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The Battle for the American West, Wayne Hage | Rancher Persecution: Bureaucratic Tyranny Out West.

Wayne Hage speaking at the “We the People Unity” in Napa, Idaho. Oct. 6, 2018.

Have a listen as Wayne Hage tells us the true story in, “How the West Was Run”,  by Government Overreach and Jack-Booted Thugs.

In 1978 Wayne Hage moved to the Pine Creek Ranch as a youngster in Central Nevada. Unknown to his dad and step-mom their newly purchased ranch was on its way to becoming designated as a National Park. After some bit of Courthouse-Hassle, they chose instead the Great Basin.

In the meantime, Federal Agencies were shoring up their conspiracy to remove the ranching family from their land.
“Them ‘Long Eared Doggies’ be damned, and rid from the land, that’s what was planned”. *

1991 rolled in along with the FEDS swooping down with, what many now know to be their [SOP]. A “Shoot to Kill and Cover-up Cattle Rustle is what I’d call it.
#NoMooBy92 #CattleFreeIn93

Rancher Wayne Hage Sr. is shown in this November 1997 file photo, taken near the spot where federal agents seized 100 head of his cattle in 1991, in Meadow Canyon near Tonopah. (AP)

2007 US Court of Federal Claims | Trespass Action – grazing w/o permit.

Hage, pro se, contends “Honest Assertion” during 21 days of court proceedings over a 3 month period.

The Judge found some in Government to be in Contempt, and Intentional Conspiracy to take away water and grazing rights by others within the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The Prosecution’s claims of “Bias” ‘after’ the Court had Ruled argued, they always win, therefore the Judge must be biased against them.

The 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals agreed and tossed all prior decisions transferring the case over to (guess who) Judge Gloria Navarro.

This video was made available by and uploaded with permission from Andrea Olson-Parker

thumbnail image: *Vincent Easley II Overlooking the Virgin River Valley Jan 2018 Bunkerville (Riverside), Nevada near the Bundy Ranch.

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