entrance. One of the members is a large heavy set individual
wearing a leather jacket with patches of a Christian motorcycle club.
Members of an Oregon militia group stopped by the refuge but did not stay.
The CHS said most of the individuals on site were “not fighters.”
Brian Cavalier (Buddha) left the refuge last night when everyone was talking about an LE raid because he felt
defenseless with only a handgun. He has not returned since and neither Payne nor Ammon seem to know where he
One of the individuals on the refuge is named Dillon (LNU).
By the way this report is presented, it was probably a telephonic report. The next report, on January
7, 2016, provides additional intelligence on the goings on at the Refuge. This report appears to have
been an email report, since photos were attached.
There are no roving patrols at this time that the CHS is aware of. There is heavy equipment blocking the east and west
entrances to the facility. These are watched by guards stationed inside vehicles to stay warm. Sometimes there is a
second vehicle there during shift change or to bring food/supplies. The main entrance has two vehicles for security.
Blaine Cooper and Jon Ritzheimer are usually in one of these vehicles.
The CHS heard that it was Blaine Cooper, not Ryan Payne that got into the fight with Meyers last night.
One of the individuals on site is named Dillon (LNU).
CHS says that O’Shaughnessy is still at the Silver Spur motel. The CHS does not believe O’Shaughnessy ever came onto
the refuge, he just comes up to the front gates.
As of 12:00 pm, Ritzheimer and one other person are pulling security at the front entrance.
The night scope is currently mounted to an AR-15 that is in Ammon’s room with about 5-6 other long guns. One other
guy said he had night vision with him, but it shut off and he can’t get it working again.
There is no one guarding the west entrance anymore, they just have heavy equipment blocking it. The two guards at
the east entrance each have an AR-15 and handgun.
The leader of an Oregon militia group that is on site is driving a blue Dodge pickup bearing Oregon tag: (omitted).
Another vehicle on site is bearing Idaho tag: (omitted).
XXXX The CHS said that rumors about an impending raid are constant and people are starting to get burned out by it.
Eric Parker and 8 members of his militia group showed up at the refuge tonight. They said they brought a .416 Barrett,
but the CHS didn’t see it.
One of the militia members onsite (picture attached) owns or works at the Ehmer Welding Company in Irrigon, OR.
His phone numbers are 541-(omitted) and 541-(omitted).
Also attached is a picture of Joe (LNU) that was driving the vehicle with California tag (omitted) (Registered to Joseph
Attached are pictures of the tower, the kitchen area and the supply stash.
Attached is a picture of a radio being used with the frequencies. The radio is a Baofeng UV-5RV2+. They are
transmitting on 154.475 and receiving on 426.145.
Interesting that he notes that Joe O’Shaughnessy did not stay at the Refuge. The FBI, in their first
press conference on January 27 stated that only those who spent the night at the Refuge would be
charged. Joe was charged in the Indictment, so I wonder why McConnell makes this comment.
The next day, on January 8, 2016, we have the following, which also appears to be an email report
(not third party presentation):
Several people left the refuge last night and are not expected to return. Because of this, they are letting in only hard
core supporters. The meeting at 9:00 am turned out to be a general planning meeting for activities at the refuge like
guard shifts and scheduling. There were about 12-14 people at that meeting with four more on security. It is possible
that there were a few sleeping as well.
The press release at 11:00 am is now going to be where the plans and demands are laid out.
Ritzheimer is not participating much in any leadership decisions. Ammon Bundy is handling the overall strategy and
dealing with the press. Payne and Patrick are the one trying to keep the militia together and keeping people from
Eric Parker and his guys showed up at the refuge on January 8, 2016.
Below are three more plates observed on the refuge on 1/8/16:
-WA tag (omitted) (Registered to (omitted) Tukwila, WA 98188). Believed to belong to an individual named Will (LNU)
that is currently guarding the front entrance with Ritzheimer.
-ID tag (omitted) (Registered to (omitted) Nampa, ID 83651)
-Utah tag (omitted) (Registered to (omitted) Eagle Mountain, UT 84005)
The next report, on January 16, 2016, leaves over a week out of McConnell’s reporting. He was
absent from the Refuge during this period.
Both men [Ammon and Ryan Payne] believe that the majority of the townspeople are on their side, but Ammon
continues to make an active effort to court the public. He is extremely charismatic and his actions like going to the
barber and out to lunch before heading to back to Idaho are calculated like a politician. The sense that the community
is behind the occupation is exasperated by the fact that, despite several contacts, none of the occupiers have been
cited by police in town. Even more recently there have been talk from local residents to defy the local government
and cut the chains of closed public spaces. There are also several local residents that have joined the occupation.
In terms of who is allowed onto the refuge, Ammon and Payne are extremely inclusive. They are able to take people
from a variety of ideologies and move them toward their own. They assign duties to prevent the more volatile
occupants of the refuge from getting in trouble. These lower ranking occupants sleep in the “bunkhouse.”
Payne and Ammon are dying for communication from the Federal Government. Payne does not view the FBI as either
good or bad. They are merely the necessary other side of the dialogue that is needed to move us down the path to
our future.
The planning for the occupation started in November. Between November and January.
When Mendenbach took one of the government vehicles to Safeway, Melissa Cooper was driving the other vehicle.
Everyone in the refuge thought it was stupid of Mendenbach to take the vehicle and some people found it funny that
he would get himself arrested in that fashion.
Inside of the refuge, Payne sleeps in the most vulnerable place by design. The tower is always manned by at least two
people, but this includes a couple that use it as a location to have sex. Scotty LNU had a vision device and Ryan Bundy
brought a second on his most recent trip back.
There was a very short report, filed on January 19, 2016, and appears to be a telephonic report:
Jon Ritzheimer is asking for individuals to bring snow camouflage when they come to the Malheur National Wildlife
Refuge. Ryan Payne is requesting Israeli gas masks.
What is damning about this report is a texting conversation that McConnell and Ritzheimer had the
day before the report was filed. This is from that conversation:
Mon, Jan 18, 10:52 AM
MM – Jon do you need any gear or supplies
JR – Snow camo would be cool. Not a need just a want. I have driven all over Oregon looking for some. lol
JR – I might just order on line.
JR – Here is my address.
General Mail
Jon Ritzheimer
Burns, OR 97720
MM – I will look down here, probably cabellas has it.
Wed, Jan 20, 2:30 PM
MM – I’m heading north in the morning
JR – See you when you get here.
McConnell says that he is leaving for Burns on January 21. He returns on January 22, 2016, at the
request of Ryan Payne (confirmed with Payne). This is an email report.
Cavalier is staying in building #1 (pic attached) with his girlfriend Melissa Laughter.
The computers that used to be in the office Ammon is using as his quarters have been moved (pic attached).
Attached is a picture of an AK-47 rifle being kept in the kitchen near Ammon’s office area.
Attached are two pictures showing the railroad ties and concrete barriers near the main entrance. The militia
members are calling these “fighting positions.”
Tomorrow morning at 0600, Ammon, Cavalier, and three others are going to the Hammond ranch for a meeting.
There are approximately 30 individuals on the refuge today.
Joseph O’Shaughnessy is still staying at the Silver Spur, but spends time at the refuge. Many people have taken the
license plates off of their POV’s. The following license plates were still on vehicles on the refuge:
OR- (omitted); ID- (omitted); UT – (omitted); CO – (omitted); CA – (omitted); AZ- (omitted); NC- (omitted); OR –
McConnell updates the tactical information and provides a continuing list of who is present at the
The next report is January 23, 2016:
The militias mixed some of the potassium permanganate with glycerin. Apparently someone thought that is how they
could make an explosive. They believe there is dynamite on the facility due to an article they found about using
dynamite to kill carp in the lake. They think they have found out where it is stored, but have been able to access it yet.
Ammon is going to go to Idaho to see his family either today or tomorrow. Due to a conversation he had with FBI
negotiators, Ammon believes the facility will come under siege on Monday. Because of this, he wants to see his family
and get some of the money that has been donated before the siege starts. Supposedly, donations to the occupiers is
all going to Ammon’s wife in Idaho.
A family consisting of a woman with 8 kids showed up at the refuge last night. They are from Kansas and we’re at the
Bundy ranch in April 20, 2014 (believed to be Sharp family).
Attached is a photo that shows where the explosives/fire making materials are being stored (circled in red). Also
circled (in green) is the building where Sheriff Ward’s cousins came and talked to the militia members saying that
Sheriff Ward is corrupt.
Attached is a picture of a document that contains personal information of the members of the Harney County
Committee of Safety. Also attached is a page showing Ammon’s schedule.
The following is another license plate that was observed on the refuge: ID – (omitted)
Ammon Bundy, Brian Cavalier, and Arizona militia member Mark McConnell, are leaving the refuge tomorrow
morning at 0600 to go to Ammon’s house in Idaho. This was prompted by a meeting Ammon had earlier in the day
with Brandon Curtis, Todd Engel, and others, in which Ammon was told that there was a large, sudden build up of FBI
in Burns. Because of this, and Ammon’s appointment to talk to FBI negotiators on Monday, Ammon and many others
on the refuge believe that a siege will begin on Monday.
Attached is a picture of the main hallway in the chow hall leading to where many individuals are staying.
No evidence was ever provided at trial that suggests that explosive were made. The veracity of this
portion of the report is questionable — perhaps rumor.
Note that first he mentions Ammon’s trip. Later, he reports that “Arizona militia member Mark
McConnell” is also going. Is this an attempt to cover his role? Perhaps the next report will help us
understand that this was really McConnell writing about himself in the second person, rather than
using “CHS”, just in case…
The final report from inside the Refuge comes on January 24, 2016, just a few days away from the
ambush on US Highway 395.
Ammon Bundy is in Boise, ID visiting his family today. Tomorrow he plans on returning to the refuge and is bringing
his family with him. The GPS coordinates to Ammon’s house outside of Boise are 43.82721, -116.52850. Ammon
admires Ryan Payne’s knowledge of the Constitution and his drive and determination. However, Ammon does not
trust Payne much. This is because both of them feel that God is driving them to push for reform; however, their
differing religious beliefs prevent them from coming together completely.
Interesting that he reports the latitude and longitude of Ammon’s house. He did not report them
before Ammon left, but he reported them before Ammon returned, which means he probably
acquired them while at Ammon’s house.
Probably anxiety prevented subsequent reports, perhaps knowing that the ambush that was to occur
on the 26th, on the way to a meeting in Grant, Oregon, was forthcoming. Perhaps he went back to
phone communications, though if he did, they are not included in the reports.
In an interview with Mark shortly after the murder of LaVoy Finicum, he provided his version of
what happened that afternoon. Much of what he told me was contained in “Ambush”. However,
In what appears to be McConnell’s final report, on April 21, 2016, he has been posed some questions
regarding identification of individuals involved in the
1) Identify all individuals who were observed operating heavy machinery at the MNWR and when.
Duane Ehmer and one other elderly guy, name unknown.
2) Identify the individuals who built the bunkhouse road.
Duane Ehmer
3) Identify any individuals who assisted, supervised, or instructed individuals to build the road.
Ryan Bundy instructed how to do the road in order to make travel shorter to the chow hall.
4) What discussions were there about the Paiute Tribe? Who was present?
LaVoy Finicum, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Anthony Bosworth, and Melissa Laughter all talked about the
tribe, but the CHS did not hear much during the conversations.
5) What discussions were there about the artifacts stored at the MNWR? Who was present?
LaVoy Finicum mentioned the artifacts and suggested contacting the tribe that the artifacts belonged to.
6) Did any militia members express personal interests related to artifact collecting?
No one seemed very interested in them.
7) Did individuals present at the MNWR read The Burns Times Herald as well as the MNWR pamphlets pertaining to
fishing, hunting, protecting artifacts, wildlife viewing, etc?
8) Who dug the trench which was used to dump trash?
9) Who dug the two trenches on Jan 27th and why?
CHS was told that Jeff Banta did the digging because Anthony Bosworth told everyone they needed fighting
10) Who instructed, assisted, supervised the digging of the two trenches on Jan 27th?
Same as #9 above.
So, we see that McConnell was still working for the feds by helping to identify people that he might
recognize from pictures. They were trying to identify any who has “disturbed native artifacts”.
After having prepared a draft of this article, I contacted McConnell to see if he could refute anything.
He continued to claim he was not an informant, though he did clarify what transpired at the gate on
January 5. During a review of the comments made in the 1023 forms, he often said, “I never knew
that”, though on two occasions he said, “I didn’t say that.”
Now, at the time of this article, McConnell has invested himself into the Arizona Border Recon
(ABR), run by Tim “Nailer” Foley, a former member of the Operation Mutual Defense Advisory
Board. Foley resigned from the Advisory Board shortly before the occupation began.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 44 – Mark McConnell
Burns Chronicles No 45
Mark McConnell #2
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 30, 2016
I have obtained some additional information on Mark McConnell that will be of interest to all. After
my last article, “Mark McConnell”, it seems that McConnell kept saying that the information was
readily available. He never really addressed whether he was an informant, or not. He simply
sidestepped the issue of the role he played.
So, let’s separate the issues between what he said and whether he was an informant. To do so, we
simply look to the Court record and see what transpired, on two separate occasions, during the trial
of the United States of America v. Ammon Bundy, et al. The verdict was not guilty on all but one
From the rough draft transcripts of the trial, September 21, 2016. Mr. Gabriel is one of the
prosecuting attorneys. Beckert is an Oregon State Police officer. Mr. Mumford was Ammon Bundy’s
attorney. Yu will not that the government prosecuting attorney intentionally outed McConnell as a
government informant. I will leave the reader to speculate as to why they would do this.
MR. GABRIEL: Your Honor, Jeremiah Beckert from the Oregon State Police. He will testify to the stop of the Jeep that
Ammon Bundy and Mark McConnell and Brian Cavalier were traveling in.
* * *
Mr. Gabriel: So I want to direct your attention to the evening of January 26th of this year, 2016.
A. Okay.
Q. Were you a part of a traffic stop on a brown Jeep?
A. Yes, I was.
Q. Let’s pull up Exhibit 2, page 2, please. Do you recognize this map?
A. Yes, I do.
Q. And what are we looking at here?
A. We’re looking at basically Harney County. Highway 395, north of Burns.
Q. And could you please indicate for the jury — it’s a touch screen.
A. Okay.
Q. Where the stop of the brown Jeep was.
A. It’s labeled. (Indicating) right about there.
Q. Okay. Is that accurately labeled?
A. Yes.
Q. So how did — how did the traffic stop work?
A. We were staged at a snow park, off the highway. And then as we — as the white pickup truck, and the Jeep came
northbound, we moved towards highway 395. Saw both vehicles go past. My vehicle was assigned to stop the Jeep.
Q. Was it a marked or unmarked vehicle?
A. It was an unmarked pickup and it had lights and sirens.
Q. Police lights, blue and red?
A. Blue and red light lease with the wig wag.
Q. As well as a siren?
A. As well as a siren, yeah.
Q. Did you comply the siren at all?
A. We hit it a few times, yeah.
Q. So did the Jeep stop?
A. It did. Yes.
Q. Who was in the Jeep?
A. The driver, last name, Mr. McConnell, Ammon Bundy, and Brian Cavalier, was in the back seat.
Q. Could you tell the jury in what order these three gentlemen got out of the Jeep?
A. So the driver got out first, Mr. McConnell. Then Mr. Bundy got out second from the far right, and then the rear
passenger, Mr. Cavalier.
Q. So talking about the driver, first, was the driver armed?
A. Yes, he was.
Q. What was he armed with?
A. He had a pistol, semiautomatic pistol.
Q. And did you have information about whether the driver was cooperating with the Government?
A. Yes, we did.
Q. Okay. Is that how you got the information about where the vehicles would be?
A. Yes. That, yes.
Q. Where do you — do you know where you got the information?
A. I do, yes.
Q. Okay. So — is that where you got the information?
A. We got the information from — from the source, and then also from aerial Surveillance.
* * *
MR. MUMFORD: You said — you said that the driver, Mr. McConnell, was cooperating with the Government at the
THE WITNESS: Yes, that’s what we were told.
Q. What did the Government give him in exchange for his cooperation?
A. I don’t have any knowledge that have. All I was told, is that we have an informant that’s cooperating.
Q. Is — it’s true, is it not, that there was — there was no violation of state law, at the time, isn’t that right?
THE COURT: Excuse me. You mean for the purpose of a stop?
MR. MUMFORD: Yes, thank you, your Honor. Thank you.
THE COURT: To justify the stop?
THE WITNESS: I was not told about any state charges, it was federal charges that we were told about.
* * *
Q. You testified that mark McConnell was a Government informant. What agency was he informing to?
MR. GABRIEL: Objection, your Honor.
MR. GABRIEL: The relevance of that.
THE COURT: You brought it up. The objection is overruled. Answer the question.
THE WITNESS: I don’t know exactly what agency it was. They never told us he was working for any one of these threeletter
agencies we just knew he was a Government informant. That was good enough for me.
Q. So how long had he been working with?
THE WITNESS: I don’t know.
Q. Was he being paid?
MR. GABRIEL: Objection, your Honor.
THE COURT: Do you know the answer, yes or no?
THE WITNESS: I don’t know —
THE COURT: Answer the question, then, you don’t know, is that —
THE WITNESS: I don’t know.
Next, we can go to October 17, 2016. This is when the Defense wanted all of the informant
information out. The Prosecutors argued against any such release. The final settlement was that
the Defense could say that there were nine informants on the Refuge, but they could not mention the
six that never were on the Refuge. The jury was out at this time. It was a sidebar discussion. The
numbers mentioned are the CHS (Confidential Human Source) numbers assigned to each of the
fifteen informants — a means of identification without divulging the informant’s name.
THE COURT: Have you done — have you or any defendant done an analysis of that which was disclosed in the redacted
reports to determine and be able to represent to the Court from your analysis who besides Mr. Killman, Ms. Linnell,
and Mr. McConnell were actually engaged with any of the alleged defendant conspirators. Have you done that? And,
if so, how many?
MR. MUMFORD: Your Honor, I will say that we have attempted to, yes. But, Your Honor, one of the issues we don’t
know is we — we don’t even know the number of Mr. McConnell, as the CHS number. What number is he?
* * *
MR. GABRIEL: That’s correct, Your Honor, but we did provide the number that went with Mr. McConnell.
THE COURT: I know that. The point is the content of the proffer, even in its redacted form should make clear which
CHS number Mr. McConnell is. Shouldn’t it?
Now, can there be any doubt that the FBI, the Court, and the Defense, believe that McConnell is an
informant? However, we might as well go one step further.
There is only one informant that went to a meeting with the principals at the Refuge wired for
sound. Here is from another report filed with Mark McConnell as CHS #11. This is a report from
January 12, 2016. “xxxx” indicates a redaction.
Original consensually monitored body recording on 01/07/2016 between xxxx Ryan Payne and unknown others in
Burns, OR.
This report indicates that the recording was then filed, though the specifics are also redacted.
So, regardless of what might be said about the information provided, it is inconceivable that Mark
McConnell was not an informant for the FBI during most of the period between the initial occupation
on January 2, 2016 until the murder of LaVoy Finicum and the arrest of all of the other people in
both vehicles, except Victoria Sharp and Mark McConnell.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 45 – Mark McConnell #2
Burns Chronicles No 47
Robert “Rob” Seever
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 19, 2016
Rob Seever joined a start up militia in Fallon, Nevada, started by Corey Lequieu in
January 2015. He had been a reserve deputy in Yamhill County and a clerk of a District
Attorney in Washington, before moving to Nevada. He met Lequieu through Modern
Militia Movement (MMM). Lequieu and Seever became close friends over the following
Lequieu had been active with Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), an organization created by
Jerry Bruckhart and Ryan Payne. Many of those who participated in discussions appended
“OMA” to their Facebook names and otherwise express their commitment to what OMA
stood for.
Among those OMA supporters were Robert Beecher (the Demonization of Robert Beecher)
and Kevin “KC” Massey (Update #1 on K. C. Massey). The government targeted both of
them, and both are currently serving prison terms. It seems that the OMA membership list
may have become a hit list for the FBI.
When I first spoke with Lequieu, he said that if Seever were an informant, he would have
turned “after he came home from Burns, in December 2015”. However, after I provided
Lequieu some of the information from the 1023 forms (CHS Reporting Documents), he
realized that Seever had started informing much earlier. Seever’s first report was filed on
November 22, 2015. He begins his first report with the text of a message that he sent to
Ammon Bundy:
“Thanks for the update. I have been following what is going on with the Hammond’s and it is truly awful. I
am a native Oregonian and a former reserve deputy (Yamhill County, OR); I am also a member of the
OathKeepers. I will be contacting Sheriff Ward tomorrow and if necessary I am more than willing to travel
to Burns. Enough is enough. Just give me the word and I’ll be there.
I appreciate your helping the Hammond’s and this is something I definitely want to be a part of if any help
is needed. You are welcome to contact me at anytime.
God bless you,”
He follows that with:
I provided my name, address, and phone number.
xxxx I responded in this manner to Ammon Bundy due to our conversation about my being sent in to a
situation, where Brian Rapolla would likely be present.
Brian Rapolla may possibly be Brandon Rapolla, OathKeepers. No explanation as to why
he might be concerned about Rapolla’s presence.
His next report was filed on December 14, 2015. It indicates that he “has reported reliably
in the past”, which would probably include more informing prior to the November 22 report.
CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that Cory Lequieu told CHS that he would be taking his
AR-15 with him when he goes to Oregon in support of the Hammonds.
Corey Lequieu is a convicted felon and Seever was fully aware of that fact.
This information was emailed to FBI on December 14, 2015.
Lequieu says there is a growing rift between Payne and his group, Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) and
the Pacific Patriots Network (PPN) which Soper is a part of. Both organizations want to get involved in
protecting the Hammonds, but the OMD is far more radical and willing to use force. The PPN is not as
quick to use force and while they want to support the Hammonds, the PPN are not wanting “direct
action” so there is a conflict. Soper is also unhappy with Payne because he did not inform Lequieu & Bass
about how extreme and potentially deadly the weather conditions routinely are in that part of Oregon
this time of year.
Payne is extremely angry over the way court went for Schuyler Barbeau (in Seattle?), that he was kept in
custody on no bail. Payne was also angry over the heavy handed LE show of force, describing DHS SWAT
teams and snipers on the rooftops, intended to intimidate the peaceful patriots, about 25 of them, that
showed up to support Barbeau in court.
Payne was negotiating with the over the road truck driver (presently gone to Colorado and not coming
back home until January) owner and his wife (she is at home) for the use of their shop to house militia
members. I now have some additional information. xxxx the wife is a waitress at the truck stop in Burns.
The shop can hold about 40 people and it has a big wood stove. In addition, the couple has a heated horse
trailer with a bed in it. The trailer is occupied now but if some sort of arrangement can be made to move
the horses elsewhere, Payne may have the use of the trailer for personnel as well as the shop or in place
of the shop. Lequieu may be staying there if everything works out. The husband and wife sound
sympathetic to the militia/patriot cause and may also be anti-government.
Jason Patrick is from Georgia and has already lost his job due to his extremist & militia activities. xxxx
Patrick was one of the armed people “on the bridge” during the Bundy Ranch standoff; militia members
on the bridge were aiming their weapons at BLM personnel and LE/others from what I understand. So if
your colleagues did not already know about this, Patrick is a likely suspect in that weapon pointing
Email dated December 12, 2015:
xxxx Moradi is an Oregon member of the National Liberty Alliance (NLA), a nationwide sovereign citizen
group. xxxx and Moradi told me that the NLA is involved with it at the request of the Bundy’s, also
remarking that Laura Weaver is involved (Weaver is a hardcore sovereign citizen in Oregon that I know
Moradi’s messages quoted:
“Please be in touch w/ Laura [Weaver]. There’re great news coming up. She has been putting lots of hours
w/the Hammonds recently. NLA has been working w/them and we may need to assemble a CLGJ in that
county. The Bundys have asked NLA to help them.”
“The Bundys are watching. This will put NLA on the map.”
xxxx per Ammon Bundy, the sheriff had a copy of a CLGJ handbook (from the NLA? sounds like it) on his
desk. So Weaver says the sheriff presumably knows the right thing to be doing here, which is following the
CLGJ’s commands, never minding that the CLGJ in reality is not a legal entity at all but a group of
sovereign citizens claiming a nonexistent and bogus authority.
Email dated December 12, 2015:
They xxxx have been able to sleep inside so far, and last night they slept inside a large shop “in town”
(presumably Burns) that is “big enough for a platoon” per Lequieu. The shop belongs to a truck driver that
is gone out on the road now, and his wife who is home. xxxx that Payne is negotiating with the couple for
the ongoing use of their shop, so that they will have a place to sleep inside and out of the elements. If the
negotiation is successful it sounds like the shop will be used to house multiple militia members.
xxxx that the national militia call-out will come “just before Christmas” and Payne says this will be a real
test of the patriotism and commitment of militias due to the extreme weather conditions. Lequieu added
that regardless of anything else such as negotiations from the Bundy’s to try and get the government to
back down on the Hammonds, that the national militia call-out is still coming and is a sure thing.
“Weaver/Walker is also held in very high esteem, is very well respected and influential among Oregon
NLA and other sovereigns. She is a natural leader and an extreme fanatic. Real trouble.”
Email dated December 14, 2015:
No answer on Bass’ cell [phone number omitted]. xxxx Ryan Payne [phone number omitted]. Payne xxxx
he is in Seattle now. So he will likely be present for Barbeau’s hearing. Payne said as far as he knows,
Lequieu and Bass are fine and still in Harney County. Does not sound like they are going to Seattle. ”
Email dated December 16, 2015:
CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that the community meeting was held last evening
(12/15/2015) and a “Safety Council” was established. The safety Council will meet today (12/16/2015) to
determine their role in the Hammond matter. Ryan Payne apparently wants to know when CHS can travel
to Harney County to assist. CHS advised that no new information regarding Schuyler Barbeau except that
supporters are planning on being present for his next court appearance on 12/21/2015. Via email, CHS
provided photos of Payne, Lequieu, Patrick and others in Harney County. CHS also provided two photos of
a flyer posted after the community meeting. These will be uploaded to the substantive files.
He then describes the individuals in a series of photographs taken during the meeting. He
was present in Burns, at this time.
Email dated December 16, 2015:
Payne wants “10 shooters” to respond to Burns NOW. Calls are being made right now all over the country
in order to get the shooters en route. Jason Patrick, who is generally unarmed, is now carrying a .45
caliber semi-auto pistol with an extended magazine.
Email dated December 21, 2015:
CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that Ryan Payne and the others left Burns unarmed
but they are now carrying sidearms. CHS did know exactly where they came from. xxxx John Ritzheimer
wants to sling his AR-15 over his shoulder and show it as a display, outside the Federal Courthouse. Payne
is going to be in plain clothes and away from everyone else. Payne will be armed. Cooper will be in the
courtroom to stare down the Judge. Patrick’s sister (name unknown) will video record. CHS not sure if she
will be inside the courthouse or outside.
CHS advised that 4-5 people from Reno are going to Seattle for the hearing. One of the people from Reno
is Gary Underhill.
Payne and the others are staying in Multkio, WA. (Not sure of the spelling). It is north of Seattle. Staying at
Patrick’s mom’s place, [address omitted]. They are leaving tomorrow morning (12/22/2015) heading back
to Burns, Oregon. No plans regarding breaking Barbeau out or about the transport. CHS advised that
Payne is “absolutely” set on getting Barbeau out and mentioned that they just need to wait for more
shooters. No further information.
CHS also reported that the Safety Council in Burns is to meet tonight and vote on the militia helping. If it is
a ’No’ vote, the militia will be leaving. If a ’Yes” vote they will be staying. CHS could not provide more
detail as he/she had to get off the phone.
Sunday, December 20, 2015, as detailed below: [probably phone call report.]
Saturday [December 19]: Ryan Payne, Cory Lequieu, Deborah Bass, and Jason Patrick are leaving Harney
County to attend Schuler Barbeau’s court appearance on Monday. They are leaving Sunday night or
Monday morning. CHS is not sure if they are taking weapons. Plans to break Barbeau out of jail seem to
have fizzled out. Payne’s request for ten shooters seems to be changing to a more broad national call out.
CHS said the holidays are making it difficult to get people to commit.
Payne and company are going to head to Seattle on Monday. They are going to be joined by John LNU and
Joe Oshunnesey. They are going to be traveling unarmed. Payne and Patrick were interviewed by an
Oregonian reporter. Patty is leaving on Wednesday for a week but her house will still be available. Bass is
not going to Seattle.
Payne and company are going to be leaving shortly for Schuyler Barbeau’s court appearance. They will be
traveling in a Dark Grey, Mazda, CA license plate number [omitted]. Also traveling are Joe Oshaughnessy,
Blaine Cooper, and John Ritzheimer. Ritzheimer is driving a Silver, Ford, F-150, AZ license plate [omitted]
with a large sticker in the back window that says “Fuck Islam.” Cooper and Oshaughnessy are driving a
Black Jeep, AZ license plates [omitted]. They have no immediate plans to return and CHS thinks Payne
plans on staying a couple of days. They will be staying at a trailer park in Seattle. Payne said that they
should not take weapons but CHS is not confident that they won’t. Payne and Patrick have been observed
carrying pistols on their right hips. They do not plan on entering the courthouse. They are going to dress in
camouflage uniforms and congregate on the court house steps.
Bass is going to stay behind and rent a local P.O. Box in her name to receive mail for the militias. The
owner of the home they are staying at (Patty [last name omitted]) is going Boise for a week on
Wednesday but her house will still be available. She also said that her parents would be willing to board
some people. Payne is looking for a commercial building to use because he does not want Patty to
experience a raid on her house. In Party’s house there are weapons always within reach. Lequieu almost
shot Cooper and Ritzheimer with his AR-15 because they arrived late last night and Lequieu was not
expecting them.
Payne claims to have the Hammond’s ranch under surveillance by several elements of Rangers. CHS
advised that if this true they must be very well equipped because the weather is very harsh.
The plans to free Barbeau have not fizzled as previously reported. If Barbeau is not released Payne is very
serious about attempting to free him with force and violence. There is no indication that Payne has any
specific plans. CHS said that Payne is waiting for more shooters and when he has enough to be
comfortable with an assault they will act. CHS said the plan would include some show of force prior to an
The PPN is not supporting any action in Harney County because they are distancing themselves from
Payne but there are still elements within the PPN including BJ Soper that are staying involved.
Email dated December 22, 2015:
CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that Ryan Payne and others are en route back to
Burns, OR. Apparently they (the group) have secured a hotel (name unknown) in Burns for everyone to
stay at instead of the Patty [last name omitted] property. They are afraid of a raid and don’t want her
place getting shot up.
Payne and the others are still discussing plans to break out Schuyler Barbeau. Payne claims to know where
the Federal Detention center is that houses Barbeau. So far, the plan is to create a diversion and hit the
convoy. Once they have Barbeau they will travel north to Canada, east through Canada, and then drop
south back down to Harney County, Oregon.
Email dated December 24, 2015:
CHS, who has reported reliably in the past, advised that he/she located the area where Ryan Payne put
Cory Lequieu and Debra Bass calling it an Observation Post. CHS provided details and photos in an email:
“While I was in Harney County (re: Hammond Ranch) xxxx I was shown the location of the observation
post (OP) that Lequieu & Debra Bass were placed at where they later nearly died of exposure. On my way
back home out of Harney County today, I passed near the OP location and got the idea of giving you
details of where it is, in case Payne decides to occupy it again; Payne is the person that chose the location
for this OP.
December 30, 2015, probably phone call report.
Sovereign Citizen Karl P. Koenigs and member of the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) has issued an online
call out stating “Everybody needs to deploy for the rendezvous at Burns, Oregon…”
Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes has reportedly issued a stand down order for the Oathkeepers.
Another December 30, 2015, probably another phone call report.
Frank Lavoie has issued the standard dire threats of violence against the federal government, promises of
revolution on his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/amethyst.rancher. CHS determined that
Lavoie is located in Arizona, [phone number omitted], POB [number omitted], Tombstone, AZ.
Corey Lequieu xxxx Ryan Payne, Debra Pope, were handing out fliers in Burns and encountered the
parents of the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s parents apparently disagreed with the substance of the fliers and this
was difficult for Payne, Pope, and Lequieu. CHS opines based on his/her experience that Payne, and Jason
Patrick if he was there, were armed. CHS points out that newspaper coverage of the event reported that
the armed militia members complained to the sheriff that the 74 year old mother of the sheriff
threatened them.
On December 31, 2015, CHS contacted the FBI by E-mail and advised as follows:
CHS is concerned that Joe O’Shaugnessy, Corely Lequieu, Debra Bass (aka Debra Pope), Blaine Cooper, and
Jason Patrick are literally spoiling for a fight with any law enforcement while staying at the residence of
Patty [last name omitted], Burns area resident.
The stand down order for the Oathkeepers apparently upset Jon Ritzheimer, and Jason Patrick. Ammon
Bundy issued a response encouraging people to come out anyhow.
Lequieu had been active with Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), an organization created by
Jerry Bruckhart and Ryan Payne. Many of those who participated in discussions appended
“OMA” to their Facebook names and otherwise express their commitment to what OMA
stood for.
Among those OMA supporters were Robert Beecher (the Demonization of Robert Beecher)
and Kevin “KC” Massey (Update #1 on K. C. Massey). The government targeted both of
them, and both are currently serving prison terms. It seems that the OMA membership list
may have become a hit list for the FBI.
Seever is one of the six “outside” informants. Even though he went to Burns, he never
visited the Refuge, though he probably fulfilled his promise to meet with Sheriff Ward.
Seever left Fallon to return to Washington, shortly after Lequieu was arrested. He then
removed his Facebook page and has endeavored to cover his tracks.
Seever demonstrates that quite often the informant gets so close to you that you have no
concern that he might be playing you so that he can serve the government. Some examples:
David Stone was the Michigan based “Hutaree Militia” when members of the Militia were
arrested in 2010. When Stone got married, Steven Haug, an agent, was best man at Stone’s
wedding. He was also the primary witness against the defendants.
Schuyler Barbeau was set up by Oliver Murphy. Schuyler considered Murphy to be his best
friend. However, the role that Murphy played included a pretend purchase of a firearm
that was immediately turned over to the FBI.
The insidious government has sent spies into our midst, as if we were an enemy at war
with the country.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 47 – Robert “Rob” Seever
Burns Chronicles No 48
Robert “Rob” Seever (R.W. Seaver) #2
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 20, 2016
Rob Seever was the name and spelling that I was given in my first article on Seever. I was told, at
the time, that he had helped to expose a law enforcement officer in Washington or Oregon. I had the
wrong spelling of Seaver’s name, no name of the officer, and unsure of the location, I was unable to
substantiate that claim.
However, my first article led to contact by two people with information applicable to Robert W.
Seaver. So, we will first discuss Seaver’s activities dating back, at least, to 2009.
The Willamette Weekly published an article on October 13, 2009. The article is titled, “The Ice Man
Weepeth – A Portland cop denies a new video’s accusations of Nazism”. The allegations made against
Central Precinct Captain Mark Kruger by Seaver are lengthy, and include dressing in Nazi
uniforms, posting a plaque above the II-205 honoring five World War II German soldiers, and other
claims demonizing Kruger.
From that article, “Seaver, a former legal aide with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office,
claims he first came forward against Kruger six years ago to make amends for his own racist past.”
Seaver also posted a YouTube video he had made to demonize Kruger. The video was removed by
YouTube after complaints of violations were submitted.
There is a note at the end of the article that provides even more insight into the character of Robert
Seaver. I haven’t researched the accuracy, though I would suppose that the Willamette Weekly
would not have published it – if they hadn’t verified that accuracy.
In the late 1980s, Seaver fell in love with Diane Downs, who was serving a life sentence for shooting her three
children in 1983, killing one. Seaver plotted to spring Downs from prison, then testified against her in 1990.
So, we can see that Seaver will go after someone he disagrees with “tooth and nail”. That appears to
be the case in his targeting of Corey Lequieu, in that Seaver didn’t agree with what Ammon Bundy
and the others were doing by occupying government property.
Let’s now go to the present. Seaver has taken down his two previous Facebook pages, though he has
a new one at “RW Seaver”. This appears to have been opened about November 22, 2016, and claims
that he lives in John Day, Oregon. It appears that he has been buddying up to Sheriff Glenn Palmer.
Palmer, the Sheriff of Grant County, Oregon, was sympathetic to the occupation, this past January,
at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He was to be in attendance at the meeting in John Day,
which was the destination of the trip that was interrupted by the murder of LaVoy Finicum.
By the apparent Modus Operandi of Seaver, it is more than likely that he is cozying up to Sheriff
Palmer in an effort to treat Palmer as he had treated Portland Police Capt. Kruger and Corey
Rather ironically, a meme post by Seaver on his FB page tends to describe his own activities:
Seaver seems to have the longest history of those so far exposed as a spy among the ranks. He is one
to stay very far away from.
Here is a picture of Seaver in his normal ‘patriot’ garb:
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 48 – Robert “Rob” Seever (R.W. Seaver) #2
Burns Chronicles No 49
Thomas S. Dyman (Tom Dyman)
Tom S. Dyman from a 2011 court hearing
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 22, 2016
Thomas S. Dyman was considered for a Second Tier position in Operation Mutual Defense (OMD).
The structure of OMD had three tiers. The First Tier is the Advisory Board. The Second Tier is
those who could assist in research; webpage management, specialty skills, or other capabilities that
would work with the Advisory Board. The Third Tier would be those recruited by the Second tier to
assist them, though they would not be under the Advisory Board.
Being recommended by Ryan Payne, he had to fill out an application. In the application, he admits
that he had a criminal record and refers to a background check. OMD never received the
background check.
A search resulted in finding at least one criminal charge against Dyman. He was arrested in 2011
for having taken his children from his first wife, back in 1995. The children had become adults, and
apparently the charges were dropped.
Dyman now lives in Williston, North Dakota and has a contracting business, Dyman Construction,
Dyman’s application was submitted to OMD on November 1, 2015, though the application is signed
and dated on 10/29/16. We have to wonder what his intentions were in responding to Payne’s
request, since his first report as an informant (CHS) was dated November 3, 2015.
That report was dated November 3, 2015 and began with a copy of an article on the Hammonds that
had been posted on bundyranchblogspot. Then, he began reporting on Payne’s plans.
xxxx Payne told multiple CHS’s that he and Ammon Bundy were meeting on the morning of 11/4/2015 and driving to
Oregon to meet directly with the Hammonds. The purpose of the trip was to convince the Hammonds to take a stand
against the federal government, and accept OMD and militia-related assistance in preventing their incarceration.
Payne indicated he and Ammon Bundy were traveling largely at the insistence of Cliven Bundy, who has been pushing
Payne to take additional militia-related actions like the one he led in Bunkerville in 2014. Payne and Ammon Bundy
also plan on meeting with the local Sheriff in an attempt to convince him to support their resistance and aid in the
effort. They may meet with other local officials, such as County Commissioners as well.
Payne stated that he felt obligated to act in defense of the Hammonds even if they do not request OMD’s assistance.
Payne compared the situation to preventing a suicidal man from killing himself. Payne has suggested that if the
Hammonds refuse to make a stand at their ranch, OMD should lead a “dynamic action” against the facility receiving
them (presumably a prison or U.S. Marshals Service facility) to make it impossible for the Hammonds to turn
themselves in.
It should be noted that OMD has recorded all of its Advisory Board meetings where the Hammond situation has been
discussed. Payne xxxx and Ammon Bundy intend to record their meeting with the Hammonds, as well as an OMD
meeting regarding the matter on Thursday November 5.
The following day, November 4, he provided an additional report based upon his communications
with Payne, though it is nearly identical to the first report. Does he know that he will be paid by the
report, and that informing pays better than contracting?
Ryan Payne contacted CHS xxxx to advise that he is traveling to Oregon with Ammon Bundy in an attempt to convince
two ranchers to accept militia assistance to resist the federal government. Payne intends to meet Ammon Bundy on
the morning of November 4 in southern Idaho and travel together to meet with a father and son by the last name of
Hammond in Oregon. The Hammonds were recently sentenced to prison in a case involving the Bureau of Land
Management (BLM), and Payne feels the criminal case against them is unconstitutional. He has talked to the father,
who seems resigned to his fate, but Payne hopes he and Ammon can convince him to accept Operation Mutual
Defense (OMD)’s assistance and fight the government. He and Ammon intend to tell the Hammonds that they will
have militia forces in place to back down the government if they intend to fight.
Payne claimed that Cliven Bundy has been pushing him to do some kind of militia-related action again soon, and has
encouraged Ammon to travel with Payne to encourage the Hammonds to formally request militia assistance. Payne
xxxx would be running around like crazy for a few days, and intended to meet with the local Sheriff in Oregon as well
as the Hammonds.
In the event the Hammonds fail to accept Payne’s offer of support, he still feels inclined to act to save them from
incarceration. He intends to explore options to use militia force to make the Hammond’s self surrender to federal
prison impossible. He feels he and OMD have an obligation to prevent their incarceration, and is committed to taking
whatever steps are necessary to do so. Payne said that this was one of the most difficult decisions OMD was going to
have to wrestle with,
The next report was on November 12, 2015, and is obviously a report on a conversation he had with
Payne and Hunt worked xxxx on OMD-related matters, as they prepared for the opening of the group’s website, and
formal introduction of OMD to the public. The OMD website is being set up by a man who lives in Arizona or Nevada.
Prior to visiting Hunt, Payne was in Oregon with Ammon Bundy, where they were trying to convince the father and
son rancher by the last name of Hammond to resist arrest by the federal government. Payne believes the Hammonds
are beaten down, and intend to surrender despite the militia’s offer of assistance. Payne and Ammon Bundy also met
with the local sheriff in Oregon, and believe he would stand by and allow the militia to protect the Hammonds from
the feds.
So, it is clear that Payne’s whereabouts are being fed to the fed. Here is the November 25 report.
As of November 25, 2015, Ryan Payne was in Montana, but was planning on traveling to Oregon on Monday,
November 30. The Advisory Board for Operation Mutual Defense (OMD), has voted against declaring a formal action
to protect the Hammond family in Oregon, but Payne is still committed personally to keeping the Hammonds out of
prison. OMD board member Jon Ritzheimer has told Payne that he will also be traveling to Oregon to join him in the
Hammond-related operation. Payne believes he has also received commitments from several other militia-related
individuals to travel to Oregon to defend the Hammonds.
Payne now believes the Sheriff in Oregon does not intend to support Payne in his effort to defend the Hammonds.
Payne also claims the federal government has threatened the Hammonds to prevent them from associating with
Payne or requesting militia help. Payne described himself as a sheep dog, who must defend the sheep (the
Hammonds), even though they don’t know they require defending. Although Payne did not explicitly state his
intentions, it was clear to CHS that Payne intends to use military-style force to prevent the federal government from
arresting the Hammonds and taking them to prison. Payne did not say what he would do if the Hammonds traveled to
voluntarily turn themselves in at a federal facility.
Because the Hammonds have not given Payne or the militia permission to stage an operation on their property, Payne
intends to camp out on the public land surrounding the Hammond property. Payne appears to have borrowed money
from unknown sources to finance his operation in Oregon. He has indicated he will need to obtain employment after
the New Year to pay some of this money back. Because of the Oregon operation, Payne no longer is planning on
traveling to Arizona to participate in border related training with OMD in December.
Payne is attempting to acquire Level IV body armor for his operation in Oregon, and wants a Montana militia
associate, who is also a body armor supplier, to personally deliver this armor and other supplies to Oregon during the
first or second weekend in December. Payne is contacting others who will be responding to Oregon to see if the
would like to obtain new body armor from this supplier as well. xxxx CHS believes Payne will be responding to Oregon
with his AR-style rifle, other firearms, and full load out of ammunition and magazines.
The next report was made on December 14, 2015.
On the morning of December 14, 2015, Ryan Payne and Jason Patrick were in Seattle on the way to the federal
courthouse to attend Schuyler Barbeau’s detention hearing. They want to look the terrorists (meaning the FBI) in the
eyes. Patrick expects he will be arrested, but Payne is under strict instructions not to get arrested, as he is supposed
to be at a meeting in Harney County, Oregon, regarding the Hammond matter on the evening of December 15.
Payne has been camping with Jason Patrick and others in Harney County near the Hammond Ranch. One of Payne’s
teams had to pull out because they were not equipped for the winter conditions in Oregon; however, Payne believes
others are on standby to respond quickly to the ranch if needed. He also believes they will be moving into a different
facility soon, making winter camping unnecessary. Lack of funding is also a serious issue for the Hammond operation.
Payne believes the crucial militia operation in Oregon will occur around Christmas. He is expecting supplies to arrive
from Montana during that time frame, including body armor, firearms, ammunition, night vision, and gear. He also
will be expecting more militia associates to start joining him in Oregon around that time.
Despite the challenges presented by weather and lack of resources, Payne is confident that “the time has come,”
meaning his much awaited conflict with the government will commence soon. He believes God is bringing this all
together perfectly.
Next, we have December 16
On December 16, 2015, Payne contacted CHS to advise that the previous evening’s meeting in Harney County went
very well. He was ecstatic, and repeatedly commented that God appeared to be bringing things together very nicely.
Payne claims there were approximately 60 people at the meeting, and all were very supportive of the Hammonds. All
but one of the people voted to form a Committee of Safety, and seven people were elected to be on that Committee.
Payne seemed pleasantly surprised by the support he received from the people of Harney County, and is having to
readjust what he thought would be solely a militia-based effort to protect the Hammonds. He xxxx that it is not
necessary for supplies and additional people to be sent to immediately to Harney County xxxx but suggested
everyone needed to be ready to respond quickly. He said the militia response would definitely be needed, but just not
in the next two weeks.
Payne is turning his efforts toward the Committee of Safety, and the local community rising up to protect the
Hammonds on their own. Payne is optimistic that the townspeople may now be able to convince the Hammonds to
take a stand against the government, and solicit the help of the militia.
Payne xxxx still was not getting much support from the leaders of the Pacific Patriots Network (PPN), but had received
several promises of support from individual PPN members.
The following day, December 17, we have:
On December 17, 2015, Ryan Payne called CHS to request CHS’s support and travel to Burns, Oregon, to provide
security for Payne and the Committee of Safety (COS) which had recently been formed in Harney County. Payne
indicated that the COS had met for the first time that day, and he had received reliable information that the federal
government was planning on trying to arrest Payne and the members of the Committee of Safety within the next few
days. Payne requested that CHS travel to Oregon with others to provide a ten-man security detail for Payne and the
COS to prevent their arrest. Payne advised that he was also contacting xxxx militia associates, xxxx to ask for their
Next, we have the first report after the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, on
January 4, 2016. It appears that Dyman was involved in soliciting others to participate in the
Randy Eaton now thinks that it is important to support Ryan Payne’s efforts in Oregon. Eaton was initially against
seizure of the refuge building in Oregon, but now believes it is time to support Payne and his associates in Oregon
against the feds. Nic Whiting, xxxx would like to go to Oregon to join Payne as well.
Apparently, Dyman recalled an earlier request made by Payne and now includes that in his
On December 17, 2015. Payne sent CHS a link to a website advertising a Element DBAL-D2 red Dot Aiming Laser with
IR LED Illuminator Dark Earth. The features listed for this device indicate it can be placed on a 20 mm rail system, and
is capable of Infrared illumination and Night Vision observation. In a text accompanying the link, Payne said, “Have
you seen these? Get 10. Iol”
On January 5, 2016, Payne learns that Dyman is not willing to travel to Burns. Apparently, as with
Dennis Dickenson, Payne was led on thinking that Dyman was going to come when the time to act
Payne indicated he understood he could not count on CHS, and would pursue some other avenues. Payne xxxx has
been conducting operations for over three years, including the Bunkerville matter and what is going on in Oregon,
and law enforcement has never messed with him.
On January 11, 2016, Dyman repeats that he will not be going to Oregon. Apparently, Payne finally
realized that Dyman was a man of words, not of actions.
CHS told Ryan Payne CHS would not be coming to Oregon to provide supplies, ammunition, and support for Payne’s
operation at the wildlife refuge. CHS told Payne CHS was concerned about a recent visit CHS had received from
county law enforcement, and the FBI or other officials might attempt to hamper CHS’s travel to Oregon. Payne
indicated he understood that he could not count on CHS, and would pursue some other avenues. From several prior
conversations, CHS knows that Payne believed CHS might be able to supply body armor, night vision, armor piercing
ammunition, rifles, and other equipment. Payne told CHS he has been conducting operations for over three years,
including the Bunkerville matter and what is going on in Oregon, and law enforcement has never messed with him.
Payne angrily ended the exchange. CHS understood from Payne’s comments that their relationship is now severed.
Now, to provide a little more background, when I wrote Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones, you see
that FBI Special Agent Mark D. Seyler is listed on a report. That report is on FBI Form FD-1057. I
have done some research and found that the 1057 form is the results from a search of the
government database, based on keyword search criteria. It appears that Ryan Payne was probably
the search request.
Drafted By: Mark D. Seyler
Case ID: xxxx
Collected From: xxxx
Receipt Given?: No
Holding Office: SALT LAKE CITY
Operation is a militia-related network founded by Ryan Payne and xxxx. xxxx Details concerning OMD’s current status
and development can be found in the referenced EC # xxxx. In summary, Payne was the leader of OMD’s precursor
organization Operation Mutual Aid, when he helped to instigate the militia response to the Bundy Ranch event in
April 2014. He served as Militia Coordinator for the Bundy Family during the standoff against the Bureau of Land
Management (BLM), and is seeking to instigate similar such standoffs against the government through OMD.
The entire 1057 is 6 pages long and gives a detailed account of the workings, and information
obtained by Dickenson, of the Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) Advisory Board. The 1023 forms for
Dickenson and Dyman are the only two out of the total 15 reports that have this 1057 in them. This
ties both parties to OMD, and both had submitted the required applications to OMD.
There can be little doubt that these two were recruited to report on OMD, as well as any other
information they could obtained from that association.
Tom Dyman is CHS #9, and is an outside informant.
If anybody has a picture of Tom Dyman, I would appreciate being provided a copy so that we all
know what this informant looks like.
This article can be found at Burns Chronicles No 49 – Thomas S. Dyman (Tom Dyman)
Burns Chronicles No 50
Informants – What to do About Them #2
Mark McConnell
Merry Christmas. Mark
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas, Mark McConnell
The matter of informants, and the government’s efforts to protect the names of those who have snuck
into our midst is a denial of justice and to some degree, the Sixth Amendment right “to be confronted
with the witnesses against him.”
Now, we can look at what the government wants us to believe. We can also look at what common
sense dictates that the Framers of the Constitution meant. Just because a person doesn’t take the
stand in court, when that person has provided information to the government, upon which the
government builds its case, he has witnessed against the accused. The defendants, then, had every
right to confront that “witness”, as he is privy to what he saw, what he heard, and what he said to
the government. He is as much a part of the case against the defendant as the person who takes the
stand, takes an oath, and testifies. Quite often, he is the justification for a search or arrest warrant
to be issued, or a criminal indictment to be brought, before the court.
However, when that ‘witness’ is hidden from the defendant, the defendant is denied information that
may aid him in a proper and fair defense. In some cases, their testimony might provide exculpatory
evidence, testimony that might prove his innocence, that would undermine the contrived case made
by the government.
With the recent trial of Ammon Bundy, et al, we can begin to put together a picture of the injustice
and the dishonesty of the government’s pretext for hiding such “witnesses.”
We will begin with a partial trial transcript of the trial on October 17, 2016:
I would like to start first with Ms. Harris’s motion with respect to the identity of a witness. [Some of] the defendants
have subpoenaed, it’s Docket No. 1443, And it is really a subset of the larger issue raised both by Ryan Bundy in
previous filings and by Ammon Bundy in his motion to compel 1423. Before, I received Ms. Harris’ filing, which I only
received this morning about 7:00 a.m. it showed up in my system, I had emailed to the parties my preliminary
conclusions having reviewed, in camera, the unredacted reports related to the so-called CHSs confidential human
sources, 15 different individuals, 112 reports, and I conveyed in that email to the parties that I have compared the
redacted to the nonredacted reports and according to the applicable standard, did not find any basis to disclose the
identity of those 15 confidential human sources. I observed to the parties that as I compared the redactions from the
unredacted material, I really didn’t find any substantive significance. The redactions primarily looked to me as
necessary to protect the identity of the informant, and so with respect to that general review, I conveyed to the
parties my intention was to deny the motion generally.
Then came in Ms. Harris’s motion on behalf of Ms. Cox with respect to a very particular one of those 15 confidential
human sources, identified in her motion as number two, as to whom I have the redacted and unredacted materials.
That was one person’s records I went through.
The motion indicates that the defendants have found the actual CH#2 who was known to the — who went by an alias,
according to this motion, of John Killman. K-I-L-L-M-A-N. And so the motion goes on to argue why it’s relevant, first of
all, for the defendants to call this person whose alias is John Killman and to introduce evidence from his personal
knowledge of observations he made at the refuge.
And I presume defendants already know his true name in that they — Ms. Harris tells me in this filing that he’s been
subpoenaed in his, is physically present, and needs to testify first thing because of other issues in his life.
We can see that the identification of the informants is a primary concern of Judge Anna Brown. Next
to speak is one of the Government attorneys.
MR. BARROW: Good morning, Your Honor, the government’s position is that the filing of ECF 1443 doesn’t change the
analysis. If this whole issue of disclosure of informants had been filed in a timely manner, say in August, of this year,
the government would have asserted the informant’s privilege and would have said we weren’t obligated to disclose
the identity of any informants and would have, through that mechanism, tried to keep the defense from putting
informants on the stand.
What has happened now is that the defense believes that its identified an informant and believes that somehow that
triggers some obligation for the government to confirm his status and his identity and we simply don’t think that that
is the way the law works. We’re [intending] to preclude the defense from calling anyone. We don’t believe we have
that ability, but requiring the government to somehow confirm defendants’ suspicions would similarly be a way
around the Roviaro [decision] in the informant’s privilege.
Mr. Barrow mentions the Roviaro decision with regard to “informant’s privilege”. So, it behooves us
to know just where this privilege comes from and why.
The Roviaro decision, Roviaro v. United States 353 U.S. 53 (1957), dealt with an informant, “John
Doe”, who had purchased narcotics from Albert Roviaro. Roviaro then moved for a bill of particulars
requesting, among other things, the name, address and occupation of “John Doe”. The Government
objected on the ground that John Doe was an informer and that his identity was privileged. The
motion was denied.
Now, drug dealers are notorious for violence, even murder, to protect themselves. So, it is
understandable that in those circumstances, the identification of the informant was protected, for his
personal safety.
However, Mr. Barrow gave away his hand, in the first paragraph of what he said, above, when he
stated, on the record, that it “would have, through that mechanism, tried to keep the defense from
putting informants on the stand.” Quite simply, he did not want the informants to testify. In fact, no
informants, though paid, or at least compensated for expenses, by the government, were called, even
though we know that there were 15 of them.
Here are a couple of quotes from the Roviaro decision:
The purpose of the privilege is the furtherance and protection of the public interest in effective law enforcement. The
privilege recognizes the obligation of citizens to communicate their knowledge of the commission of crimes to lawenforcement
officials and, by preserving their anonymity, encourages them to perform that obligation.
Well, if a passing observer reports something amiss to the government, I can see that there might be
a question of whether providing information about the informant would serve any useful information
to the defense. But, this is not the type of informant we are addressing. This would be more along the
lines of someone who was interviewed, though the form for that type of interview is the FBI form
302, where a report of a casual interview develops information. It is far different than the form 1023,
which is titled “CHS Reporting Document”, and is based upon a contractual agreement, including
expenses and compensation, legally making the informant a temporary agent of the government,
however not required to identify themselves as such.
Then, we have the Court telling us:
We believe that no fixed rule with respect to disclosure is justifiable. The problem is one that calls for balancing the
public interest in protecting the flow of information against the individual’s right to prepare his defense. Whether a
proper balance renders nondisclosure erroneous must depend on the particular circumstances of each case, taking
into consideration the crime charged, the possible defenses, the possible significance of the informer’s testimony, and
other relevant factors.
Now, since two informants testified for the defense, how can it possibly be the determination of the
prosecuting attorney as to whether the informant would serve as “the individual’s right to prepare
his defense”, as was proven with regard to “the possible significance of the informer’s testimony.”
On to the meat of the whole argument:
Once an informant is known the drug traffickers are quick to retaliate. Dead men tell no tales. The old penalty of
tongue removal, once visited upon the informer Larunda, has been found obsolete.
Of course where enforcement of a nondisclosure policy deprives an accused of a fair trial it must either be relaxed or
the prosecution must be foregone. The Government is fully aware of this dilemma and solves it every day by
foregoing prosecutions in many cases where evidence essential to the defense would require disclosure. But this is
not such a case.
Here, then, is the distinction between selling drugs and waving the Constitution. The simple fact
that the Second Amendment right was also exercised does not allow that right, the presence of
firearms, to denigrate any other portion of the constitutionally protected rights.
If the government cannot afford the right to a fair trial, which they did not do in the first Portland
trial, then the subsequent prosecution of the remaining defendants “must be foregone.”
There remain eight unidentified informants. If they are not disclosed, then the government would be
in violation of the very Supreme Court decision (Roviaro) that they used to argue their right to not
identify the informers.
As far as the government and informants, it seems that Congress has trouble even finding out to
what extent informants are used by the various investigative agencies of the government. In recent
“House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hearing”(video 6:22), Rep. Stephen Lynch (D.
Mass.) points out that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has 18,000 informants “out
there”, spending $237 million last year. The FBI is not included in that figure, though Lynch
suggests that the FBI budget is comparable to that of the DEA.
Now, perhaps, there is justification for the DEA to both use and protect their informants, since they
are dealing with people that have a high propensity for violence. At about 5:10, Thomas Blanton,
George Washington University, makes the point that serious threat, or current investigation, are the
only roles for the protection of informants.
So, let’s look at the situation involving the events in Burns, Oregon, this past January and February.
There is no threat, as Barrow suggests, and the investigation is over. So, that investigation is not
current, but under the guise of risk to informants, the Judge upheld the government position.
During the trial in Portland, on September 21, 2016, government prosecutor Gabriel intentionally
elicited testimony from Oregon State Police Officer Beckert that exposed Mark McConnell as an
informant for the FBI during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. So, was there
a concern for the safety of a government informant? The intentional exposure defies any
consideration of concern for McConnell’s safety. So, apparently, Roviaro had no justification in being
applied in McConnell’s case, why would it be of concern with regard to any other informant?
During the course of the trial, two more informants came out of the cold. First was Terri Linnell, who
contacted defense attorneys so that she could testify on behalf of the defendants. Then came Fabio
Minoggio (aka John Killman), who was found by the diligence of the defendants and their attorney
Since that time, not one of the informants has been subjected to any harm, though one has been
subject to considerable verbal abuse on the Internet.
Since the end of the trial, three additional informants have been exposed. They have not been
subjected to death threats, or in any way subjected to any physical harm.
On the contrary, we have one of the informants who has threatened one of the defendants. Deb
Jordan has provided a thorough and documented explanation of this threat in her article, “Informant
Mark McConnell Receives Surprise Christmas Gift From Activist Jon Ritzheimer”. However, briefly,
this past October 11, Jon and some friends were at a restaurant. McConnell found out that Jon
Ritzheimer was there, so he went to the restaurant with his girlfriend and threatened Jon,
attempting to get him into a fight.
Suffice it to say that those who wave the Constitution are no threat, at all. However, government
informants do pose a threat, and should be exposed for what they are — spies upon the American
people who are doing no more than exercising their rights — Something that should never be
tolerated in this once great country of ours.
List of informants exposed, to date, and associated articles:
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This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 50 – Informants – What to do About Them #2
Burns Chronicles No 51
William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 28, 2016
Jon Ritzheimer had put out a call for more people to come to the Refuge, shortly after the occupation
on January 2, 2016. Many people who supported the effort being made by Ammon Bundy and the
others resent that message.
On January 3, Will Kullman contacted Maureen Peltier (SSG Moe). Peltier was one of those who
had passed the message on. His first contact with Peltier shows that he was from Lake Stevens,
Washington and that he was Founder of “Kullman Combat Organization”. Some of the text
messages indicate his desire to help:
“I wanna come down to Oregon to help. What do I need to bring and when is the best time to come?”
Is there an armed militia that is doing security like we did at Sugar Pine and Bundy? Just
wondering if I should bring a weapon.
He then stated that he “had a team ready to go…” And, then asked for a contact for when he got
there. However, when he arrived in Burns, he was alone.
He knew that Ritzheimer was a Marine, so he sent the message:
“I will be there to help him. Tell him a fellow Marine is on his way to help him. Tell him I said “Semper Fi.”
On January 6, as he entered Harney County, he relayed messages through Peltier, announcing his
approaching the Refuge. At 8:33 PM, he was driving in fog about 16 miles out from the Refuge.
Then, at 10:56 pm, he reported to Peltier that he had arrived and that he “just met up with Ryan.”
(Not sure if it was Payne or Bundy, as both were present at the time.)
“Semper fi”, short for “semper fidelis”, is the Marine Corps motto, Always faithful — that Marines
will always be faithful to the Corps and other Marines. Both Ritzheimer and Kullman were
Marines, though Kullman was more than willing to turn against his fellow Marine.
January 7, the day after Kullman arrived, he texted:
“You know there’s only maximum 40 of us here… Not as many as before. Get the word out. They are cutting power
to the Refuge.”
Peltier questioned his going public with that sort of information and told Kullman that such
information should only come out from the leadership. Peltier was beginning to have questions
about Kullman’s assertiveness and assuming the authority to speak for the Refuge.
Then, on January 8, in an apparent effort to impress Peltier, he texts:
“Actually, I was just made the team leader of the militia with Jon, so trust my intel when I give it to you.”
Peltier, concerned about what role Kullman is playing, contacted Ritzheimer to explain what
Kullman was doing. She indicates to Kullman that she has spoken with Ritzheimer and that he did
not want any numbers to be given out. Kullman had been given a leadership position; he replaced
Ryan Payne as head of one of the three militia units. The initial militia units were headed by Payne,
Ritzheimer, and Varner, as explained in “Burns Chronicles No 40 – Allen Varner (Wolf)”.
The next day, January 9, Kullman is again trying to butter up Peltier, probably realizing that she
has concerns about him, texts:
“At the point, with as much media that’s been here, everyone knows. You’re the only person that can get trusted and
resourceful information out to the people. I’m sorry that I made you feel like a subordinate, but, the fact remains
your ability to get the word out that we need help is impertinent (?) to the cause. I know we don’t know each other
that well, but if Payne, Cooper, the Bundys and even Ritzheimer trust my judgment, maybe you could too, one day.
Thanks for what you are doing. Out.”
You can see that he is trying to get closer to Peltier by his praise and his claim that “Payne, Cooper,
the Bundys and even Ritzheimer trust” his judgment”. Kullman ended up leaving the Refuge on January 12
or 13.
Thus ended the communication between Kullman and Peltier, until January 26, after LaVoy
Finicum was murdered, and all but two of the remaining members of the convoy had been arrested.
There was confusion as to whether the Ryan that had been shot was Bundy or Payne. Until
subsequent calls were made, and eventually it was established that it was Ryan Bundy, only Mark
McConnell and Victoria Sharp knew for sure who it was. So, Kullman crowns his lies with a final
effort to endear himself to Peltier, when he sends this message:
“Just got off the phone with a person who was with the people that were arrested, and he was released. Told me
what happened to everyone including Payne and Lavoy.”
It was Ryan Bundy, and McConnell knew that. Payne was put with McConnell, Ammon, and Booda,
where they sat in the cold until the events down the road, where Ryan Bundy received a wound and
LaVoy was killed.
Peltier, however, had had enough of Kullman and refused to answer any texts after the 8th.
Now, let’s venture into Kullman’s role as an informant and what information he provided to the FBI.
This information is from the FBI form 1023, “CHS Reporting Documents”. CHS is Confidential
Human Source”, or informant, or perhaps, spy. This, “xxxx”, indicates redactions within the
paragraph. Those marked “PTM” by me are probably “Private Text Messages”, since time-stamps
appear on the reports.
January 7, 2016 – PTM
7: 27 AM: xxxx The whole refuge is under control. The federal worker cabins on sight are being used for shelter and
housing for the militia. Hot water, electricity, and hot chow available. Numbers are minimal and most have received
very little sleep. Weapons are not required for watch, but are not frowned upon either. They are trying not to make a
scene by having them.
2:26 PM: There is a large supply of free food and a lot of donations. CHS is on the inside with JON RITZHEIMER and
RYAN PAYNE. CHS has been asked to be a body guard for the BUNDY’s. Right now, there is zero organization and they
are in a defensive posture. There are one or two guys on guard. There is a front guard and a back gate guard. The guys
also have zero experience as far as training and weapons. There are about 30-40 people and maybe 75% are
combatants. Weapons are staying in vehicles. Most everyone is just carrying a pistol on them. Mostly 5.56, hand guns,
and some 7.62 Ak-style rifles. There are some higher calibers, like a couple of .308’s and apparently a .300 Win Mag.
There is consistent talks of taking up arms if LEO/FEDS come onto the refuge and they all seem pretty serious about it.
They are going through the property and using what they can use to aid their stay.
2:27 PM: Only a few folks have armor with no QRF, patrolling or legitimate security in place. There is a total
complacency for security. These guys don’t have a clue what they are doing.
January 8, 2016- PTM
12:40 PM: There is an older guy, drives a 90’s model Suburban and dressed like a cowboy. He stated that he planned
to go to where LEO were and give them a piece of his mind.
1:20 PM: More gun fighters showed up. 8 or 9 of them with AR-15’s, pistols, but no kits yet observed. They are an
organized group from southeast Oregon.
2:35 PM: No eyes on, but confirmed through constituents that the Oregon III% and Idaho III% have deployed to the
refuge. “Reinforcements” are inbound.
2:43 PM: There is a guy LEO should look into. He is talking about how the way we deal with the problem is to ambush
officials and “blow their heads off with shotguns and solve the problem no evidence.” His name is ROBERT HART and
he is in his mid-50’s. He’s a lunatic. CHS noted he/she would attempt to get license plate. He drives a green two-door
Suburban. He is not associated with these guys and they have made numerous complaints about him already.
January 9, 2016 PTM
11:39 AM: About 20 vehicles with 50+ men from Idaho and Oregon III% and OATH KEEPERS just showed up. Add
about another 100 firearms to my original count. ANDREW BERDOTHA is here now.
2:42 PM: BERDOTHA and that huge convoy of III% left. They are apparently staying in the area, but not at the refuge.
BERDOTHA admitted they had been harassing LEO’s out in town. RYAN BUNDY and his bodyguard with a two man
security detail are out in BURNS, OR heading to BLM office to screw a sign to the door that says “permanently closed.”
Now, Sheriff Ward, the FBI, Mainstream Media, and many others, claimed that those at the Refuge
were harassing the LEOs in Burns. However, Kullman reports that it was Idaho III%, Oregon III%,
and OathKeepers that were responsible for the harassing going on in Burns. No wonder the FBI
wanted to hide Kullman and his testimony. Berdotha is an OathKeeper from Bend, Oregon.
3:41 PM: BERDOTHA talked about their group going to the airport to harass you guys (Agent note: “You guys” are
meant to be FBI.)
10:08 PM The numbers for during the day and night as permanent personnel stay roughly the same. Maybe +/- 5
people stay out in town, but they are most out of town ranchers or civilians who are in a supportive role. The media
never stay overnight. There are roughly 20 “Militia” or “security” combatants on site. However, there are about 50
people on site and all of them claim to be combatants. But actual personnel who are pulling security and have
weapons is about 20. There are around 6 children ages 10 and younger with 2 infants to include AMMON BUNDY’s
family who are staying on site. Key players, such as RITZ, PAYNE, the BUNDY’s and COOPER do not stay in town, they
stay at the refuge every night.
11:04 PM: If you mess with the refuge (Agent note: referring to LEO), they will be right behind you to take you down.
January 10, 2016 – PTM
9:41 AM: AMMON BUNDY and a small personal security detail are heading south to Fields, OR in one vehicle. There
are 5 total personnel and 6 total weapons. They are heading down on the 205 and not using any other routes.
9:48 AM: They are going to Fields, OR to attend a meeting where they will talk with the community about the refuge
and what they’re doing. They are traveling in a white, four door, Ford pick-up.
Kullman has been providing tactical information, however, here, he is setting the stage, probably
hoping that the FBI will set up a roadblock and take Ammon and the others down. It appears that
he is traveling with them, and would probably play hero if there was a roadblock, and arrest Ammon
while still in the “white, four door, Ford pick-up”, going south on 205.
11:25 AM: At Fields, OR school house. There are about 50-60 people in attendance including children.
2:22 PM: Group heading back to refuge from Fields, OR.
4:33 PM: Denotes picture of LEQUIEU. (Picture attached to 1A).
5:18 PM: Retired Army General NELSON has arrived and he presented AMMON BUNDY with his bronze star from Iraq.
NELSON is here for moral support.
5:46 PM: PAYNE has been pretty stable, mainly dealing with operations politics with the ranchers. He is always with
the BUNDY’s, PATRICK, and RITZ. He rarely leaves.
10:02 PM: PAYNE will be leaving soon. He isn’t staying much longer, but plans on returning. PAYNE and RITZ are going
to be outside the wire tonight on patrol armed with AR 5.56 and .308 FAL with scope. Unsure of their exact location.
January 11, 2016 – PTM – [It appears that there was two-way texting going on during this session. Case agent is
pasting CHS texting, but not his own.]
5:06 AM: CHS reported, ” I asked. He’s working on it.”
5:34 AM: There is no evidence or proof that government computers were used, but it appears that the computers on
the refuge appear untouched. Only hard supplies, like paper, printers, and physical supplies were used. The only other
computers here are personal ones. No one appears capable of being able to access the computers via hacking.
10:25 AM: PAYNE is in town on a mail run.
10:29 AM: PAYNE plans to leave for an extended period of time. xxxx
10:34 AM: LEQUIEU confirmed he was a felon today in a debate over gun rights with felons. As far as the other two,
one does not have a weapon with him, or on him, and one has expressed he is not allowed to carry one. The other
one is no longer on the refuge.
2:36 PM: Someone sent that to RITZ and PAYNE (referring to photo of sexual toy-picture attached.)
2:37 PM: Do you understand how hard it is to control my composure? I’m dying on the inside (referring to
aforementioned photo).
5:53 PM: Agents and LEO followed RITZHEIMER? Because that’s what he said. If you did or have Agents hanging out
near the refuge, or on any ridge, PAYNE and JASON PATRICK agreed to go full kit and weapon to approach the Agents
and surround them to talk. (Agent note: On 01/19/2016, additional details were provided in a follow-up interview).
RITZHEIMER believed he was followed while on his way into town on HWY 205. He was on his way to the VERIZON
store when 3-4 all white law enforcement vehicles followed him.
What? No threat, simply talk? That’s not what we heard in the courtroom.
5:58 PM: No he was followed into town. Said it was federal VIC’s and LEO that followed him into town.
6:31 PM: You know they ripped down a fence the BLM put up right?
8:18 PM: Two more semi auto .308’s showed up today. An MIA Socom and FAL.
8:58 PM: Unsure of the timing, but the people here are trying to get a lot of money together to make a large purchase
of tactical equipment. They want LBV’s, mag pouches, magazines, ammo, optics, holsters, and belts. They want to use
the items to distribute to people who came with nothing. Some people are saying they are willing to contribute
money to purchase weapons. It’s all talk right now. As far as acting on it, it is unclear when it will happen.
January 12, 2016 – PTM
8:59 AM: It is unclear when, but people at MWR are trying to get a lot of money together to make a large purchase of
tactical equipment. They want to buy IBV’s, mag pouches, magazines, ammo, optics, holsters, and belts for people
who show-up with nothing. Some people are saying they will contribute money to buy weapons, but it’s all talk right
now. Unsure when they will act on it.
2:06 PM: For the past two nights, PAYNE and RITZHEIMER have been out around 11 PM -2 AM looking for federal and
local law enforcement officers who may be in the area on the sides of the roads. They have been taking weapons with
them and have been looking for about 2.5 hours to “show a force” to the Agents or LEO’s if they see them. They are
usually in the area of 205 MSR.
2:23 PM: Located another shotgun and .300 WIN MAG.
Kullman then left the Refuge. However, he hadn’t ended his role. His Case Agent, shortly before the
murder of Lavoy Finicum, who had some questions, contacted him.
January 22, 2016
CHS was asked to identify an individual in a photo. The individual in the attached photo is standing to the left with a
black stocking cap on and a desert digital camouflage top. CHS identified the individual as Geoff Stanek who CHS
believed was from northwest Oregon. CHS stated that Stanek could also be from southwest Washington. CHS stated
that Stanek is a Army combat medic veteran.
CHS was also asked if any of the subjects at the MWR had fired a weapon while at the refuge. CHS stated that the
subjects talked about making a rifle range on the property to shoot and practice, but was changed to building one off
the refuge and shooting somewhere else. Payne was interested in finding out where the “Feds” had been posting up
and set up a rifle range right next to them.
The FBI sought identification of individuals in a photograph, though no indication of the source of
the photo. Then, they queried about gun firing on the Refuge, even though the Refuge allows
hunting and has no restriction on firearms (See Burns Chronicles No 26 – Firearms Not Allowed). It
was just a day later that “John Killman (See Burns Chronicles No 42 – Fabio Minoggio (John
Killman)) began firearms training and led the occupiers in to a firing exercise, which the video of
became a key piece of the prosecution’s evidence – until Killman testified.
January 25, 2016
CHS reported that Jon Ritzheimer left the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (MWR) last night and plans to be away for
approximately a week or so. Payne is still at the MWR and CHS was not aware if Payne intended to ever leave on his
January 25, 21016, the day before LaVoy’s death, is the last report that is within the obtained
Kullman demonstrates one of the characteristics of an informant. He tried to ride Peltier as an
entrance to the Refuge, hoping that it would be “credentials”, though Peltier made clear that she did
not know Kullman. Kullman then lied to Peltier about his role and authority at the Refuge, but he
failed, in that effort, too.
When someone starts dropping names, contact those named to see if what is claimed is, in fact, true.
Your diligence, in this regard, may save you some grief.
Kullman was an “inside” informant, identified as “CHS #14”.
Prior to publishing this article, I called Kullman. As I began to explain that I was writing an article
about the role he played at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and see if he wanted to see the
article and comment, he hung up the phone, in my midsentence.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 51 – William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)
Burns Chronicles No 52
Will Kullman (Nighthawk) #2
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 30, 2016
I have been contacted by a number of people who were contacted by Kullman, after the “Burns
Chronicles No
51 – William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)”went out. His line to them is that I (Hunt) am a
BATF agent. Heck, that accusation goes back to 1993, and in all of that time, nobody has been able
to provide any substance to that accusation. That just shows how cheap talk is.
I have also been provided a copy of a text conversation from back in September, about the time the
Portland Trial, Ammon Bundy, et al, began. So, we will begin with that text conversation. I have
indicated Kullman’s comments with K and the other participant as S. This discussion took place
before and during the trial that began on September 7, 2016.
SEP 4 AT 10:08 PM
K: I’m going to Portland for the Bundy trials. Will you be there
SEP 21 AT 5:46 PM
S: Dude… People are freaking out your like McConnell… is this true?
K: Excuse me?
S: Ya. Everyone is telling me you were buddy buddy with him and you mysteriously left last week after they showed
your picture. I’m not saying it that’s not me… it paranoia all over again… someone said you are testifying for the
prosecution. Blah blah blah… figured you would want to know
K: First and foremost before the Bundys before the trials before any of this Mark and I Marine brothers just like John
Ritzheimer and our bond is before everything else. Period. I have no idea what you mean by showing my picture I left
on Thursday afternoon because I had trial myself here in Washington Friday morning for my son in custody. I’m not
testifying for anybody and I risked a lot going to the courthouse, and because I was in Portland for a week and didn’t
see my son before my trial I end up losing custody of my son so I sacrificed to be there don’t lump me in with Jason
Blomgren just because he squealed like a pig.
Note that he mentions Ritzheimer, claiming that their “bond is before everything else.” This was
brought up in ” Burns Chronicles No 51 – William “Will” Kullman (Night Hawk)”, when Kullman told
Peltier to tell Ritzheimer, “Semper Fi!”
Now, we will jump to the end of the next discussion, which took place on Facebook. The initial
discussion began on the day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered, January 26, and concluded on the
next day. The conversation picks up again on December 28, 2016. It is this last portion that we will
begin with. This is the day that the first Kullman article was published.
8:23 pm [December 28, 2016]
Friend: Not sure what is going on but you are being tagged in the Patriot community as an informant against the
refuge guys. Outpost of Freedom has evidence and has written an article against you. What the hell is going on? I
trusted you.
8:37 pm
Kullman: I’m not sure. I was just told of it. And haven’t finished reading the article myself
I don’t know how they would come to that conclusion, I’m one of the biggest patriots in this state and make it known
because I’m proud of who I am.
8:39 pm
Friend: I’ve been hit up by the armchair warriors stalking my page that keep pming me telling me how terrible I am
that we are “friends” on fb…but I can’t find your name on my list. Strange. Gary Hunt called you for your input but
you hung up on him. What the hell is going on?
8:41 pm
Kullman: Only 2 things in the article I’ve read so far are true. Me telling Maureen I wanted to come help, and that I
hung up on him cause he’s a known ATF agent.
And as far as Robert Hart, this character I turned into the Feds for wanting to kill cops, I didn’t tell the Feds that. I told
the Bundy’s, Payne, Patrick and Ritz about that guy.
8:42 pm
Friend: Hunt is a known ATF agent? What? Bullshit!
8:43 pm
Kullman: He mentions me in another one of his articles but what is written isn’t even true about me. He says I
brought night vision and a 300 win mag to the refuge but I’ve never owned any of those things. I brought my AR and
my pistol.
You can look all over the internet and find articles wherever the patriot community has come into play, Gary hunt is
8:45 pm
Friend: Of course he’s there. He’s a Patriot journalist. Why would he write crap about you if it weren’t true?
8:48 pm
Kullman: Idk. I’m getting all sorts of messages and stuff. Not sure what to think about this.
8:50 pm
Friend: I’ve known Gary since Sky was arrested and he seems as if he doesn’t like to publish anything unless he has
proof of what he’s writing…I would like to see proof of his accusation if I were you. If it’s not true, I would demand
8:51 pm
Kullman: My only worry is if I do it, he will twist my words.
8:52 pm
Friend: That’s why you document everything in writing…your words can’t be twisted without proof that the words
are being twisted if it’s in writing.
8:52 pm
Kullman: I’m gonna try and absorb this. Appreciate you writing me.
8:53 pm
Friend: Why? If these accusations are untrue, I’d be pissed and I would get on his page and ask for proof in the
comment section of the article.
8:54 pm
Kullman: Appreciate you writing me. Don’t write to me again.
I didn’t realize that Kullman had already turned “Robert Hart” in to the feds. I can see no reason,
whatsoever, that a person would turn a patriot over to the feds for what he said. That decision
should be something to be decided by than more than one individual, and should be made by people
that might be affected by whatever Hart said or did. If all else failed, then, their decision might be to
turn Hart over to the feds. For a sole person to make such a decision could, as easily, be to an
attempt to garner favor (or money) from the feds, as much as anything else.
It is also clear that Kullman wants to discredit the information contained in the article by trying to
discredit the author (me), instead of discrediting the content of the article. However, the “Friend”
knows me, well.
I want to provide the opportunity to someone that I am exposing as an informant to have his say. To
do so, I endeavor to give that person the opportunity to provide something that would prove that I
am wrong in my deductions. If I have a phone number, I call that person to give him such an
opportunity. In this instance, I called, and it went to voicemail. Within just a few seconds,
insufficient time for Kullman to have listened to the message, I received a phone call from Kullman.
If you listen closely, you can hear the click after I say “events”. That is when Kullman hung up his
Understand that I do record the calls that I make under these circumstances. First, to confirm that
the call was made. Second, to make sure that if they make any comments, or provide information
that contradicts what I have written, that I can be precise in what I write in any follow-up on the
Regarding Kullman’s communication with the “Friend”, we can now go back to what occurred on
January 26, 2016. That was the day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered by the Oregon State Police,
and in which the FBI has yet to conclude its “investigation” into the role that their agents played in
those few minutes that were the last of LaVoy’s life. The communication, on FB, begins just about 5
1/2 hours after the shooting.
1/26, 10:02 pm
Kullman: [Friend], I was at Schuyler’s case back in December, don’t know if you remember me. I have been at the
refuge in Oregon with Jason Patrick and the Bundys (god help us all for what happened today) but I was wondering
when Schuyler’s next court date was so I could be there now that I am home.
1/26, 10:05 pm
Friend: May 2 is the trial date and we don’t know when the Motion hearings will be.
1/26, 10:05 pm
Kullman: Ok perfect. What’s the plan?
1/26, 10:05 pm
Friend: For OR or the Sky’s court?
1/26, 10:07 pm
Kullman: Both? I know we don’t know each other that well, but I was in Oregon as a leader of the Militia down
there. As well as PSD for the Bundys. I just want to know what else I can do here with you for Schuyler and Oregon if
there is anything else we can do…I know Schuyler protected you. He is my Brother, and Fellow Marine. If there is
anything you need as far as security, let me know. I need details of everything.
1/26, 10:13 pm
Friend: I cannot talk about any plans on fb but the feds do not know the powder keg they just opened. The fuse has
been lit and it could be bloody on both sides. Thank you for the offer. Schuyler is our boy and what the feds did to
set him up is wrong on so many levels. Now they are trying to go after my wife. She has an attorney but the feds
want to charge her for bogus crap concerning Sky.
1/26, 10:15 pm
Kullman: Any other way we can communicate. I know the PPN was there before when I was there, but, I have teams
here in Western Washington that are ready to go. I just want the best clarification as possible.
I am so sorry they are going after [Friend’s wife]. She is a GOOD woman. I enjoyed our interaction at the Wandering
Goose when we went there for lunch.
Not sure if you still have my contact info, but email me or call me anytime you need ANYTHING. 4253197669
1/26, 10:19 pm
Friend: PPN was told to stand down but the folks at the refuge are begging for more manpower. It is my
understanding that people are gearing up and going down there.
1/26, 10:20 pm
Kullman: PPN was told to stand down AT the refuge but they maintained an outer perimeter in burns for us. As far
as people going down, more people are just talking then actually acting. I was planning on heading back down
tomorrow until I heard about Lavoy, god rest his soul, but now I need to stay and try and organize as many men as I
can to go and fight. A broken arrow message has been sent to every able bodied man that can take up arms and fight
to come to Oregon. Let me know when you’re coming down so we can set up a meet.
1/26, 10:22 pm
Kullman: Once we leave Malheur, we will move on to other refuges that are illegally controlled by our corrupt
government. We will push and push. I know you have a group of guys that are ready to fight. I want in. There is a
refuge on your side of the state. We can take it.
1/26, 10:25 pm
Friend: I want to go down to OR but the wife is court ordered not to leave the state and I’m not going to leave her
1/26, 10:26 pm
Kullman: Absolutely not, you will not leave her! How many guys you got going? (roughly, please don’t give me an
exact number) I have “5” guys who are gonna gear up with me.
1/26, 10:27 pm
Friend: I don’t have any guys going down. We are Sheepdogs, not militia.
1/26, 10:27 pm
Kullman: I’ll assume smaller but awesome!
The problem with the west side of the state, is it not as organized here as it is where you’re at.
I’m assuming you know that.
So it’s hard to get people together.
1/26, 10:28 pm
Friend: We have about 2400 members in our group and that is a rough figure but like I said, we aren’t militia. We are
1/26, 10:29 pm
Kullman: Are you friends with Steve McLaughlin?
1/26, 10:30 pm
Friend: Not sure, why?
1/26, 10:31 pm
Kullman: Oh, he’s the rancher from eastern Washington and the president of Liberty Watch Washington. He’s a good
1/26, 10:32 pm
Kullman: I met him at the rally in Olympia last week. He spoke of OR and Schuyler. He’s the rancher with problems.
I’ll join you guys when you take over the refuge on the eastern side.
1/26, 10:32 pm
Friend: Interesting. Schuyler never mentioned him. We aren’t taking over anything.
1/26, 10:32 pm
Kullman: Steve McLaughlin
He spoke of Schuyler briefly in reference to our rights being taken from us, and people being punished unjustly. Like
Schuyler. He didn’t say he knew him personally.
1/26, 11:05 pm
Friend: Copy that. I will contact Steve and see what he wishes folks to do.
Is he the one that is a Reardon Police Officer? What is his fb link?
1/26, 11:08 pm
Kullman: No, he is retired Navy I think.
1/26, 11:17 pm
Kullman: Just got off the phone with a person who was with the people that were arrested and he was released.
Told me what happened to everyone including Payne and Lavoy.
1/26, 11:18 pm
Friend: How was he released?
Ammon was on the phone with Carol giving her a play by play as the whole thing unfolded. She recorded it. Wonder
if that person who was released has the same story.
Who is this person?
1/26, 11:22 pm
Kullman: Mark McConnell. He drove the jeep
1/26, 11:22 pm
Friend: What did he tell you? Something smells off about this guy. Why was he released?
1/26, 11:25 pm
Kullman: He said that him and Payne and the other vehicle got pulled over. That as soon as Payne and him were
pulled out of the truck, Lavoy took off. Crashed the truck into a snow bank and then when they Leo got to the truck,
he advanced on the Leo. Apparently telling them to shoot him, and he kept advancing so they did.
1/26, 11:25 pm
Kullman: He said that they grilled him for about two hours and couldn’t get anything on him but trespassing because
he wasn’t there when they took the refuge
Apparently him and some 18 year old girl
Got off with being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”
1/26, 11:26 pm
Friend: That is not what Ammon was telling Carol. The video shows LaVoy being shot in the back.
Something is off…
1/26, 11:27 pm
Kullman: Mark wasn’t there when Lavoy was shot, he said that’s what he was told.
I don’t think mark would lie, I think mark May have been told something else.
1/26, 11:27 pm
Friend: I agree.
1/26, 11:27 pm
Kullman: Because I don’t believe for a second Lavoy would advance on Leo
Mark is a good man. I think he was just fed some bullshit to try and spill the beans but he didn’t
1/26, 11:28 pm
Friend: If Mark was driving the jeep when they got pulled over, how was he not there when Lavoy was shot and why
was he released?
1/26, 11:28 pm
Kullman: Because LaVoy sped off in the other vehicle
1/26, 11:29 pm
Friend: I got that part. But why was he released when he was the one driving the jeep?
1/26, 11:29 pm
Kullman: With Ammon, Shawna, and the 18 year old
Again, I think mark was just fed some shit to try and get him to spill the beans on anything but he didn’t budge. Now
he’s stranded in burns over night with no shelter. They won’t release his jeep for 24 hours
1/26, 11:32 pm
Friend: I still don’t understand. How can he be getting his jeep back? Something’s wrong here. Me thinks it’s a set
up and whoever goes down there will either be killed or set up, too.
1/26, 11:33 pm
Kullman: I’ll be there by their side.
Kullman: I need to sleep. Calm my mind down. Stay frosty.
1/26, 11:33 pm
Friend: Watch your six….
1/26, 11:33 pm
Kullman: Always
1/26, 11:33 pm
Friend: Amen
Schuyler is on lock down. They took him to solitary.
1/26, 11:35 pm
Kullman: What the hell for?!?!
1/26, 11:35 pm
Friend: Don’t know. That is all that was said.
1/26, 11:36 pm
Kullman: This is getting outrageous
We need to get him the hell out of there, but solitary!?!? Are you breaking him out?
1/26, 11:37 pm
Friend: They had him in solitary the first week he was there then moved him to population. Now he is back. No, I’m
not breaking him out.
1/26, 11:37 pm
Kullman: Wooooooow. That’s absurd in my opinion
1/26, 11:38 pm
Friend: Why? I’m not going on a suicide mission to break him out. I know the feds are scared but…
1/26, 11:48 pm
Kullman: They should be.
1/26, 11:52 pm
Friend: I’m not sure what to do or think at this point.
1/26, 11:53 pm
Kullman: With more support coming from others in the state we should be able to break him out.
1/26, 11:53 pm
Friend: It’s a bad idea all around and I know Sky won’t want it. He wants to take this to the Supreme Court and he
can’t do that on the run doing stupid shit.
You can see how often Kullman tries to bait Friend by asking him his plans or encouraging certain
activities. This is well beyond what any reasonable person would answer, especially on FB and with
someone that you didn’t know. But, apparently, Kullman’s desperation to increase his worth to the
FBI led him to try, desperately, to get the Friend, a real friend to Schuyler Barbeau, to talk about
plans for both Schuyler’s role (which the FBI knew about from intelligence in December 2015) and
what might happen in Burns. However, much of his story is contrived. Let’s look at what he claims
about his knowledge, acquired from Mark McConnell, at a time that he could not even have had the
opportunity to talk with McConnell.
I interviewed McConnell on January 30, just four days after the shooting. He was not aware of any
shots being fired at Ryan Payne, by his own observation. Later when Payne was brought down to
where McConnell was, Payne did say, after he joined McConnell, Ammon Bundy, and Brian “Booda”
Cavalier, that he had been shot AT, but not hit. Therefore, McConnell knew that Payne had not been
shot. He also told me that he wasn’t released until 11:00 or 11:30 pm, fully an hour after Kullman
claims to have spoken with McConnell.
Now, rumor had it that “Ryan” had been shot. There was speculation as to which Ryan, and at first, I
had assumed Payne. However, McConnell said that when he was being transported to the rest area
where they all met and the two parties were separated, one to Portland, and McConnell and Victoria
Sharp back to Burns, he knew that Ryan Bundy was in an ambulance that made a short stop at the
Harney District Hospital.
The next available discussion, the following day, January 27:
1/27, 12:37 pm
Kullman: Where is your group going to stage? We can’t get an answer from Max Fairchild and I got my phone
blowing up from guys on the west side looking for answers and need to send them somewhere.
Any information on where I can send them beside the refuge let me know.
1/27, 2:02 pm
Friend: There are some Sheepdogs down there but I’m not going. I’m not leaving my wife. Have them go to the
town of Burns and go to one of the Motels. There they will find one or two Patriots with intel. Everything else I
cannot put on fb
1/27, 2:04 pm
Kullman: Email? Wrkilla89@gmail.com
1/27, 2:04 pm
Friend: wickr is xxxxxxxx. Email is not secure
1/27, 2:07 pm
Kullman: Mine is KullmanCombat
1/27, 2:12 pm
Friend: I wickred you.
1/27, 2:16 pm
Kullman: Re send transmission
1/27, 2:22 pm
Friend: Done
1/27, 3:31 pm
Friend: No details on fb.
1/27, 3:32 pm
Kullman: No I meant message me on wickr
Kullman persists, trying to get Friend to go to email or Wickr. Apparently, he assumes that if he can
imply a greater degree of security to the communications, Friend will open up and give him what he
seeks, though it really did not even exist.
It appears that Kullman has, unwittingly, given us a picture of some of the tactics of an informant.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 52 – Will Kullman (Nighthawk) #2
Burns Chronicles No 55
Marshall Spring & Ben
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
January 23, 2017
Marshall Sawyer Spring served as a Marine in Iraq with one of the defendants. He received a Purple
Heart, but his honor stopped there. His and Ben’s betrayal, of patriots and fellow Marines, as
informants includes not only informing, but goes well beyond, as you will see.
Spring and his partner, known only as “Ben”, live in Loveland, Colorado. Spring is a “Marshal”
appointed such by Bruce Doucette, self-appointed “United States Superior Court Judge”. This would,
according to the “appointment”, make Spring’s title “Marshal Marshall Spring”. Doucette arranged
to meet Spring and “Ben” in Burns, to set up a Common Law Grand Jury. Spring and Ben’s visit to
Burns coincides with the two FBI form 1023 (CHS Reporting Document) reports, and it is quite
apparent that the reports are tracking Doucette as much as they are the events in Burns.
Doucette, on January 14, 2017, confronted Spring with the information I had. Of course, Spring
denied that he was an informant, however, even though a subsequent meeting was scheduled, it
seems that Spring has given up his phone, as it is no longer in service.
Efforts to contact “Ben” have been futile, and even his last name is unknown. He had red hair and
was around the Refuge by January 12 until, at least, January 15, 2016. He was about 5′ 7″ or 5′ 8″
and weighed about 175 pounds. He sported a Fu Manchu goatee and moustache.
Whether Spring or Ben filed the respective reports is unknown. However, by some of the information
contained within the reports, it appears that Spring is CHS #12.
January 12, 2016
[heavily redacted]
Later in the day, Doucette met other individuals involved with the standoff including Pete Santillli and Joseph
O’Shaughnessy aka “Captain O”. O’Shaughnessy claims to be part of a militia group from Arizona and part of the
Pacific Patriot Network. O’Shaughnessy is attempting to get a helicopter to come to the area to conduct counter
surveillance. O’Shaughnessy does not like how the holding of the refuge compound is being handled. He believes that
a very limited number of Federal Agents could take back the refuge.
Doucette also met with individuals that claim to be part of the press covering the standoff named Mike LNU of the
TVOI News Network, Vicki Davis, Chuck Greenwood, telephone: [omitted] and Tim Davis. Mike LNU says they have a
“brother” in the Sheriff’s Department and if this comes to a fire fight it will be between the cops.
Doucette’s plan in Burns is to convene two common law grand juries in the area. A common law grand jury consists of
25 jurors and 1 Grand Jury administrator. It takes 25 jurors to indict and 12 to decide on a presented case. The
starting point of forming a grand jury will be to discuss the idea with the Safety Committee [Harney County
Committee of Safety] on Friday at a party that is planned to take place in town. Roger with the Grand Jury in Florida is
assisting remotely with writing all of Bruce Doucette’s decisions and indictments.
Doucette believes that if Bundy gets what he wants (return of the land to the ranchers) that in 6 months it will be
taken back by the Federal Government. Accordingly, Doucette stated that, “we can’t leave here until a new Sheriff
has been appointed and a new government is installed.” Doucette believes that a sheriff can be appointed because
the current sheriff, his department and local government are all corrupt.
January 13, 2016
On the afternoon of 1/13/2016, Bruce Doucette met with Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne and Jon LNU. Jon LNU is a
former marine that drives a silver F-150 with a “rogue infidel” bumper sticker. The purpose of the meeting was for
Doucette and the other three individuals to see if they were all on the same page regarding the refuge stand off. At
the conclusion of the meeting, Doucette and his bodyguards were invited to move onto the refuge. Doucette’s group
returned to their hotel and started packing their gear.
While he is in town, Doucette attempts to engage local residents and persuade them that what the individuals
occupying the refuge are doing is just. Doucette had some success in this regard.
The individuals occupying the refuge appear to have plenty of provisions and are in good spirits. The group has no
intention of leaving the refuge until the Hammonds are released and ownership of the refuge is turned over from the
Federal Government.
The occupation leadership’s plan moving forward is to try and duplicate the occupation at another federal facility in
another county. The Payne is in contact with a local Sheriff in another county that is friendly to their cause. This
county would be the likely location of the next facility. Payne will be meeting with the friendly Sheriff again in the
near future.
Doucette is going to provide Payne with copies of some of the legal process he created in the past. Payne will review
these documents and determine if Doucette methodology meets with his approval. (Please note: Doucette’s legal
process is all fictitious).
Yes, even though Spring appears to be a follower of Doucette, that comment was included in the
report. This is suggestive of the fact that Doucette is Spring’s assigned target, and that the Refuge
incident is simply a target of opportunity.
January 15, 2016
Reporting from [redacted] on 1/14/2016 at 1:30 PCT
The meeting being held by the Pacific Patriot Network on Friday, 1/15/16 will be attended by Bruce Doucette, and Joe
Bruce Doucette’s invitation to Grant County was allegedly made by the town’s people.
The occupants of the refuge are considering targets in Grant County and Mahler County for their next occupations.
The number of people at the refuge is approximately 10 Women and 30 men 24 hours a day
Bruce Doucette occupies a small house called the Coyote Hollow Volunteer Building on the south side centrally
located, to the west of the chow call.
Reporting from [redacted] on 1/14/2016 at 8:15 PCT
Some of the occupants of the refuge attended a meeting in town tonight at a private residence with members of the
public. The general consensus of the public at the conclusion of the meeting was favorable of the militia groups. The
refuge occupants left the meeting in a hurry because there was a report of three white SUV’s approaching the refuge.
Occupants of the refuge are reinforcing the town with four foot land fence posts. They are also reinforcing the gate
with fire trucks, fire hose and calops.
So, we can see the detail of the goings on at the Refuge as well as some tactical information. One
word, if spelled correctly in the report, is “calops”. If anybody has an idea what “calops” means, that
information would be appreciated.
Red-haired “Ben” has evaded identification, though, hopefully, someone can help to fill in these gaps.
Apparently, Ben and Spring have tried to start a business that utilizes waste from medical
marijuana processing to develop a going business.
These are probably Ben’s CHS #8 reports
January 14, 2016 – Ben
The CHS advised that Ryan Payne was out well into the morning of 1/14/2016 attempting to locate pole cameras on
the roads near the refuge. Payne still planned to destroy the cameras, but the prior sense of urgency is not present. It
was unclear of who would actually destroy the equipment, and further speculated that Payne would likely ask
someone else to conduct the act to avoid any illegal activity on his part.
Payne and Ammon Bundy (Ammon) seemed to have bonded on a spiritual level. They both claim to be had visions
from a higher power to support their actions in this matter and feel their current actions are based on direction from
God. The fact that Ammon is Mormon and Payne is a Jewish Kabalist seems to have no ill effect on their relationship.
Payne and Ammon appear to be interchangeable in the role of leaders of the others involved in the standoff. Payne
and Ammon seem to complement each other in their dealings with those involved under them. Payne espoused a
religious type view of the current event and their participation as being just the thoughts in the mind of a higher
power. Given the fact that Payne and Ammon feel they are acting in the will of God, they seem to not be concerned if
they live or die in this matter. The CHS speculated that if Payne and Ammon were removed, the group would fold due
to a lack of leadership. Jon Rizheimer is not the type of leadership material to be able to control the group in the
event Payne and Ammon were removed.
The current standoff has been planned by Amon and Payne since late November of 2015. They were not aware of the
Hammond conflict but planned for the takeover and standoff for the next event that satisfied their agenda. Ammon
stated that the ideal number of personnel within the refuge was 75. The group expects the number within the facility
to expand to 75 over the weekend of 1/16/2016. There is general talk of taking over a second location north of Burns,
Oregon near Grant County or northern Malheur County. No specific plan for a location has been announced, nor has
any time frame been provided. Speculation within the refuge was that if they were to take over a second facility that
would happen over the weekend.
Ammon further told the group that he planned to hold the standoff until the Spring comes so he can have the group
provide security for his transfer of the family cattle into the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) range. Ammon is
afraid the BLM will take the cattle if militia security is not present.
There does not appear to be any intention of or attempts to provide disinformation to the members within the
compound or the outside world on the part of Payne or Ammon. All of the information appears to be somewhat
compartmentalized for dissemination to the members within the refuge.
The members of the group had a strong negative reaction to having been denied access to the fairground for an event
that had been scheduled for 1/15/2016.
The CHS was not aware of any overt cache of weapons, but had not seen all areas of the facility to date. The food
pantry is located near the back gate in the fire bunkhouse. That location is also where the majority of the members
are sleeping. Payne, Ritzheimer and others are bunking in the building furthest away from the hill. Ammon sleeps in
the office.
Meals are served military style at 7:00 am, noon and 7:00 pm. They are cooked by 5-6 women and are typical meals
rather than dehydrated or field type rations. There is no shortage of food. Requests for food are routinely dropped
off. Donations are being provided by those coming into the facility and from unidentified individuals from the outside.
It is unclear how much actual cash is on hand but Ammon seems to control it and have no shortage.
January 15, 2016
The CHS was aware of meeting that took place on the evening of 1/14/2016 at a residence near the refuge. The home
was located nearest to the intersection of highways 78 and 205. The meeting was attended by several local ranchers,
Bruce Doucette and Jon Ritzheimer. Ryan Payne and Ammon Bundy were not present for the meeting. The local
ranchers, Doucette and Ritzheimer spoke to the group. The ranchers expressed anger that the fairground had been
denied for their use from their standpoint of being members of Harney County. They felt the issue at hand was being
filtered by the media and the government and wanted to get the sides out to the public straight from the sources. The
ranchers were encouraged by the militia to cut the locks and access the facility. The second alternative for today’s
meeting was to invite all of Harney County onto the refuge for the meeting. The firehouse was being cleaned out for
the meeting place on the refuge.
Payne has expressed that he feels the local ranchers are in support of the occupation and the militia because they
may have access to a “land grab” if the federal government concedes and gives the land back to the state. He (Payne)
believes the ranchers are supportive of the occupation for purely personal gain.
Ammon has requested transport back to his residence near Boise, Idaho. The plan is to depart the Burns area at
approximately 12:30 pm local. There are reported to be three vehicles carrying Ammon and others, including 3%
members for Ammon’s security. Ammon planned to handle family matters and potentially return to Burns on Sunday
or Monday. The travel for Ammon was delayed until approximately 3:30 pm.
At approximately 1:55 pm, the CHS advised that a group was gearing up to go and destroy what they thought was a
pole camera outside of the refuge.
That concludes what are probably Ben’s reports, since they both left the Refuge on either Friday,
January 15, or Saturday, January 16, 2016. However, they were to return shortly after LaVoy
Finicum was murdered on the side of Highway 395.
Bruce Doucette, being concerned for the safety of the “grand jurors”, contacted Marshal Spring and
arranged for him to go back to Oregon to provide protection for the “grand jurors”. He gave Spring
$5,000.00 cash to cover the expense of that task.
Spring decided to include Darryl Thorn among those he would “protect”. He arranged for Thorn to
stay in room 203, at the Super Eight Motel in Redmond, Oregon. Spring paid the motel bill, gave
Thorn gift meal cards for a restaurant, and some cash. This kept Thorn away from his home, and in
a place much safer for the FBI to make an arrest.
February 10, FBI confirmed with desk clerk that Thorn was, in fact, still staying at the Motel. On
February 12, a number of officers entered the hallway on both sides of room 203, knocked on the
door, and arrested Darryl Thorn based upon the Superseding Indictment.
That day, February 12, 2016, was a clean sweep for the FBI. Jeff Banta, David Fry, Sean Anderson,
Sandy Anderson, Geoffery Stanek, and Darryl Thorn were all arrested and then transported to
In an interview with Darryl Thorn, only Spring and Ben knew exactly where Thorn was staying.
Well, and the FBI.
In an effort to contact Spring, I found that his phone had been “changed, disconnected, or no longer
in service”. This is indicative of the expected reaction after Doucette confronted Spring.
This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 55 – Marshall Spring & Ben


Public Domain Policy  · Bundy Ranch “President Trump vs. President Obama & Senator Reid”

Kyle Lee Reber


For thirty long years Nevadans, especially small-town Nevadans had to begrudgingly deal with the fact that Harry Reid was our Senator, and for many he remains one of the most controversial legislators in the history of the Battle Born State. Despite serving five terms in the Senate, rural Nevada never quite warmed up to him. While he was comfortable and cozy in Washington, and the Las Vegas Valley, his relationship with the smaller communities was cold, bitter and nonexistent. In 2010 “Dump Reid “signs could be found in the most remote parts of the state.


I can remember passing one just outside of Hawthorne the fall of my senior year, hanging off a large haystack. Harry Reid born in the little town of Searchlight, ultimately became a threat to every little town like his hometown. He spent years lobbying and supporting conservation legislation damaging to Nevada economies. Ultimately Reid would retire disconnected having left a bitterness in residents of rural Clark County, Lincoln county and elsewhere across the state.

image: http://dab.li/Senator_Harry_Reid_has_escalated_the_war_of_words

In July of 2015 Reid’s persistence somewhat paid off when Obama designated 1100 square miles of Nye and Lincoln county as a monument, despite the outrage of local sheriff’s, county commissioners and town boards. When asked about the opposition the only words he had came out as arrogant and condescending when he said “What I say to people in Nye and Lincoln counties is, don’t worry about this, this is going to be great for you. This is going to be an attraction. It is going to be world famous. World famous!” Or in other words, regardless of the fact that you live there, the government knows what is best for you. Two years later the monument has brought no growth to speak of.

Image: http://dab.li/Officials_Dedicate_Basin_and_Range_National_Monume
Around the same time from 2014 to 2015 Donald Trump started making the rounds on cable news, gearing up for the campaign he would announce in June of 2015. It is around this time Reid and Trump cross paths.

In April of 2014, our government sent in stock contractors and a small army into the sleepy Virgin Valley to assert ownership and power over the land and its citizens, and confiscate Bundy cattle. What happened next is widely known. The government would attempt to establish a “first amendment zone”. Thousands of people drove, tens of thousands of miles to protest the B.L.M. and defend not just grazing and water rights but also basic Constitutional rights. Harry Reid would then go on to brand anyone there that day a domestic terrorist.

image: http://dab.li/Bundy_family_addresses_unanswered_questions

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roL1kx1rRfs
What is lesser known is that April 16th, 2014, Donald Trump went on air with Sean Hannity. The topic while they were air on that night, was Cliven Bundy. Mr. Hannity started off the interview, with the biggest understatement of that year, saying ” I don’t like heavy-handed government. 200 agents, snipers surrounding a ranch. Seems a little over the top to me.” Trump agreed saying “It’s over the top, its strong, I like him”. Trump then admitted that he wasn’t accustomed to grazing fees, but he knew there were certain regulations regarding them and then this ” If I were Cliven — and I like him, I like his spirit, his spunk and the people that are so loyal.” Sean agreed. Then he offered this advice “I do like him, I respect him. He ought to go and cut a good deal right now”.
The interview ended with both he and Sean agreeing Cliven should go cut a deal with the Bureau of Land management, and that the war games were a waste of resources.

image: http://dab.li/Standoff_in_the_desert

It’s interesting even in that interview they both remarked that the situation could have ended badly, even in gunshots, because that is a claim the so-called judge overseeing this case has denied. In her mind government is to pure to be at any fault. Cliven Bundy wasn’t going to deal any states or anyone’s rights. All in all, Trump said in that interview, that he liked Cliven three times, and that he respected him, and the people around him, and he admired their loyalty. A loyalty which would be passed on to candidate, Trump in the Nevada caucuses, the GOP Convention and the general election.
Not quite two years later, and four days after Ammon Bundy began his protest on behalf of Dwight and Steve Hammond, the then GOP frontrunner, ran an op-ed in the Reno Gazette. In which he stated he did not agree with the tactics, while at the same time blasting the Obama administration and the Bureau of Land Management, In the article he echoed almost verbatim what LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy spoke at every press conference, Ammon repeatedly said he wanted “the loggers to get to logging, the miners to mine, the ranchers to ranch, hunters to hunt and the hikers to hike…” What Trump said was strikingly similar.

image: http://dab.li/Ammon_Bundy_Ranchers_Rights

“In the rural areas, those who for decades have had access to public lands for ranching, mining, logging and energy development are forced to deal with arbitrary and capricious rules that are influenced by special interests that profit from the D.C. rule-making and who fill the campaign coffers of Washington politicians”.
He echoed what county commissioners, town boards and ranchers had said for the last sixty years. That the Bureau of Land Management was “near-dictatorial”, “draconian”, “far-removed”. Controlling, and power hungry could also be added. Then as if to acknowledge the Bundy family and supporters, he acknowledged that the situation in and around Clark County was much worse, because the Bureau of Land Management is so reluctant to give up land. Because of that growth is being hindered, and communities must beg to expand and protect access to water rights, anytime a community does want to expand, it takes legislation in congress, which can be impossible to get at times.

image: http://dab.li/armed_feds

Trump stuck a chord in monument country in Nevada and in the rest of the western states.
Trump resonated so well, in rural Nevada he picked up fourteen of the sixteen counties. Only loosing Washoe county by less than a percent, and Clark County by less than three percent. On a precinct level Hillary didn’t win much outside of the Las Vegas. Lincoln County for example is ninety-eight percent federal property, and it went a staggering seventy-eight percent for Trump, and a meager thirteen percent for Hillary. The numbers look nearly the same in the counties of Churchill, Elko, Eureka, Esmerelda, Humboldt, Lander, Pershing, and White Pine, with Trump getting over seventy percent and Hillary between ten and twenty percent. He also severely outperformed her in Lyon, Mineral, Nye and Storey counties.

Despite Trumps performance, the state went blue, which highlights the dangers of government when it becomes too large and democratic, urban population centers can silence rural towns. Trump remains popular in the most remote parts of the state, due to his position on the B.L.M. and liberal environmentalism in general.

The morning after the election a pleasantly surprised Paul Ryan made a victory speech, in which he promised relief was coming for the farmers in Wisconsin, and “the ranchers out west being harassed by the Interior Department, and the laid of timber workers. Trump has made some good on that promise.

Two very good appointees were confirmed Ryan Zinke was appointed to head the Department of the Interior, and Scott Pruitt to the E.P.A. He rolled back the Waters of the United States rule, he put in place a hiring freeze. Then due, to the persistence and dedication of Utah’s state and federal legislatures, Trump signed the order initiating a review of Americas largest, most restrictive national monuments, designated in the last twenty-five years.

image: http://dab.li/Zinkes_list_of_monuments

The sitting head of the Department of the Interior, made his way to Utah and took the time to visit with sheriffs, county commissioners, and the governor. For many it is refreshing to see the government soliciting and acting on local input, versus urban based environmental groups. Trump has put America on a new path of land management, one where the local people are treated like citizens not subjects.

The approach of the Trump administration to land use and the environment and the people who live and depend on it is commendable. Much still needs to be done.

The bureau of land managers, has become to militarized, centralized and authoritative. Once it had good intentions to prevent over-grazing, and it provided some ranching improvements like troughs and cattle guards. Over time though, it has been bought by special interest environmental groups, through donations of materials, labor and press and pressured by lawsuits.

image: http://dab.li/Move_Underway_to_Defund_Armed_Federal_Goons

Some form of Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s H.R. 622 needs to be implemented. The B.L.M, needs to cooperate with local officials. There also is no rule that B.L.M. enforces that warrants any loss of life, so why are they so militarized? Their role in law enforcement clearly needs to be re-evaluated, if not completely dismissed.

Many of the environmental regulations nullified by Trump still hold many of Americans hostage in prison or in the courts. Too many Americans are in jail because of the climate war waged by the last administration, and they deserve to be released.

image: http://dab.li/Jerry_DeLemus__Marine_Corps_Veteran

Co-Chairman of New Hampshire Veterans for Trump, was sentenced to seven years in prison for his role in the protest of the B.L.M. The ideals he and the Bundy’s espoused, are the ideals the president campaigned on. Why then do they remain in prison?

Trump ran on a platform of local involvement, a limited government, increased access to public lands, and less regulation for the farmers and ranchers of Americas heartland, Ammon Bundy and Donald Trump espoused the same message, and the Bundy family and company are paying the price, at the hands of a liberal prejudiced Ninth Circuit.

image: http://dab.li/Testimony_Blocked_By_Judge_Navarro

Trump of all people knows what that’s like. In Trumps op-ed to the Reno Gazette he promised he would “bring the executive branch back inside the Constitution and will work with Congress to put America first.” So, let’s end the nonsense, the U.S. Attorney’s office has spent many millions to convict Americas farmers and ranchers, as part of the last administration’s environmentalist war.

President Trump is now in a position, where he can make a deal and give locals more say on public lands, and return industry back to these communities. He is also able to correct the prejudicial justice system crafted in the Obama era. It’s time for him to make good on his promises to Nevadans and every other rural American. It’s time to rescind these monuments it’s time to turn the Bundy’s and their supporters loose.

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Internet Radio Journalist Investigates Cliven Bundy Ranch Case 


Charlottesville Car Driver Was Fleeing Antifa Attack

Patriot Mouse     www.PatriotMouse.com

the ddeadwoman.png

As the black charger ran down the road plowing into another car, most antifa protestors jumped out of the way. But once the car stopped, a group of them attacked his rear window with bats smashing it out while others smashed in his side window.

So the driver panicked and he revved his car into reverse.

It’s clear this was attempted murder by the MOB and he was well within his rights to try by any means to get out of there, but gunning it in reverse was not the brightest thing to do.

The point is, it’s not a cut and dry case as the press makes it out to be.  They should not have been smashing in the windows of his car.  That makes everything much more complicated.

Here we see the group of four approaching the back of the car about to smash out his…

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Susanne Posel & Ramsey Denison

Kira welcomes Ramsey Denison to the Bridge for a discussion about his police brutality and corruption documentary film, “What Happened in Vegas.” (in the 2nd hour)

Psychopaths In Charge

Kira welcomes Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism, back to the Bridge for a rousing conversation about politics and the loss of American democracy.

Kira welcomes Ramsey Denison to the Bridge for a discussion about his police brutality and corruption documentary film, “What Happened in Vegas.”

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Fuck Tolerance


Acceptance is the difficult path to peace

Non-acceptance is the difficult path to integrity

Tolerance is the easy path to self struggle

Tolerance: to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.

We are taught to tolerate. Tolerate other people, tolerate dishonesty, tolerate murder, tolerate pointlessness, tolerate poor quality and bad leadership.

We are taught that tolerance is a virtue, a sign of an open mind, a patient soul and a strong heart. That tolerance is the key to peace within society and peace within ourselves.

On the other side of tolerance, there are acceptance and non-acceptance. Tolerance is an act of the mind, acceptance and non-acceptance are acts of the spirit and body. Tolerance happens and stays in the mind, acceptance lives in your spirit, non-acceptance takes action in your body.

To tolerate means to allow for something, you can or will not accept…

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How the Vaccine Industry Uses Hollywood, Mind Control and Force to Create a ‘Brave New World’ of Transhumans!

(Live) to love and keep your heart full of the lives of others.” – Liam Scheff

Aydan's Road to Recovery

“Men (people) are rarely aware of the real reasons which motivate their actions.”
Edward L. Bernays

Imagine this… You are a parent of a beautiful, healthy child.  You love this child more than you thought possible. You spent your whole life thinking that you understood the meaning of love until now… Now you KNOW… This is IT.  It’s shocking!  While you just met this person, this tiny being, you feel they have been with you your whole life.  This is love beyond any measure you thought possible, you would do anything.. ANYTHING to protect this person, this part of you.  You take your perfect child that you love beyond compare to the doctor who you’ve always been taught is looking out for the health of the people. This doctor will green stamp your little one and ensure that he remains healthy.  This larger than life figure with years of…

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Marty Leeds

Psychopaths In Charge

This is the everything you ever wanted to know about sacred geometry, freemasonry, flat earth, boobs and cannabis show that you have heard so much about! On this episode, Kira and Marty discuss his work in teaching sacred geometry and the mathmatical proof of the divinity of wo/man. In the second hour, Vincent Easley joins the conversation and monitors the chat room.

Show Teaser: http://youtu.be/74eZPm__8UE

Full Length Interview Here: http://youtu.be/19j-fzp_wyw

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