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A Long Train of Abuses By Todd C. Engel


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A Long Train of Abuses       By Todd C. Engel #presidenttrump

On April 5, 2014, the Bureau of Land Management commenced an operation to impound rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle. In the run-up to the operation, no less than five separate threat assessments were conducted to ascertain the threat that the Bundy’s may pose to law enforcement officers during the roundup. Each and every one of the assessments conducted by the FBI, JTTF, BLM, et.al., showed that the Bundy’s propensity for violence to be virtually nonexistent. With these findings, an appropriate course of action pertaining to a law enforcement presence should have been a few Las Vegas Metro PD officers on scene ensuring the safety of all involved. If that had been the case, the impoundment would likely have been completed without incident. Nevertheless, that would not be the case. The BLM brought in Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Daniel P. Love, who began to stage a small army at his incident command post in the week leading up to the scheduled impoundment. The list of men and material he brought in included:

At least 138 heavily armed agents with level IV body armor, Kevlar helmets and assault rifles.
Two FBI Swat Teams, one from Los Angeles, and one from Las Vegas with attached sniper teams and a F.L.I.R. equipped helicopter.
A U.S. Park Service Special Event Tactical Team (SETT) with an attached sniper team.
Multiple BLM sniper teams
A Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicle
Drones and Airplanes
Multiple German Shepherd attack dogs
The BLM also set up two “First Amendment Areas” miles away from the impoundment operation for protesters to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. These areas were monitored by cameras and under cover agents who documented the license plates of people in the area. On April 6th, the second day of the gather, agents encountered civilians taking pictures of the gather from the side of the road. For over an hour, BLM agents harass these citizens and attempt to herd them into the “First Amendment Areas.” They threaten them with citations and arrest until they are informed by the United States Attorney’s Office that they have “no arrest authority.” After Just a few short hours later, Dave Bundy is parked on the side of the road filming the gather with his Ipad. A BLM sniper team is deployed on the hill behind him and aim rifles at his back. Agents then approach him, body slam him, grind his face into the gravel and haul him off to jail, all with “no arrest authority.” He is released the next morning with no charges. His Ipad is confiscated and when it is returned, three years later, all video had been erased. As the impoundment continued, BLM agents began to shoot the Bundy’s cattle from helicopters, leaving many valuable bulls dead. They also systematically shot cattle they had corralled at the ICP and bury them in a mass grave. Simultaneously, the BLM and their contractors began to destroy Cliven Bundy’s State of Nevada deeded ‘waters’ that have been in his family for over a hundred years and are protected by Nevada State Law. It’s understandable why they wanted no pictures taken.

Killing his cattle and destroying his waters are crimes under Nevada law.

On April 9th, a spontaneous protest occurs whereby citizens were curious as to why a dump truck and backhoe are involved in gathering cattle. As the protestors attempt to look into the back of the dump truck, an attack dog is released on Ammon Bundy and he is tased three times. His fifty-nine year old aunt is grabbed from behind and violently body slammed to the ground. In the dump truck, they find torched pieces of their water tanks, evidence of BLM criminal activity. When SAC Dan Love is asked by reporter Pete Santilli, if the government is killing cattle, Dan Love states, “we are not killing cattle!” Multiple videos and photographs show different. (All of the information listed above was not allowed to be presented at my trial) On April 12th, a tense protest occurs with armed and unarmed citizens in a wash a few miles from the Bundy residence. As unarmed protestors arrived in the wash, the BLM immediately aimed assault rifles at them and stated over the loudspeaker that they would use lethal force. This precipitated a response from armed protesters who moved down the freeway towards the wash to defend the people from the BLM. During this protest, multiple agents are recorded saying such things as: “This is another Waco,” “This is a shoot first ask questions later type situation,” and after the protest is over, an agent says, “ Not one shot fired. They’re all fucking mouth. We should have ran units in there, smashed em and killed em.” Almost two years after the impoundment, nineteen of us would be arrested and put on trial in three separate tiers. The first tier went to trial on February 6th, 2017, of which I would be included in. Just six weeks before trial, due to my court appointed attorney being incompetent and unprepared, and not wanting another postponement by replacing him, I chose to represent myself pro se. During trial the Judge, Gloria Navarro, in open bias against the defense would not allow me to say the words “U.S. Constitution”, “1st Amendment Right”, “2nd Amendment Right”, “Right to keep and bear arms”, and in a moment of total frustration I asked her if I could say “freedom of speech” in her courtroom. She looked at me and said, “No, you may not.” When the defense got the case and attempted to call our first witness, the prosecution stated that all of our witnesses were “unindicted co-conspirators” and threatened to arrest and indict them if they testified. As a result, only two took the stand in our defense. Just prior to trial, it was discovered that SAC Dan Love had participated in some nefarious activities of which he was under investigation for and was ultimately relieved of duty. In a blow to the government’s case, they removed him as their star witness. No worries though as we would call him to the stand. When the defense attempted to call him, the government fought it and the judge ruled in their favor. The Special Agent in Charge of the entire operation and that agent whose Grand Jury testimony resulted in our indictments, would never take the stand. With Dan Love in a protected status and me completely discouraged at the ongoing conspiracy between the prosecutors and the judge, I asked a witness a single question about Dan Love and was immediately stripped of my pro se status and the ability to defend myself. My standby counsel took over but was completely clueless, knew nothing of the discovery, and continued to take his daily catnaps and e-bay shopping during the trial. As the trial came to a close, we were not allowed jury instructions of “self-defense,” “defense of others,” or “justification” as the judge stated we were unable to prove the presence of BLM “intimidation,” “provocation,” “over aggressiveness,” or the presence of “snipers.” Our only defense would be, “we didn’t do it.” I was ultimately convicted of Count 12, “Obstruction of Justice” and Count 16, “Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion.” Seven months later, during the third trial in which Cliven, Ryan, Ammon Bundy, and Ryan Payne were defendants, a bombshell memo was sent to the prosecution, the Department of Justice, and Congress. The memo was eighteen pages of outrageous conduct by the BLM, FBI, and USAO and was written by the government’s own lead investigator, Larry Wooten who investigated this incident for almost three years. Wooten stated that on February 17th, 2017, two weeks into my trial, A.U.S. A. Steven Myhre, the lead prosecutor, entered into a conspiracy with Wooten’s direct supervisor, Kent Kleman, to have Wooten removed from the investigation because they didn’t like his findings. All records of his investigation were confiscated from his office and he was told not to discuss the case with anyone. His investigation reports have never been found. This is a classic example of witness tampering and is a crime of “obstruction of justice” as Wooten was on the witness list for my trial. In the spring of 2018, Wooten wrote a second eighteen-page report memo that is so revealing of the governments’ corruption that the judge placed an exceptionally strict protective order on it and to date, it has not been released. In December of 2017, the judge declared a mistrial due to over three thousand pages of ‘Brady’ material (information likely beneficial to the defense) was finally turned over. The new ‘Brady’ material showed:

Five separate threat assessments that showed the Bundy’s were not a threat for violence.
The BLM’s threat assessment showed that (the BLM) were looking to “face-off” and provoke the Bundy’s into a confrontation.
An FBI Operations Order in which the FBI had deployed snipers.
An aerial photograph showing the positions of at least two sniper teams perched above Cliven’s home on the nights of the 5th and 6th, prior to the arrival of protestors or militia. It also showed that the snipers had ranged the distance to his house, carried intermediate range rifles, night vision, thermal imaging devices, and infrared spotlights.
A six man Quick Reaction Force two miles away on stand-by prepared to assault the Bundy residence on the nights of the 5th and 6th.
The presence of live feed cameras above Bundy’s residence feeding real time video back to the ICP and Dan Love.
Evidence that Dan Love, pre-operation, gave a pep talk to his agents telling them to go out there and “kick Cliven in the teeth.”
Evidence that Dan Love sent an email telling his agents how to become “warriors.”
Evidence that Dan Love carried a “kill book” wherein he bragged about being responsible for three suicides in Operation Cerberus Action in Blanding, Utah.
FBI Agent Joel Willis, according to the judge, “hid” exculpatory evidence in his agency vehicle. He stated that he “finally found a thumb drive”, after three years, “on the floor of his vehicle”. On January 8th, 2018, the judge dismissed the case “With Prejudice” against Cliven Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy, and Ryan Payne due to “Flagrant Prosecutorial Misconduct, Due Process Violations, and multiple Brady Violations.” The government filed a motion asking Judge Navarro to reconsider her decision and on July, 3rd, 2018 she denied their motion and stated that the ‘Brady’ material withheld was at least relevant to Count 5, Count 12, and Count 16; two of the charges of which I was convicted. Shortly thereafter, the government dismissed all charges on the defendants that had not gone to trial yet. My luck for being in the first group! We filed a motion for a new trial due to the multiple ‘Brady’ violations revealing new evidence, a motion for a “Judgement of Acquittal” as the elements of the charges were never met, and a motion to depose Larry Wooten under oath in order to get his story on the record and add additional new evidence to the mountain that already existed. On the day of my sentence hearing, just minutes before going into the courtroom, Judge Navarro denied all three motions stating that the ‘Brady’ violations were not relevant to me and that the new evidence did not reach the threshold for a new trial and deposing Larry Wooten was “moot.” The government had stated, in the indictment, that there were NO government snipers at the Bundy Ranch and therefore Cliven’s assertion of snipers was “false, deceitful, and deceptive” and that his call to the militia for protection was an “unnecessary escalation of tensions.” At trial, I contentiously argued that snipers were present but was continually objected to by the government and sustained by the judge. We now know that as I argued at trial, the government had, in it’s possession, reams of evidence showing that from April 5th through April 12th, snipers were present and active at the Bundy Ranch.

On July 19th, 2018, I was sentenced to fourteen years in Federal Prison. But I was not sentenced for Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion or Obstruction of Justice but was sentenced for actual Extortion, Assault on a Federal Officer, Threatening a Federal Officer, and Use and Carry of a Firearm during a Crime of Violence; all of the charges I faced at trial but was not convicted.

So why was it so important and why so much effort to remove Cliven Bundy from his land? It certainly was not delinquent grazing fees of $1.3 million, as a government attorney testified in the third trial that Mr. Bundy only owed $8800 in back fees. The answer is quite simple really and could have been found on the BLM’s own website before they removed it. During the impoundment, the website stated that the “Gold Butte Solar Project was not compatible with feral cattle.” There it was for the whole world to see and it had nothing to do with grazing fees. So who were the main players behind this massive land grab? Evidence shows that Senator Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, had formed a partnership and signed contracts with a Chinese solar company to install this solar project in Gold Butte. But they still needed Bundy and his cattle off the land. Harry Reid had a plan. He took one of his high level advisors, Neil Kornze, from his staff and had him moved over to the BLM. From 2009 to 2014, Kornze moved up the ranks until in April 2014 he became the Director of the BLM. To anchor this conspiracy and ensure he had the courts in his pocket, Harry Reid recommended to Barack Obama the appointment of none other than Gloria Navarro as Chief Justice for the District of Nevada. I tremble to think what the outcome of this rogue operation may have been had protestors, armed and unarmed, not heeded the call of this besieged rancher and converged on his ranch from across the country. Would Dan Love have killed this family and burned their house down around them as they assaulted them with snipers and armored vehicles? I thank the Lord that we will never know that answer. From inside a Birmingham, Alabama jail, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.” From inside a prison in Pahrump, Nevada, I couldn’t agree more.

Posted by It Matters How You Stand on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Standing Matters: Bundy Ranch and Malheur Refuge Status Updates

Darryl Thorn – U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown sentenced defendant Darryl Thorn on Tuesday to a year and a half in federal prison for his role in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. By Conrad Wilson OPB Nov. 21, 2017 1:59 p.m.

Jake Ryan – now In Custody and sentenced to 1 yr and 1 day. The judge said because of the gibberish letters he read and also submitted to the court last night she had no choice but to give him a prison sentence and take him into custody immediately. this is the home of the Free because of the brave. Jake Ryan is the Brave. Kelli Stewart 24 January at 16:48 ·

Corey Lequieu – becomes first Oregon standoff defendant sent to prison in conspiracy case. U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown sent Lequieu to prison for 2 1/2 years followed by three years of supervised release. Lequieu, in custody in the Multnomah County Jail, also must pay restitution in an amount to be determined later. By Rebecca Woolington · rwoolington@oregonian.com The Oregonian / OregonLive Updated ; Posted

Jon Ritzheimer – Dec 3, 2017 – According to Stars & Stripes, Oathkeeper and provocateur, Jon Ritzheimer was sentenced in an Oregon federal courtroom last Thursday for his role in the occupation of the … The prosecutor asked for two years in prison, but the judge gave him a year and a day along with a year of supervised release.

Jon Ritzheimer sentenced: This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here


U.S. District Judge Anna Brown has moved up Jon Ritzheimer’s date to surrender to prison from Feb. 15 to Jan. 12.

Men in Malheur refuge standoff violated their release conditions

PORTLAND — A judge is taking action against two men who took part in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside Burns after Facebook photos showed they violated their release conditions by visiting the Bundy ranch in Nevada without permission.

Duane Ehmer:

You can write to Duane at:
Duane Leo Ehmer
Inmate ID 79452-065
FCI Lompoc
Federal Correctional Institution
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

For rules on mail, how to send money, and visitation type FCI Lompoc in your internet search bar.

Duane’s PayPal is:


MIKE EMERY ARRESTED AT 5:30 AM RAID AT GUNPOINT BY FBI.His house has been cleaned out! All his computers and documents taken, believed to be held in Deschutes County!!! by Warnings For Americans Future blog The Cowboy and the LadyMay 8, 2016 TLB Staff

Gregory Burleson –

Bundy supporter Burleson sentenced to 68 years in prison By Jenny Wilson Las Vegas Review-Journal July 26, 2017 – 11:36 am

Gerald “Jerry” DeLemus (de-LAY’-mus)… became the first person sentenced to prison for his ties to the confrontation. The Latest: Man Gets 8 Years in Nevada Ranch Standoff Case LAS VEGAS (AP) May 31, 2017, at 2:53 p.m.

Harney County, Oregon ranchers Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, his son Steven Dwight Hammond, 46, and federal officials. In 2012, both Hammonds were charged with several counts in relation to two fires… (wiki) – Convicted under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, the Hammonds were subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of five years. But in 2012, US district judge Michael Hogan said that sentence was “grossly disproportionate to the severity of the offenses”. As a result, Dwight served a three-month sentence and Steven spent a year behind bars. , the Department of Justice appealed Hogan’s lighter sentencing, arguing it was illegal to ignore the mandatory minimum sentence. Last fall, the Hammonds were resentenced and forced to return to prison – this time for five years.


Eric Ej Parker – Feb. 8, 2018, Las Vegas

Scott Drexler – Feb. 8, 2018, Las Vegas

Jason Patrick – Feb. 18, 2015, 10am Portland

Brian Cavalier* – apx. April

Blaine Cooper –

Pete Santilli –

Todd Engel – Feb. 22, 2018

Ryan Payne – Feb. 27, 2018, 10am Portland

Thomas Lacovara-Stewart – served a year after being set up and is currently in a federal halfway house in Oregon. Vincent Easley II

All needed Info on Duane Ehmer, Jake Ryan, Jason Patrick, Darryl Thorn, and Ryan Payne all compiled by the amazing and wonderful Becky Wald


Contains commissary and mailing info for Darryl and Jason at the prison:

Just a friendly reminder…

Jason Patrick sentencing: 2/15/18 10:00 AM rm 14A
1000 SW Third Ave. Portland

You can write to:

Darryl Thorn #79566-065
FCI Sheridan
Federal Correction Institution
Satellite Camp
P.O. Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 97378

Jason Patrick 79454-065
FCI Sheridan
Federal Correction Institution
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

General information for SHERIDAN:

Visitation: Fri-Sun 8:30-3 To visit you must ask Jason/Darryl to send you a form to fill out and send back.


Select: “Quick collect”

Inmates register #:

Attn: Jason Patrick
City code: FBOP, DC

Attn: Darryl Thorn
City code: FBOP, DC

OR by phone: 1-800-634-3422 opt. 2

OR Any Western Union location and complete a “payment form”

Email will be available, still waiting for that info.
Information on Ryan Payne:

His sentencing is 2/27/18 at 10 AM rm. 14A
1000 SW Third Ave. Portland

You can write to him at:

Inmate Mail
Ryan Payne SWIS # 795073
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

To put money on his commissary:
touchpayonline.com or
You can deposit money in the kiosk inside the jail.

Visitation is on Saturdays only from 9 AM-2 PM
You can write Ryan to have him put you on his visitors list or go into Inverness jail and fill out a pink slip asking him to put you on his list. He will need your name as it appears on your drivers license or ID and your date of birth. You can find more information on visitation at www.mcso.us or call 503-988-5060.
Information on Jake Ryan:

You can write to him at:

Inmate Mail
Jake Ryan SWIS # 796534
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

To put money on his commissary:
touchpayonline.com or
You can deposit money in the kiosk inside the jail.

Visitation is on Saturdays only from 9 AM-2 PM
You can write Jake to have him put you on his visitor’s list or go into Inverness jail and fill out a pink slip asking him to put you on his list. He will need your name as it appears on your driver’s license or ID and your date of birth. You can find more information on visitation at www.mcso.us or call 503-988-5060.
Information for Duane Ehmer:

You can write to Duane at:
Duane Leo Ehmer
Inmate ID 79452-065
FCI Lompoc
Federal Correctional Institution
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436


Select: “Quick collect”
Attn: Duane Leo Ehmer


Sentenced and Incarcerated Now:

Darryl Thorn
Jake Ryan
Corey Lequieu
Jon Ritzheimer
Duane Ehmer
Michael Emry
Greg Burleson
Jerry Delemus
Dwight Hammond
Steve Hammond

Sentencing Dates:

Eric Parker 2/8
Scott Drexler 2/2
Jason Patrick 2/15 10:00 am
Brian Cavalier(approximately April)
Blaine Cooper
Pete Santilli
Todd Engel 2/2
Ryan Payne 2/27 10:00 am in Portland

Murdered by Oregon State Patrol:
Lavoy Finicum 1/26/16


Calendar Call
Mel Bundy 2/26
Dave Bundy 2/26
Joe Oshaugnessy 2/26
Jason Woods 2/26
Josh Martinez 5/?
Rick Koerber 6/4
Bill Keebler 4/? (Incarceration pending trial and sentencing)
Adam Kokesh
Karl Koenings

Partially released in strict housing:
Thomas Lacovara-Stewart

No automatic alt text available.

Kelli Stewart is with John Lamb and 2 others.
25 January at 14:34 ·

I’m working on a schedule so we don’t miss important hearings or trial dates. Please comment below if I missed a political prisoner and also if you know the missing dates. Then we can type this out and update it as we go with new info and make sure to not miss any important upcoming dates. If I got something wrong or forgot a name please don’t take offense, just let me know. Ty

Continue reading Standing Matters: Bundy Ranch and Malheur Refuge Status Updates

The Bundy Ranch Raid Kill List Leaked Document by WhistleBlower Exposes Dept. of Justice Cover-Up

The “Kill Book” is among the voluminous amounts of exculpatory evidence withheld by the State.
Special Agent in Charge Dan Love, who has since been fired for misconduct, led an assault against the family and surrounding communities for weeks. Included in this assault was physical force, brutality, and complete violation of civil rights.
Supporters came by the 100’s to Stand as a buffer between the Bundy Ranch Family and a highly militarized federal task force intent on the unthinkable. Unknowingly, some of these supporters became targeted members in the “Kill Book” along with the Bundy Family.
Vincent Easley ―II
Read the Rest from Shari Duvale at @RedoubtNews https://redoubtnews.com
https://www.facebook.com/RedoubtNews BREAKING NEWS. Special report from Washington State Representative Matt Shea with game changing news regarding egregious violations against the American people.
 Larry Wooten Leaked Document


The memo comes from Larry Wooten, who had been the lead case agent and investigator for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management after the tense confrontation outside the patriarch’s ranch near Bunkerville. Wooten also testified before a federal grand jury that returned indictments against the Bundys. He said he was removed from the investigation last February after he complained to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Nevada.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
Bundy Ranch Jury Trial #3 Call to Rally Dec. 15th 2017 by John Lamb Against the Secret Proceedings in the Bundy Ranch Trial that have now become All too Familiar in Judge Gloria Navarro’s Courtroom of Sealed Hearings and Documents at the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse.

Closed to the Public Court Hearings, Sealed Documents and Sanctions – Bundy Ranch Trial

No Sanctions by Judge Gloria Navarro on Morgan Philpot, Attorney for Ammon Bundy in yet another Sealed Hearing today.

John Lamb Livefeed Bundy Ranch Trial #3



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The Bundy Ranch Playlist: The History and Current Events with Video Updates and Radio Broadcasts on the Standoff by the (BLM) Bureau of Land Management and the “Peaceful Pushback” of Protest, “Standing in the Gap” at the Battle of Bunkerville.

Reporting from Las Vegas: Continuing to Stand and Witness,

Vincent Easley ―II – @PonderGander– @VinE_RLM_RADIO– Paraphrased Plagiarist
To Think and Reason, Raising Expectations Through Thought Provoking Episodes. Radio from the Americas – Connecting Voices, Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.






Government “Kill List” Targeted American Protesters

Vincent Easley II

“Domestic Terrorists”? A Federal Task Force that descended on small desert community with a “Kill List” is linked to the Nation’s Capital and the Dept. of Justice (DoJ) by an alleged Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) Whistle Blower.


…Per BLM agent Dan Love’s kill list, the government planned to shoot the Bundy’s first.


Vincent Easley II

The 2014 Raid on the Bundy Ranch is being revealed as what may be called as a “Shoot To Kill and Cover-Up” Policy as the Standard Operating Procedure [SOP].
The Abandoned Cattle Gather, scrutinized as Dirty Deeds: “Hate and Deadly Cruelty Behind the Shield” was led by the since Fired for Misconduct and now possible Whistle Blower, Special Agent in Charge [SAC] Dan Love.

Published on Dec 14, 2017

There is a resurgence of disgust and outrage as an unnamed Department Of Homeland Security Investigator’s leaked report resurfaces along with added information that Dan Love Agent In Charge during the Bundy Ranch Standoff along with other government agencies, including the Military, compiled a “hit list” to carry out after the Standoff had ended in April 2014. It is being reported that there are photographs of this list with other evidence that confirms this and other tactics to be used against the Bundy Family and their supporters. It all began with a DHS Investigator leaking information of the government tactics and plans to Doug Hagmann to Steve Quayle in an email.



Revealed is an alleged government “kill list” marked zone that placed color coded instructions upon the heads of protesters. A former investigator who worked with prosecutors blew the whistle we are told, exposing this among the many other violations by Federal entities that destroyed evidence and withheld exculpatory material. The Resurrect The Republic Show http://ResurrectTheRepublic.com 


Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada calls the armed campers “domestic terrorists.” He says a federal task force was being formed to deal with the unrest. Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller says those who Reid may call domestic terrorists, he calls patriots.  http://newsok.com/article/feed/675728

John Lamb

(A Must Share)

Steven Myhre, the lead prosecutor in the Bundy trial in Las Vegas has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Along with his assistants, Nadia Ahmed and Daniel Sheess, who have been working overtime at withholding evidence of innocence in the case, as far back as before the indictment was ever even handed down.

The (BLM) Bureau of Land Management sent special agent Dan Love and his militarized goons to do the unthinkable on American soil. Dan Love had a kill list given to him by the Department of interior. With orders to kill/murder a long list of people that had gotten in the so called way.

This attack on Americans was so well planned that these very government agents cleaned up all their crimes by destroying and shredding any and all documents covering up all of their emails and conversations of criminal misconduct against the Bundy family.

Now we know that actual sniper teams were deployed to murder members of the Bundy family and supporters, and the department of justice has successfully kept all of this sealed in secret sealed court procedures up until now. With even judge Gloria Navarro being a accomplice by sealing the prosecution’s misconduct from the people.

If it wasn’t for a Department of Justice whistle blower who was fired by Steven Myhre, we still wouldn’t have known.

Sealed secret court hearings only benefit the government and have no benefit for the defense team at all.

Steven Myhre, Dan Love and a picture of the I-15 bridges over the was wash

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

“If only it were all so simple! …to separate …and destroy …the line dividing good and evil …that …passes not through states, nor between classes …but …through every (Mans) …heart.
Impossible to expel …from the World …in its entirety, But …it is possible …within each (of us).”
“At what point, then, should one resist?
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 14 December 2015   Vincent Easley II


see more: copied from Bj Soper

I write today to ask a few questions (to the Nevada Attorney General, Adam Laxalt) and express a valid concern of many, not just in Nevada but across the nation. The power structure that the Founders created has been turned upside down. A government of the People, by the People just doesn’t exist anymore. The underlying issue of concern that I hold is that, while change is possible through proper process, none of the prescribed processes have taken place. The ultimate power lies in the People. We delegate power to government. So that we understand each other better, I understand the word delegate to mean

” A higher power giving temporary authority to a lesser power to accomplish a task”

That is the definition of government and its sole responsibility. To accomplish tasks given to it by the higher authority. We delegate this authority in order to protect the rights of our citizens. Now that we can understand the topic of conversation, I want to stress concerns taking place in our State and ask a few simple questions.



 Kelli Stewart

(775) 684-1100 Adam Laxalt NV AG ask for the Constituents department or email him at: aginfo@ag.nv.gov https://www.facebook.com/NVAttorneyGeneral 

The federal judge and agents are not accountable to the people because we did not elect them… However, the attorney general is accountable to We the People.

Show Up at the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse

 333 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV on Dec. 20th 2017 at 7:30 to Stand United with us as We Peaceably Protest these Crimes. We the People say NO MORE.



Live from Las Vegas at the Bundy Ranch Trial: Video Updates and Radio Reports. History and Current Events from the 2014 “Stand in the Gap” Protest near Bunkerville, Nevada.


Real Liberty Media https://www.youtube.com/RealLibertyMedia
Recommends for the Updates on the Bundy Ranch Trial and more
MrsB Stacy https://www.youtube.com/user/MrsBstacy123
J Grady https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDLOJt3hLfv3vOu9msSKvBw
Valley Forge Network https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_1sVxL3OF_iQ2LGGNQiog
Lo K https://www.youtube.com/user/seektress


http://dab.li/The_NOTICE_in_the_NEWS The Black and White in Your Eyes, Hal Anthony Delivers the “Notice in the News” every Sunday from Behind The Woodshed at 3PM ET – Noon O’clock Pacific on http://rlmradio.xyz simulcast on http://ucy.tv/btw – top-notch ORIGINAL alternative news from reputable journalists, investigative field reporters, insightful radio broadcast and more http://ucy.tv/NEWS





As Man is haunted by the vastness of Eternity, we ask ourselves; will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we’re gone, wonder who we were, how bravely we fought and how fiercely we loved

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.


Continuing to Stand and Witness (#303 for the Defense)

Vincent Easley II




Vince Easley

Reporting for

http://www.reallibertymedia.com – https://www.freedomsnetwork.com – http://rlmradio.xyz


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BLM’s Agent Love — Hate and Deadly Cruelty Behind the Shield / The Infamous Dirty Dan

  bundy •   whatmatters 

The feds are engaged in an extended grudge match against western dissidents, without regard for the cost to justice or the taxpayers.

Arguments or opinions are that the federal government, its officers and agents or its agencies are improperly and excessively armed, use military tactics, act outside their authority or have engaged in the use of excessive force in other venues or at other times.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported alleged misconduct or excessive force by law enforcement,”…extended grudge matches by the federal government and its employees against people challenging their authority in general, and westerners pushing back over control of public lands in particular.

(now) We’re talking Blackhawk helicopters, machine guns, grenade launchers, battering rams, explosives, chemical sprays, body armor, night vision, rappelling gear, armored vehicles, and tanks. Clearly, we’re not in Mayberry anymore.

“If we’re training cops as soldiers, giving them equipment like soldiers, dressing them up as soldiers, when are they going to pick up the mentality of soldiers? If you look at the police department, their creed is to protect and to serve. A soldier’s mission is to engage his enemy in close combat and kill him. Do we want police officers to have that mentality? Of course not.”— Arthur Rizer, former police officer and member of the military

Public Enemy No. 1 for rural Utah sheriffs just happens to be a fellow peace officer: Dan Love, the Bureau of Land Management’s special agent in charge.

According to court filings, elected leaders and even deputies have confronted BLM rangers, publicly challenging their authority.

Elected law enforcement officers from Nephi to Blanding call him an arrogant and dishonest bully who has little regard for local authority and dodges accountability, derailing a collaborative approach to police work on the state’s federal lands.

Love reportedly just laughed when Garfield County Sheriff James “Danny” Perkins relayed ranchers’ complaints about federal officers removing plastic feed tubs from the range and threatening the ranchers with litter citations.

He drew early controversy during an undercover probe of artifacts trafficking in Blanding in 2009. More recently, Love led the BLM’s aborted roundup of Cliven Bundy’s cattle following an armed standoff.

BLM killed many heads of cattle that belonged to Cliven Bundy and his family and then sought to cover it up in mass burials.

Now, why do you suppose they don’t want any mention of what took place in Oregon in 2016? It’s because there are two ranchers, Steven and Dwight Hammond, currently serving five year sentences under terrorism charges for starting backfires to protect family, property and cattle. One of those fires was allegedly due to the actions of a BLM agent starting a fire. However, BLM creates the same fires with destructive results.

Dan Love, the Bureau of Land Management agent now under investigation by the agency’s own Inspector General’s office for egregious ethics violations related to the 2016 Burning Man festival in Nevada, has a history of cruel and ruthless behavior which predates the current uproar over his thuggish tactics. Prior to Love’s involvement in the failed raid on the Bundy Ranch in April of 2014, he led the 2009 federal antiquities sting, ‘Operation Cerberus Action’ in southeastern Utah. This sting, which took several years and climaxed with federal raids by hundreds of armed BLM and FBI officers on dozens of homes, also lead to the deaths of 4 men involved in the case. *

The Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General investigated an unnamed Bureau of Land Management supervisory agent in Salt Lake City for more than a year on ethics complaints, with the independent panel concluding that breaches had occurred.

The agent, which the Deseret News has confirmed is Dan Love through a source familiar with the investigation, is accused of using his position to secure preferential treatment for his family during the 2015 Burning Man event in Nevada, including using federal law enforcement officers as personal escorts for their safety, using his BLM vehicle to transport his girlfriend and allowing her to share overnight BLM lodging with him.

Burning Man – $1 million “luxury” compound to take care of BLM needs for the event – The national office of the BLM released a statement on the investigation, saying it takes the allegations of misconduct seriously.

The prosecution in the Bundy Ranch case were found to be withholding information that would substantiate the defense’s case that the Bureau of Land Management goons, under the direction of Agent Daniel P. Love, were not at Bundy Ranch to carry out a lawful court order, but were, in fact, going into tactical mode in order to murder innocent civilians.

In dash-cam video made public during the first two trials, you can clearly hear cross-talk in the background asking agents to move communications to TAC-Le Channel (329) while communicating with ICP communications director Toni Suminski, [SAC] Daniel P. Love, snipers on the mesa, and other BLM tactical gunmen in the wash. Toni Suminski testified in court under oath in the first Bundy trial that recordings of those transmissions were lost after the the hard drive running the recording software had mysteriously come unplugged during the protest on April 12, 2014.

Suminski also admitted under oath she had shredded garbage bags full of documents concerning Operation Gold Butte that were found in a dumpster

On January 26, 2016, (Lavoy, Ammon Bundy and the other folks) on their way to a scheduled meeting in John Day, Oregon. in a forested area, with extremely poor, if not non-existent cell phone coverage, were set upon by modern day highwaymen. The driver and passengers of the second vehicle submitted to the demands of the heavily armed interlopers, at gunpoint, to leave the vehicle and sit on the side of the snow-covered roadway. The driver of the second vehicle, a white pick-up truck, following the exit of one of the passengers, sped away, seeking the assistance of a peace officer, Sheriff Glenn Palmer, of Grant County, Oregon.

(Someone who) spoke out against what he believed to be a corrupt US Government said “You’d think the 1st Amendment which protects your right to free speech; to speak horribly of the government if you so choose, would have protected Cox, and you’re right it should have.” In fact, according to the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969), an individual can’t be punished for inflammatory speech unless it is likely to incite imminent lawless action. The exact definition of the word “imminent” has been clarified by the court in a subsequent case, Hess v. Indiana (1973). Hess was a man who was part of a demonstration that occupied a street. The Sheriff’s Department then cleared the people from that street. The court found that Hess’ speech when he vocalized aloud that they were going to “take the f***ing street later (or again)” was protected speech, in part, because his speech “amounted to nothing more than advocacy of illegal action at some indefinite future time,” and therefore did not meet the imminence requirement.


by the Paraphrased Plagiarist – vreii

The Media’s “Widening Information Divide” and The Bundy Ranch Trial

 …IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AS MEDIA…. In a recent article from National Public Radio’s interview with Tay Wiles (High Country News) stated, without naming specifically to whom it refers, is at least in part if not *specifically, about me and the network where I contribute http://www.reallibertymedia.com (RLM) as not being a part of the Media.
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Radio from the Americas Connecting Voices Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide
Minor Media I may be, and can but only marvel the skills of those I’ve met from Mainstream Media (MSM.) attending the Bundy Ranch trial in Las Vegas at the US DC Federal Dist. Courthouse
I lack the skills and resources they do, none the less, I have my part to tell as well. In addition, I’m going to be contrasting a few media persons I’ve met and spoken with as an Editorial in response to National Public Radio’s article featuring Tay Wiles @taywiles High Country News ( https://www.hcn.org )
+RLM (VinE) Title: How The Bundy Trial Hits America’s Widening Information Divide : NPR
Wiles is a regular in the courtroom alongside reporters from mainstream outlets like The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. But there are also some of the *(Bundy movement’s early promoters: people from far-right Internet talk shows and conspiracy websites identifying themselves as media.) Friends of the Bundys regularly livestream updates to their followers during breaks in the trial (no cameras or recorders are allowed in federal court)
Ms. Wiles is very passionate in her work and an excellent writer. As an Environmental Pundit she is well respected among her peers and readers. Others would proffer she’s a Public Relations (PR) Propagandist utilising Political Correct (PC) concepts as a #StalkingHorse that Influences Opinion and Policy for Public Land Use.
Historically such Policies have shown the results to be the Restriction or the Removal of Collectively Held, Vested Interests. Examples include access to Off-Roading, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Hunting and Fishing to name a few. These decades old initiatives have been driving Federal Policy at the US Parks and National Forrest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Game and other Alphabet Agencies in the Federal Government that are challenging Preemptive Rights of Ownership Antecedent to such Agency’s Policies in Promulgated Proclamations.
Regardless to Perspective and Consideration in this Chiasmatic Divide, Ms. Wiles doesn’t seem to know the definition of the word Media used in her interview. She also would assume or imply that I and/or (RLM) are Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists To this I would say I’m on neither side of the Political Spectrum identifying with a wide range of aspects affecting each of us. As to Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracies are a Fact, the Theories are the Convolution.
I’ll conclude this section in saying, Tay said to me that she’d seen some of what I’ve produced without specifying what other than videos on YouTube. I hope she’ll have a closer look that she may discover that which We All Share in common as a part of What Matters Worldwide ( http://whatmattersworldwide.yolasite.com ).
Allow me to introduce you all to Ken Ritter, @krttr a writer for the Associated Press. He can be considered “old school” in today’s world of “fake news.”
Ken is a nice guy taking time to respond when you say howdy even when busy with his work.
I also appreciate his sage candor in a conversation I had with him and how he reports the facts without his personal opinion.
However, one problem I might site with “old school” journalisms is the link between fact and opinion are missing. Having the link represented guides the reader in the direction of a conclusion, and creates speculation which leads to deep thought followed in turn by debate.
I would further Add, in my Opinion, that the part Not Told, by default of the Rules of Journalism and Administrative Decisions, are in fact Opinion and Censor.
Thank you very much @krttr I commend your work.
To be continued in contrast of other Journalists including myself pictured below next to the Flag. image credit: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017/10/30/bundy-trial

Rancher Cliven Bundy, center, addresses his supporters along side Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, right, while being guarded by self-described militia members in the foreground. AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jason Bean