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I received the following email from someone I know personally. I am redacting certain things at the moment pending contact with a reporter that I met who works at the Media Outlet in the following opinion letter to the editorial dept. of a Main Stream Media outlet but was not published. I am going to try these so-called rules of Journalism and see how it works out before I proceed.
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Unpublished Letter to the Editor – FAKE NEWS; NOW FAKE LAWS by <<Redacted>>
Riding my bicycle to work on <<Redacted>> was an interesting experience with the <<Redacted>> PD. Riding on the sidewalk to avoid dangerous traffic, I had to pass through a group of men and officers who were detaining a suspect. Wearing my scrubs and my flight jacket from the Navy, plus having a clean conscious, I confidently passed through the group first announcing, “Coming through. Make a hole, please.” The reaction I get is from a uniformed officer rudely stating how I was in violation of the law by riding on the sidewalk. He placed doubt in my mind so I complied to his demand to ride in the street. However, when I arrived at my <<Redacted>> job, I promptly <<Redacted>> [Search Engine] the subject and spoke with the traffic division at Metro. I learned that <<Redacted>> Municipal Code <<Redacted>> allows an individual to ride on sidewalks with only certain areas specified as off limits like downtown <<Redacted>> , <<Redacted>> , highways or areas specifically designated as no bicycle zones.
I am a <<Redacted>> year old man who rides his bicycle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have no desire to be plummeted by a moving vehicle. This would be counterproductive to my goals. As a medical professional with 25 years experience in <<Redacted>> , I believe in the colloquialism, “Physician, heal thyself.” Yet, my well being was jeopardized by the arrogance of a local Police Officer who, I discovered, was spouting off fake laws trying to control my behavior. I’ve always been a law-abiding citizen but I have developed an extreme distrust of law enforcement, even after having worked closely with them in hospitals throughout my career. Remember the incident a few months ago in Utah where officers detained a nurse for doing her job and protecting her patient from an abusive police department? She was in the right. The police were not.
What explains this nearly universal hostility of the police force towards her citizens which they have sworn to protect and serve? It must be inherent in their training. Having traversed the country for 8 years as a traveling tech, I noticed a trend that nearly all Registered Nurses are plagued with a condition known as “nursitis” which manifests itself with a low-level of arrogance and an unwillingness to learn beyond their profession. There are exceptions, of course, with many magnificent nursing professionals who amaze me with their confidence, professionalism, demeanor and attention to details. The same goes with Police Officers. However both professions, I believe, are conditioned in their training to believe in their superiority over their fellow man. This interferes with their primary mission statements: to protect and serve. This applies to the medical profession as well as to law enforcement. I hold no hope that this affliction which I dub “copitis” will ever be cured but recognition is always the first step.